This Week’s Positive Word is FORGIVE: Let Go and Move On

This week’s positive word is


By Victoria J.Brown

To forgive will make you stronger.

Some people believe forgiveness is weak. They feel as if they are saying it’s okay for people to treat them disrespectfully. They may feel they are allowing people to walk over them. But think of it in another way …

How does this lack of forgiveness make you feel?

Tired? No energy?

Do you feel WEAK?

Trust me when I say, forgiving someone will only make you stronger. In forgiving, you will find peace.

Forgiving someone will actually lift the cloud from your life, it will enable you to see life from a brighter perspective. If you were to believe that everything DOES happen for a reason, ask yourself, why has this happened?

Ask yourself, what can you learn from this experience? What can you take forward into your future? We must learn to live a happy life and find peace. Forgiveness will enable us to do that.

What some people don’t see, because they are so angry, is that lack of forgiveness is only hurting them. It doesn’t actually hurt the other person. Many times you will find the other person continuing to live their life, not hurting or dwelling, it’s the person who is holding a grudge that is hurting.

Here’s a quick exercise for you:

I love therapeutic writing, it can really help when you feel like something is on your mind and churning you over. So take a piece of paper and start writing. In this piece of writing concentrate on the following things:

  • What this person has done to you?
  • What are you gaining from NOT forgiving them?
  • What have you learned from the situation?
  • Imagine thanking this person for enabling you to learn something new.
  • How can you move on from here? What steps can you put in place?
  • How would it feel to take hold of this situation, bring it close and love the fact that this has happened because you have learned something new?
  • How wonderful would it feel to let this go?
  • Describe how you would feel if you could love this experience and move on.

Really take the time to write down your emotions and what you have learned from this experience.

Don’t be the person who is wasting your life with anger … replace it with love and awesome things will happen!

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