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Positive Words Research is about good words, kind words, inspirational words, powerful words, happy emotions, meditation, essay writing, and cool words. Positive Words Research is a project that started with researching positive words and has become a resource with more than 900 useful articles on various topics and 3 free online apps.

Below is a brief structure of Positive Words Research and what you may find helpful here.

1. List of Positive Words in English (more than 1400 good and kind words)

One of the best, most beautiful, and complete lists of positive words in the world in English. This list was the first list of kind words started by Elena and completed over the years with many beautiful words as Elena discovered other powerful words and added them to the list.

This list has also been updated with good words that people have shared in comments and messages sent to Positive Words Research.

2. Positive Words That Start With Letters From A to Z in English (more than 6000 good and kind words)

This list is the second list created by Elena and contains more than 6000 positive adjectives and positive nouns collected over the years. Find the extensive list of Positive Words That Start With Letters From A to Z. Also, use the search box of the website to find separately kind words structured for every letter of the alphabet.

3. Lists of Empowering Words In Other Languages

Also at Positive Words Research, you can find lists of empowering words translated into several languages. Currently, we have created lists of empowering words in more than 25 languages.

Use the website search box to find the list of beautiful words in your language. Or use this article which contains a list of beautiful word lists that we have translated so far: Positive Words In Different Languages.

The most searched lists of happy words are in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and French.

4. Online Courses With Positive Words For Kids

The founder of the project Positive Words Research is teaching courses with positive words to kids all around the world in the English Language. You can enroll your kid for a FREE course of 90 minutes. The course is ONLINE and held through the Webex platform.

Introduce your child to the world of positive words and help him plant seeds for life for well-being. Let your child discover the secrets of constructive thinking. See the Subscribe page for more details!

5. Online Apps With Positive Words

Find at Positive Words Research 3 applications to help you enjoy and even improve your positive vocabulary. These applications can be found online on this website and are free. The applications are called: Positive Words Researcher, Name Acronym with Positive Words, and Positive Words Jar.

6. Dictionary of Positive Words

You can find here at Positive Words Research an extensive dictionary of positive words.

Find in our Blog section many inspiring articles and resources to help you in your projects.

8. Various Inspiring Categories and Tags

Find at Positive Words Research various inspiring categories and tags that will help you discover useful information and also will help you navigate this website better. Find the categories and tags of Positive Words Research at the end of the About page.

9. Guest Posting

Send us an article to publish on this website as a Guest Post by following the guidance from Write for Us.

10. Contact

Contact us for any questions you might have.

Feel the grace of positive words and create all you ever wanted, a vibration of well-being. Positive Words Research is about education in nice words and good words.

You will find on this website various articles with positive adjectives, meaningful words, positive emotions, inspiring words, inspirational words, beautiful words, powerful words, positive affirmations, positive feelings, and positive words that start with every letter of the alphabet. You will find here a dictionary of positive words.

We also post articles about happiness, positivity, how to be happy, think positively, positive psychology, gratitude, and appreciation. This website is a resource with an impressive number of lists of positive words that improve your creative writing and positive thinking and provides inspiring words for setting company values, discovering character traits, and improving the essay writing.

Positive Words Research

The person behind the Positive Words Research project is Elena Daniela Calin. Below you will find a short outline of the website structure to help you enjoy the free and online resources we provide. But first, let’s talk a little bit about how it all started. Elena (born in 1982) read 2012 Rhonda Byrne’s book called “The Magic”.

The book “The Magic” is about the power of one word: gratitude. Fascinated by this word, she began to research the world of positive words more and became passionate about this world. Thus, she began to gather all the words she found in a list of positive words online. She bought a domain and named it Positive Words Research because she thought she was researching positive words.

More than 8 years have passed since 2012 and until 2021. During all this time Elena deepened her understanding of the world of positive words. From her passion for positive words, Elena created several resources and made them available for free to people around the world.

At one point other articles other than Elena’s research on positive words began to be published on this website. The optimistic energy of the articles has been preserved. Thus, only articles that were useful to the community were published.

Please share this project with your friends and also write a guest post for us.

Thank you for all your valuable contributions!

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