HEART: Positive Word with Derivatives Improves Mental Health

It’s hard to trace the exact way positive words and overall positive mental attitude affect our health, but, undoubtedly, the influence exists – and a positive one, at that. In explanation, the scientists tend to refer to the neurobiology concept, in which positive thinking in itself is some kind of placebo medication. The antinociceptive system … Read more

Clarifying Words for Head vs Heart Decisions and Awareness

When faced with a head vs heart decision, we find ourselves conflicted between what we feel and what we know. Our intuition and our knowledge seem to oppose each other. We find ourselves unable to make a decision; we can’t simply disregard either perspective. We value both of these perspectives because, on some level, we … Read more

5 Positive Thoughts The Heart Needs Before Going To Sleep

Rejection, disagreements, conflicts, self-pity, hurt all these companions are hard to let go of.After a hard day’s work when you reach home, all these emotions finally get to you. Your heart needs to let go all the burdens. You have to maintain a professional, emotionless facade at your workplace or institutes. But the mask falls … Read more

Spiritual Power of Heart Explained with Science to Empower

Watch this video that combines science and spirituality to explain the amazing power of our heart – the spiritual power of heart explained with science. Spirit Science 15 ~ Power of the Heart. Positive Words Research – Spiritual Power of Heart Explained with Science

Heartfelt Positivity: Inspiring Positive Words About My Heart

Explore heartwarming and uplifting positive words about my heart. Discover the power of love, compassion, and positivity in this inspiring collection. Find below some amazing positive words about my heart – grateful for my heart. Our hearts are more than just vital organs; they are the epicenter of our emotions, the wellspring of love, and … Read more