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Positive Words Research is about good words, kind words, inspirational words, powerful words, happy emotions, meditation, essay writing, cool words. Positive Words Research is a project that started with researching positive words and has become a resource with more than 900 useful articles on various topics and 3 free online apps. The person behind the Positive Words Research project is Elena Daniela Calin.

Below you will find a short outline of the website structure to help you enjoy the free and online resources we provide. But first, let’s talk a little bit about how it all started.

Elena (born 1982) read in 2012 Rhonda Byrne’s book called “The Magic”. The book “The Magic” is about the power of one word: gratitude. Fascinated by this word, she began to research the world of positive words more and became passionate about this world. Thus, she began to gather all the words she found in a list of positive words online. She bought a domain and named it Positive Words Research because she thought she was researching positive words.

More than 8 years have passed since 2012 and until 2021. During all this time Elena deepened her understanding of the world of positive words. From her passion for positive words, Elena created several resources and made them available for free to people around the world.

At one point other articles other than Elena’s research on positive words began to be published on this website. The optimistic energy of the articles has been preserved. Thus, only articles that were useful to the community were published.

Inspirational words, nice words, good words, positive vocabulary and dictionary, positive feelings and emotions, positive words that start with A to Z, happy emotions

Feel the grace of positive words and create all you ever wanted, a vibration of wellbeing. Positive Words Research is about education in nice words and good words. You will find on this website various articles with positive adjectives, meaningful words, positive emotions, inspiring words, inspirational words, beautiful words, powerful words, positive affirmations, positive feelings, positive words that start with every letter of the alphabet. You will find here a dictionary of positive words. We also post articles about happiness, positivity, how to be happy, how to think positively, positive psychology, gratitude, and appreciation. This website is a resource with an impressive number of lists of positive words that improve your creative writing and positive thinking and provides inspiring words for setting company values, discovering character traits, and improve essay writing.

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Below is a brief structure of Positive Words Research and what you may find useful here.

List of Positive Words in English (more than 1400 good and kind words)

One of the best, beautiful and complete list of positive words in the world in English: List of Positive Words – Nice Words – Good Words. This list was the first list of kind words started by Elena and completed over the years with many beautiful words as Elena discovered other powerful words and adds them to the list. This list has also been updated with good words that people have shared in comments and messages sent to Positive Words Research.

Beautiful Words That Start With Letters From A to Z in English (more than 6000 good and kind words)

This list is the second list created by Elena and contains more than 6000 positive adjectives and positive nouns collected over the years. Find the extensive list at Positive Words That Start With Letters From A to Z. Also, use the search box of the website to find separately kind words structured for every letter of the alphabet, meaning to search for positive words that start with A, positive words that start with B, positive words that start with C, positive words that start with D, positive words that start with E, positive words that start with F, positive words that start with G, positive words that start with H, positive words that start with I, positive words that start with J, positive words that start with K, positive words that start with L, positive words that start with M, positive words that start with N, positive words that start with O, positive words that start with P, positive words that start with Q, positive words that start with R, positive words that start with S, positive words that start with T, positive words that start with U, positive words that start with V, positive words that start with X, positive words that start with Y, positive words that start with Z.

Lists of Empowering Words In Other Languages

Also at Positive Words Research, you can find lists of empowering words translated into several languages. Currently, we have created lists of empowering words in more than 25 languages. Use the website search box to find the list of beautiful words in your language. Or use this article which contains a list of beautiful word lists that we have translated so far: Positive Words In Different Languages. The most searched lists of happy words are in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, French. The languages in which we have translated positive words are: Afrikaans language – Positiewe Woorde, Albanian language – Fjalë Pozitive, Arabic (old) language – كلمات ايجابية – Positive Words Arabic, Azerbaijani language – müsbət sözlər – Positive Words Azerbaijani, Basque language – hitz baikorrak, Bosnian language – pozitivne riječi, Catalan language – Paraules Positives, Chinese Simplified (old) language – 正面的话 – Positive Words Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional (old) language – 正面的話 – Positive Words Chinese Traditional, English language – List of Positive Words, French language – Liste des Mots Positifs, German language – positive Worte – Liste der positiven worter, Indonesian language – Kata-kata positif daftar, Italian language – Elenco di parole positive, Japanese (old) language – ポジティブな言葉 – Positive Words Japanese, Malay language – kata-kata positif senarai, Persian language – کلمات مثبت – Positive Words Persian, Polish language – pozytywne słowa, Greek language – Thetiká Lógia, Portuguese language – Palavras Positivas, Romanian languages – Cuvinte Pozitive, Russian (old) language – позитивные слова – Positive Words Russian, Spanish language – Palabras Positivas, Turkish language – olumlu sözler, Vietnamese language – từ tích cực – Positive Words Vietnamese.

Positive Feelings and Emotions

Also at Positive Words Research you will find many articles about positive emotions and positive feelings like the list of top positive feelings and emotions. Many of the positive words that exist are emotion words which means they are words that represent an emotion.

Unusual and Untranslatable Positive Words

There are many unusual words and untranslatable words from the English language. Many of them are happy words or emotion words and they evoke a positive emotion.

Dictionary of Positive Words

Enjoy and enrich your positive vocabulary with powerful words from the dictionary of positive words.

Online Apps With Positive Words

Find at Positive Words Research 3 applications to help you enjoy and even improve your positive vocabulary. These applications can be found online on this website and are free. The applications are called: Positive Words Researcher, Name Acronym With Positive Words, Your Jar with Positive Words.

Other Articles Related to Positive Words

Other articles related to positive words are on the following topics: words to embody in your business, words you should think daily to be happy, words of encouragement for depression, top positive words in English, positive adjectives to describe people – good adjectives list, positive words describing God in alphabetical order from a to z, unusual words and untranslatable words from English and other languages, positive words to help make 2021 your best year yet, top calming words in the English language, keep calm and learn positive words, positive words encourage and empower college students, positive words to describe your first year of college experience, 3 letter positive words, Easter words to paint on eggs for kids, Easter words vocabulary list, positive words related to joy, positive words to think and be happy, good adjectives that start with a to z, list of good words for prosperity, list of good words for coaching, good words for colouring cards ideas, good adjectives for women, list of nice words a to z, a to z good character traits, a to z positive words, positive words for 2020, 4 letter positive words, positive words to inspire yourself in the morning, amazingly positive words from Sweden, positive words for teachers to their students, most positive words of different languages, words with crazy origins that you would never have guessed, positive words that help evoke self-confidence, top positive words emotions used these days on social media, positive words to put in your personal statement, how to develop the habit of speaking positive words, the therapeutic power of positive words, harnessing the power of words, beautiful positive words that will bright your day, beautiful words that express unusual feelings, positive words untranslatable in English to add to your vocabulary, the five most beautiful words in the English language, what is the most beautiful word in the English language and why and about the power of positive words, awesome words with 5 letters.

Positive Affirmations and Quotes

The field of positive statements and positive quotes is closely related to positive words so you will find many articles on this topic.

The articles that refer to positive statements and quotes are the following: I AM affirmations for abundance and health, how can positive affirmations cure our depression and negative thought patterns, positive affirmations to kickstart your morning off right, positive journaling for gratitude, body health and positive thoughts, appreciation letter – thank you note, financial affirmations to attract wealth and abundance, powerful I AM positive affirmations, how to use positive affirmations to shape a better body image, powerful quotes that can help students stay motivated in college, what are quotes and how to use them, positive sentences to improve your life, positive thoughts to transform your life and reconfigure your brain, positive thoughts your heart needs before going to sleep, positive quotes to start your day and wise quotes from writers for youth.

Positive Thinking and Happiness

This website also hosts many articles about happiness in its many forms. Positive thinking is closely related to positive words so articles in this field are also published at Positive Words Research.

From the articles that refer to happiness and positive thinking can be found the following: inspirational blogs that will change your life, effective ways to be forever positive and happy, will luxury cars make you happy, is it true that video games can make people happy, why dogs make you happy, how to fulfil your dreams using the treasure of joy, best 7 positive thinking and stress management tips, 30 days art of happiness challenge, envision a better future and create a better self in new chapter, how looking at the world through rose coloured glasses can change your life, words of encouragement for depression, words with the power to change lives on film, the secret behind positive thinking techniques, powerful habits of self-loving people, how to become an emblem of good vibes, how to develop positivity and dispel negativity, students vs. depression: ways to encourage positive thinking, thoughts matter: how I switched from negative to positive thinking, why you should be an optimistic person: valuable secrets of positive thinking, tips for a stress-free fall, how people express their happiness in different cultures, most effective tactics to embrace positivity in every-day life, how does Mindvalley sustain positivity in the world, lemons into lemonade: how to turn negative events into positive expression, why positivity can be the best defence against your demons, what you are telling yourself that is keeping you single, how to enjoy your wedding day, how to transform negative thoughts with mindful thinking, tips: how to stop worrying, how to be happy in an unhappy world, how to decorate with happiness in mind, tips to develop a positive attitude and stop complaining, how to encourage positivity in the workplace, things to give up for happiness and fulfilment, WOW NOW!: the new guide to reclaim an abundant and spectacular life, make yourself a cup of tea: simple self-care guide to keep you through the day, signs you are giving up on your dreams, maintain a positive mindset: what you have to understand to make it work, how to look stunning before valentine’s day – easy life hacks, how to stay happy every time, the battle of happiness that you can win: positive mind leads to positive life, the pursuit of happiness: top 10 ways to increase your overall mood, positive thinking tips: the power of positivity on your health, things you can do to attract positive energy, life-changing impacts of positive thinking, how nutrition affects your happiness, looking for something that can make you happy – try gardening, reduce stress by positive thinking – this guide will help you, things to undergo simplification for experiencing life fulfilment, aging gracefully: basic tips to strengthen your mental health through positive thinking, emulate these habits to build a positive attitude towards life, train yourself to be more positive in steps, simple ways to stop negative thinking, ways to lift your mood when you’re feeling down, follow these simple steps to increase motivation in life.

Communication and Relationships

Communication and relationship articles are about positive words to cheer up mom after a hard day, what pleasant words should you tell your parents every day, what kind wishes can you say to your family at Christmas, ways to cheer up someone, a beautiful move with your significant other, how to keep little kids happy, how to get back to normal life after losing someone close, becoming whole and what it can do for your relationships,  ways to show your partner how much you appreciate him/her, how to have a strong marriage, ways to exceptionally improve your communication skills, great benefits of technology on parenting, ways to make your family get-together a positive experience, how to manifest your ex back using the law of attraction and motivational words, love letters: how writing can improve relations with your partner, be kind to each other: inspiring acts of kindness, tips for parenting your teen in a positive way, positive attitude in life and love, how to find strength to apologize, positive words to boost your child’s self-esteem, positive impact on others, the best gifts for making someone feel better after a painful experience.

Emotional Intelligence and Gratitude

Gratitude is a very positive emotion for Elena and that is why you will find many articles about gratitude on this website. Some of these articles are written by Elena and evoke journaling styles that you can do to feel grateful, such as articles about gratitude about myself.

Emotional Intelligence and gratitude articles are about clarifying words for head vs heart decisions, how you can build emotional resilience with BetterHelp, how to find hope in desperate times, things you can always be grateful for, self-esteem – ways to be more confident in yourself, how to practice gratitude, practice positive emotions, how can you better stick to your resolutions for the year, how do you bounce back from failure, how to enjoy easter when you’re suffering from depression, antidots for negative feelings – positive emotions antidote map, how to restore your authenticity and feel better in your skin again, how do you access your endless supplies of inner power, how to embrace your femininity and exude confidence, how being grateful can change you into a positive person, how to ease the stress of college life: brief guide for freshmen, child imagination and creativity, how to get over distraction, productivity hacks for procrastinators, best ways to use a journal to de-stress, easy ways to boost your personal efficiency, finding your talents with morning pages, positive habits that will change your life quality, hope – the ultimate saviour for us in tragic conditions, finding new inspirations in life, emotional freedom technique can change your life, ways to ease depression with writing, ways to develop a growth mindset, ways to effectively control your emotions, how to ask for (and get) everything you want, write down your problems: why it helps, tips on how to turn a bad day to a good one, perfectionism ruins your life – here are tips to overcome it, I AM grateful for my place and purpose in the world, sure-fire ways to combat your everyday anxiousness.

Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality and meditation articles are about amazing facts how zodiac signs affect your personality, healing crystals 101: finding the right one for you, the two most powerful ho’oponopono prayers to heal yourself, Zenful Spirit – amazing techniques to reduce stress, apply secret techniques to improve mindfulness, find hope and light up your world today, good Friday to hope for easter miracle, is inner peace so difficult to achieve, Sunday school as a spiritual teacher for your children, the importance of spiritual care and how we can improve it, how spirituality & mindfulness increase positivity, positive advice for my younger self, how to use writing as an essential tool for mindfulness, a journey from self-criticism to self-appreciation, habits to help you stay in the present moment in everyday life, good reasons to start your day with morning meditation

Physical and Mental Health

Psysical and mental health articles are about ways to stay positive after a health crisis, the importance of mental health courses in universities, online therapy: is Calmerry the best choice for you, motivational words to inspire your fitness journey, simple strategies to control performance nerves and anxiety, how to transport your electric bike, parkour playgrounds for safe extreme teenagers, how positivity can help in recovering from addiction relapse, motivational words for those who have weight loss problems, positive habits for healthy living, tricks to fall asleep quickly you’d wish you’d known sooner, how online music lessons reduce stress, how dancing can increase your well-being and help you lead a better life, how important is it for your mental well-being to practice a sport, how to use journaling for mental health, back pain and sciatica – symptoms & treatments, here’s how dentists can help patients overcome fear & stay positive, awesome ways to drink water daily, how a clean house creates a clean mind, how to stay active with kids and family, workout tips to maximise muscle growth, astounding ways your mattress affects your health and sleep, staying positive despite a chronic or terminal condition, the positive effects of changing your sleep, how to achieve flawless skin while keeping off complications, easy tips to be healthy & live healthier lifestyle, how to encourage a child’s brain development, psychological issues in language learning, fitness tips for women – how to lose weight fast, recognizing depression in older people, how good nutrition can make or break your new year’s resolution, take back your sobriety: steps to begin your recovery, how motivation affects your health, why you should focus on a healthy lifestyle, tор foods fоr pоѕіtіvе lіfеѕtуlе, best foods to boost brain power focus and memory, what can you do when hair loss affects your happiness

Essay Writing

Essay writing articles are about good words every essay writing service author should use, best writing tips how to enrich your vocabulary, powerful triggers you can use when writing essay headlines, tips for writing essay and cover letter, best technical writing jobs for beginners, how to write the greatest speech ever, professional essay writing: how to create a masterpiece, top tips for writing a perfect college essay, tips for writing a good college essay, pay for professional papers: the best way to get help with homework, useful tips for writing an essay in a hurry, do nightmares make writers more creative, how to make writing an essay brings only good emotions, tools for book publishers: grammar checker & plagiarism checker, types of case study and its features, tips to choose best essay writers online, how can writing reduce your level of stress, how to inspire yourself by writing, tips to encourage the kid write, positive movies that will help you to beat a creative slump, what words to use to make your thesis look better, how can you become a professional in the writing industry, practical guide: how to make a scientific essay, ways to find inspiration for creative writing, how to empower your communication through writing, how to develop your writing imagination: the most essential techniques, teaching kids how to write a paragraph, movies that will motivate you on writing new bestseller, years of homework writing, learn calligraphy to enhance creativity, how to make time to explore your creative side, what to do if you run out of ideas, how to cultivate exceptional writing skills for success in college and beyond, how to stay positive when writing your dissertation, ways to monetize writing skills.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing articles are about how much do YouTube ads cost, protect your digital self in a few minutes a day, how to leverage social monitoring and social listening tactics, tips to boost your YouTube video marketing, powerful marketing tool that will make your content a success, principle of marketing assignment, get professional help for an a+ grade, win this holiday season with these fantastic content marketing strategies and ideas, web risks parents should be aware of, free YouTube to mp4 converters in 2020, write SEO article and rank first page of Google tips, sharing positivity: business benefits of inspirational words in multiple languages during crisis, SEO secret: limiting control makes you go viral, go viral on internet SEO secrets, top cost effective and easy to implement SEO strategies, how grammar checker helps you with SEO, successful strategies for digital brand marketing, how using newswire services can help your off-page SEO, offline examples for a digital marketing strategy, social marketing tips, affiliate and digital business marketing reviews on amazon site products, top apps every content marketer should use, major components of brand positioning.

Business and Finances

Business and finances articles are about top reasons why insurance is important in life, meeting room signs: conference room signage, trends that inspire to study accounting in 2021, how does price monitoring help to stay competitive in the market, how to make your website successful with live chat support, build customer trust and improve conversion rates with live chat, simple & smart suggestions to boost your credit score, essential shopping tips for students on a budget, how does economics help with accounting, pdf guide: hassle-free pdf conversion, uncomplicated way of compressing a pdf document online, easy, fast, and safe tips to convert pdf to jpg for free, top remote work tools for remote teams, what actions can turn an effective leadership into a tyranny, Amazon AWS certified solutions architect – associate certification exam, claim your PIP dues by dialling the PIP claim contact number now, benefits of office chairs you shouldn’t miss, how to revive the passion for your business, why does financial abundance feel so far away and what can you do about it, essential types of business writing you should master, types of insurance available for senior citizens, leadership that cultivates ethics can boost employee morale and productivity, why health insurance is a necessity today, money may not buy happiness, but financial stability certainly helps, how to start a business without a written guideline, factors that will lead to a successful project, tips to increase your business quickly, business ideas you can start undergraduate, what qualities make transformational leaders so inspiring, how to make money selling mobile apps to local businesses, choosing your words wisely in an argument, types of referral programs that could work wonders for you

Education Related

Education related articles are about education is the key to success in life, clear your thoughts and get better focus while studying following these steps, interactive methods and forms to teach foreign languages, how to become a network professional with Comptia network+ certification in six steps, test taking tips for students, books to help your vision become a reality, the good divorce: things to keep in mind when separating, what the shift to virtual learning means for future of classroom learning, how to better get prepared for studying abroad, that’s why language courses are the best option for your development, society offers more learning opportunities, ways to motivate yourself to study a boring subject and/or complete a project, how can technology assist in safeguarding your kid, the importance of time management for your college projects, taking test was never so easy, top 7 tips for students to create a positive study environment, tips for organizing your study space, checklist when designing your garden at home, how to get more scholarships, believable excuses for being late to college or school, tips to encourage a positive attitude in students for better learning, are school assignments important, is there a link between sleep and grades, how to solve multi choice question in examinations, how the 3 m’s can help you reach your new year’s resolutions and goals, positive instructing technologies – and the future of online learning, seven ways to reduce stress for college freshmen, a short history and future of online learning, skill I wish my college would have taught me, how do foreign students study in the USA, keys: how to overcome laziness in studying, together, technology and teachers can revamp schools, learn guitar to enhance creativity, do not stress – do your best – ace your test, overlooked home decorating ideas.

Career Related

Career related article are about good words to use in a resume, how to nail a job interview using proper words, ways to get a good job interview, the most popular jobs after graduation, what jobs can you get if you pass Comptia network+ exam – are practice tests useful, Comptia network+ certification n10-007 exam – the best way to enhance your career potential, ways to stay positive during your job searching, how to find the courage to switch career, top most inspiring jobs for helping people, challenges as a social worker and how to overcome them, proven ways to find inspiration in monotonous job, your mood vs your job, take your life back: signs your work is stealing you from your family, how avoiding negativity improves the work day, tips to keep away job search anxieties, imperatives to become happy at work, simple productivity hacks you need to strike a better work-life balance, formal ladies dresses on events – dress to impress, use positive words in your cv to be called for an interview, secrets to make your boring day job exciting again, words and phrases that inspire, motivate, and persuade at work, secrets to improving your performance at work, top free resources to boost your productivity.

Travel Related

Travel related articles are about positives you might not know about traveling abroad, a four-day New Orleans itinerary, self-care tips for a better work-life-travel balance, positive lifestyle – how travel makes you a better person, how travel can help you find yourself,  best hikes in Colorado, traveling solo is exciting, affordable and manageable, how to write an excellent essay about the travel of your dream, five words to define travel.

Success Related

Success related article is about how negative thinking interferes with your chance of success and wealth, much ado about success: possible for everyone, how a positive thinking attitude influences the success in the life of a student, why self-love is a key to success and it helps you grow, principles that can make you ultra-successful in less than 10 years, how to discover your why to get opened to success, things successful people avoid, things to write in your journal to pursue success, power of consistency: a key that opens all doors, the power of imperfect starts, steps for creating good habits, things not to procrastinate, life-changing actions successful people perform daily during early hours, how to persevere with your goal, tips for giving a boost to personal growth, key steps to take to feel your daily mission accomplished.

Other Inspiring Articles

Other inspiring articles are about invaluable tips you’ll need to stay positive in a crisis, digital skills that can boost your career, simple ways to improve cognitive function, tips and tricks on how to start new life in spring, fun ways to spend your day off, habits you need to grow into in order to become successful, yoga asanas rise and shine morning yoga meditation, wow facts: how movies influence our life, smart habits to help you stay positive, applied positive psychology – ways positive affirmations manifest in life, positive affirmations to appreciate men, time is an illusion science proves without memory there is no time, apps that promote positivity, how to attract true love through positive thoughts, astonishing ways to escape routine & recharge your mental batteries, digital skills to learn for free online, feelings which prevent you to start a completely new positive life, positive adjectives used in the classroom, ways you’re a real life superhero, tools you can use to analyse competition, running schedules for people on a diet, eat these foods for a better night’s sleep, signs you’re doing better than you think you are, simple ways for rapid fat loss for the new year, non-threatening ways to get out of your comfort zone, how to convert your writing hobby into a successful business, wise spiritual lessons from children, how to practice gratitude and benefit from its magic, the magic of simple meditations, things you can do to become your own life coach, positive brains are smarter brains, things I wish I knew when I was 25, powerful hacks to overcome procrastination, things to do in your twenties to retire in your thirties, self-awareness exercises for happiness and success, habits of supremely happy people, life lessons from Dr. Seuss, how writing a novel helped my friend to find herself, reasons why doing what you love is the only way to do great work, how to succeed when fighting against the odds, when procrastination can be a real problem, the healing power of positive words, simple meditations to create peace of mind and joy, list of feminine words – feminine energy, secrets of a long-lasting happy love relationship, powerful ways to boost your confidence, unusual ways how to stay positive forever, powerful universal laws that guide your life, fun and inspiring acrostics, top positive feelings words and positive emotions, what mental and interpersonal skills would benefit your career the most, rules of positive living by the 14th Dalai Lama, positive highlights of the best employee engagement of this year, inspirational blogs that will change your life, how to increase downloads with mobile app promotional videos – app store – google play, positive thinking helped me secure a great job, behaviours optimistic people have, back to the start: dating after divorce, ho’oponopono meditation letter to myself, energy clearing letter to myself, gratitude and appreciation letter for my health and body, gratitude and appreciation letter to myself, list of masculine words – masculine energy, love is action movement – the word rocks project, affirmations for financial prosperity, morning affirmations to lift your state of being for the entire day, positive words can change your brain, positive words and phrases & word rocks, everyone needs help sometimes, hidden secrets of positive words, practice your spelling, books with positive words, whatever follows I AM will come looking for you, references for research about positive words.

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