I Am Grateful For My Place And Purpose In The World

I am an inspired individual, whose daily footprint is best expressed through words and thoughts in writing.Each day is a blessing, some say a gift. For those of us who have the good fortune of receiving love, support from friends and family, have a choice regarding our education and vocations. They can surely hope to … Read more

Power of Words: World Championship of Public Speaking

“The Power of Words” is the speech with which Mohammed became the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2015. Watch this inspirational speech from Toastmasters International, the World Championship of Public Speaking. It will show you how words have the power to save or take a life. 2015 World Champion: ‘The Power of Words’ Mohammed … Read more

World Happiness Reports: Uncovering Global Well-being Trends and Insights

Explore the World Happiness Reports to gain valuable insights into global well-being trends and discover factors contributing to happiness worldwide. Delve into the data and findings that shape our understanding of happiness on a global scale. The World Happiness Reports are surveys of the state of global happiness. The happiness reports are prepared by the … Read more