God LOVE: Dialogue With God To Make You Feel His Love

Find here a dialogue with God which shows how much God loves us and how his nature is so loving and forgiving.

Me: God?

God: Yes.

Me: I failed.

God: I love you.

Me: I can not do it.

God. I love you.

Me: It is useless to try.

God. I love you.

Me: I am a failure.

God: I love you.

Me: I am powerless.

God: I love you.

Me: You’re boring.

God: …

Me: What? You don’t say anything anymore?

God: Your beauty made me silent. You are so beautiful. I love you.

Me: You know, you are right. I am beautiful. I am a gift to the entire world. I am a miracle. I am awesome.

God: Yes, so true <3 Every moment I am amazed that you are part of me. I look at you continuously. Your sole existence makes me the happiest. I wonder: how did I create such a beautiful thing like you? I can not be that good. Looking at you I feel: life amaze me and I love it. I LOVE you.

Me: Yeah, whatever.

God: <3

Me: <3

Moral: God loves you a lot, no matter what. His nature is gentle and forgiving.

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God Loves You

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  1. so many thank you ❤️❤️❤️ your smile is blissful in your profile picture

    • Awh, thank you, Elena! The photo was taken after one of the greatest and most successful events in my life. 😀

      • May you have an abundance of those moments in your life because your smile shines and warms ❤️ I feel awesome looking at you. Can you share about the event? If you feel good to share.

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