Positive Affirmations Cure Depression and Negative Thought

Negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, and depression; we all have been there. Our harsh inner critic tends to get out from time to time, causing us to worry and get anxious – positive affirmations cure our depression. If you have ever been through this or currently wrestling with low self-esteem and depression, you should know that … Read more

Negative Thinking Interferes With Success And Wealth

How Negative Thinking Interferes with Your Chance of Success and Wealth Imagine you just got promoted and you start immediately. Did your gut clench? Do you know what caused it? A NEGATIVE THOUGHT. Write down that thought. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did it start with, “I can’t”? or “I don’t”? This is what is going … Read more

Thoughts Matter: Switch From Negative To Positive Thinking

Self-talk which is also known as our inner voice is what we say to ourselves. These words, whether they are positive or negative, strongly influence how we feel and act in our daily lives. Studies show the average person thinks between 50,000-70,000 thoughts every single day! (Davis, 2014) This translates to almost one thought per second. … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Stop Negative Thinking and Be Happy

Where would you prefer to take your mind to? A beautiful zen garden or the worst-case scenario of your life? Of course, you’d prefer the zen garden. Then why is your mind constantly spinning bad scenarios around? I’m not skilled enough for this job. I’m too exhausted to try. I’m not flexible enough for a … Read more

List of Negative Words That Start With A to Z – Negative Vocabulary

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Transforming Mindsets: Embracing Positive Words Over Negative Thinking

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