Positive Feelings

Positive Feelings This list of positive feelings was developed by Positive Words Research. List of most powerful positive feelings in the world GRATITUDE APPRECIATION MAGIC LOVE BLISS GRACE EASE BLISSFULNESS AWESOMENESS SERENITY HOPE COURAGE KINDNESS […]

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A Letter to Myself with Positive Thoughts

Hi, my name is Elena and I am the founder of Positive Words Research. Here are some positive things I say to myself: Hope:  Eventually things work out. Blessed Joy:  You are now blessed with […]



Find here a dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us and how his nature is so loving and forgiving. Me: God? God: Yes. Me: I failed. God: I love you. Me: I […]

God Love


Find below a small dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us. God: Hi! Me: You again. God. I love you. Me: I know. God: Awesome! Moral: God wants more for us to […]


Positive Words for Holy Easter

Fill yourself with a little magic bliss for Holy Easter. Positive Words Research has created a video where 41 positive words are mixed with the wordle tool. Beside magic bliss, this video gives you a […]

Positive living

How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words?

The secret of positive thinking is: POSITIVE WORDS. Positive thinking is generated by inserting positive words in various sentences. If you know positive words, you can build whatever positive thoughts you need. If you know positive words, […]


Positive Words Cloud LOVE

Find here an amazing positive words cloud LOVE with the following positive words: LOVE KINDNESS SERENITY POSITIVE WORDS FAITH EASE LIGHT COMPASSION GRACE SELF-LOVE PURE LOVING-KINDNESS For more positive words check out our amazing list […]

Loving Kindness
Gratitude and happiness

Hacking Loving Kindness

Hacking loving kindness throughout the multitude of information that exist about this concept, I found just a couple of pillars on which it stands. I feel these pillars as anchors that one can embody kindness. […]

Love Couple

Photos And Quotes About Love

Please find here some pictures and quotes about love. This post is a little celebration of love in many of its forms. Because, love exists in many forms. There is love in relationships, love towards […]