Find here a dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us and how his nature is so loving and forgiving.

Me: God?

God: Yes.

Me: I failed.

God: I love you.

Me: I can not do it.

God. I love you.

Me: It is useless to try.

God. I love you.

Me: I am a failure.

God: I love you.

Me: I am powerless.

God: I love you.

Me: You’re boring.

God: …

Me: What? You don’t say anything anymore?

God: Your beauty made me silent. You are so beautiful. I love you.

Me: You know, you are right. I am beautiful. I am a gift to the entire world. I am a miracle. I am awesome.

God: Yes, so true Every moment I am amazed that you are part of me. I look at you continuously. Your sole existence makes me the happiest. I wonder: how did I create such a beautiful thing like you? I can not be that good. Looking at you I feel: life amaze me and I love it. I LOVE you.

Me: Yeah, whatever.



Moral: God loves you a lot, no matter what. His nature is gentle and forgiving.

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  1. May you have an abundance of those moments in your life because your smile shines and warms ❤️ I feel awesome looking at you. Can you share about the event? If you feel good to share.

  2. Awh, thank you, Elena! The photo was taken after one of the greatest and most successful events in my life.

  3. so many thank you ❤️❤️❤️ your smile is blissful in your profile picture

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