Reflective Reality: Reflections of the Inner Universe Here

Reflective Reality: Reflections of the Inner Universe

There is a universe that resides inside of me, a sort of reflective reality, for the universe is a most radical reflection of me. For I am ever-expanding like the sea, rooted and grounded like that an oak tree, all while transcendently resting in the ineffable infinity that is our galaxy. Am I here, no … Read more

Reflections of the Soul of me Serenity To Enliven The Spirit

Rumi Quote

Our ever-expanding universe has undoubtedly blessed me with the oh so glorious gift of pouring out the oh so positively peaceful poetry that has indelibly been written on each and every vessel of my beating heart. As I honor the universe, assuring to live out my life’s purpose too; uplift, inspire, and empower others by … Read more

This Week’s Positive Word is DEVINE: Learn a New Word

D is for Devine

This week’s positive word is DEVINE By Victoria J.Brown Ask yourself … Are you living a Devine life? Do you know how to live a Devine life? What does living a Devine life actually mean? When we talk about living a Devine life, people often think about God, living spiritually and connecting with a … Read more

Arsenie Boca: When Life Is Dire Do Tea In The Prettiest Cup

Arsenie Boca

The best-known story told by the Father Arsenie Boca aims to bring relief to those in distress. The parable of the little cup of tea told by the spiritual guide from Prislop teaches people what they can do “if life is hard and are hit, beaten, pushed almost mercilessly when the world seems to be … Read more

MAGIC POWER: Butterflies and Angel Wings Are Magical

#wordrocks project

Picture yourself with huge butterflies wings or with huge angel wings and discover a magic power. We are Light beings. We have divine energy inside us and when you visualize yourself with big angel wings you access this divine power. Positive Words Research – MAGIC POWER: Butterflies & Angel Wings

Positive Words Describing God A to Z – How To Describe God

Positive Words Describing God

Find below a list of positive words describing God in alphabetical order from A to Z. Positive Words Research extracted these words from various analyzed texts. Use this research when you are searching words to describe God, words to describe God a-z, words that describe God a-z, words that describe God, adjectives for God, words … Read more

God: Secrets of His Love That He Never Keeps From Us

Positive Words Describing God

God: Yellow! Me: Stop bothering me and stop behaving like you are cool. You are not! God: What happened? Me: What? Nothing. God: Come on. What happened? Me: Uf! I have this website and I am trying to increase the traffic and I don’t know how. God: Maybe I can help. Me: You can not. … Read more

God: LOVE is the Only True Force in the Universe to Want

God Loves You

God: Hi! Me: Leave me. God: What are you doing? Me: Not your business. God: Come on. Let me see. Me: No. God: Don’t be. Me: I am not. Just stay out of it. God: Why? What is all about? Me: Nothing. God: Are you in love again? Me: See? This is why I don’t … Read more

God: HOPELESSNESS Is Not Fun And You Should Let It Go

God - Relax I got this

Me: Uf… God: What’s wrong? Me: Awful. God: Are you ok? Me: Horrible. God: Just tell me, I will make it better for you. Me: No. God: Why? Don’t worry I can do it. Me: Yeah…. right. God: Honestly I can do it. Me: This is too hard, you definitely can not do it. God: … Read more

God Collection of Conversations To Have Love and Faith

God Love

God and me – Funny dialogues is a collection of dialogues written by Elena Calin, the founder of Positive Words Research. The dialogues are supposed to be between God, the funny part of Him, and different people of various ages, from 4 years old to older age. Content of the collection God and me – Funny dialogues: God … Read more

God: CHALLENGING is Love Sometimes Therefore Have Faith

God - Relax I got this

Me: God? God: …. Me: God? I have something important to tell you. God: Yes… sure… I am here…. tell me. Me: You seem a little agitated, what are you doing there? God: Well…. I am building a Planet and it will crush soon to a star because I forgot something to put in the … Read more

God Says GO FOR IT: Dialogue With God To Raise Your Soul

God - Relax I got this

Find here a dialogue with God that will motivate you to Go for It, whatever that It involves. Because God will take care of all the details. Me: God? God: Yes. Me: I don’t know what to do. God: Go for it. Me: What? But what if I fail? God: Go for it. Me: But … Read more

God LOVE: Dialogue With God To Make You Feel His Love

God Loves You

Find here a dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us and how his nature is so loving and forgiving. Me: God? God: Yes. Me: I failed. God: I love you. Me: I can not do it. God. I love you. Me: It is useless to try. God. I love you. Me: I … Read more

God LOVE: Dialogue With God To Bring Love To You

God Love

Find below a small dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us. God: Hi! Me: You again. God. I love you. Me: I know. God: Awesome! Moral: God wants more for us to know that He loves us, than that we love Him. Positive Words Research – God: LOVE Inspirational Words: Parole Positive … Read more