Gratitude and Appreciation Letter to Myself: Thank You Self

Look for things to appreciate

Today I will write a gratitude and appreciation letter to myself. Gratitude is a very high vibrational energy. Get inspired from this letter if you are searching for guidance about self appreciation message, self-appreciation message, self appreciation letter, self-appreciation letter, appreciation message to myself, appreciation for myself, appreciation message for myself, appreciation post for myself, … Read more

Morning Affirmations to Lift Your State of Being For the Day

Morning affirmation to lift your state of being for the entire day

These morning affirmations will lift your state of being for the entire day. The beautiful universe responds to our happy vibration and will correspond to your song swiftly. It does not matter what your circumstances are, all that matters is your state of being. Raise the vibration of your state of being with these morning … Read more

Match Positive Words Related to HAPPINESS To Be Empowered

#wordrocks project

Answer 5 questions and check to see if you know how many positive words related to HAPPINESS can you match! Quiz Loading… If the quiz is not loading take the quiz Quiz Loading…“>here.

Roses to Increase Intuition and Words to Brighten Your Day

Positive Words Cloud LOVE

It is said that roses increase the intuition. Positive Words Research proudly presents to you a lovely combination of roses to increase your intuition and positive words to brighten your day. The beauty of the roses will increase your intuition and the positive words will increase your positive thinking. Enjoy a nice bust in your … Read more

Gold Positive Words Will Make Your Today Alive and Blessed

Positive Words Research - Education is Key

Enjoy this awesome empowering list of gold positive words! It’s made with lots of love. Go through this list and reflect on the good words. Bookmark this page and return to it when you need to refocus on positive mindset. We highly recommend you to use the free online dictionary to research the positive words that … Read more

World Happiness Reports Informs How Happy People Are

World Happiness Reports

The World Happiness Reports are surveys of the state of global happiness. The happiness reports are prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Earth Institute from Columbia University. The first report was published in 2012, the second in 2013, the third in 2015 and the forth during 2016. Leading experts across fields (economics, psychology, survey analysis, … Read more

Secret Of Looking For Things To Appreciate: Gratitude Key

Look for things to appreciate

The secret of looking for things to appreciate is simple: it will activate the Law of Attractions and will attract more things for you, things that You will love. The trick is that the first steps You will be the one that needs to take them. You need to start appreciating and then the Law … Read more

Top 7 Positive Words That Can Change Your Reality Now

Kerry Darlington

The power of belief is one of the biggest gifts that humanity has been endowed with, opening an immense realm of possibilities at the moment when we become aware of it. Believing sincerely that something can change your reality will certainly bring about that change that you are hoping for. Having this in mind, we’re … Read more

How The Antidote for Depression Are Positive Words

Positive Words

The thought pattern of people who suffer from depression does not contain positive words. The simple intention of integrating positive words in their thoughts would gradually convince the brain to give up depression patterns. However, this integration process causes a lot of resistance as the brain is very attached to this negative, destructive structure. By … Read more

Positive Words for Someone Embarrassed To Raise Your Spirit


To be embarrassed mainly means to feel ashamed. To feel ashamed means to not feel pleased, honored, satisfied, proud, gratified. To apply the antidote to your feelings of embarrassment you need to think of aspects that can make you feel pleased, honored, satisfied, proud and gratified. For better results write a list on a piece … Read more

Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being Today

Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being

Find below a list of top 50 positive websites to benefit your well-being, happiness, optimism, positive thinking and to decrease negativity. Every positive website from the list below feels like a fresh, warm light shining on you. Relax, feel the ease, get relieved and be happy with the knowledge about wellbeing from these websites. We are updating this … Read more

70 Positive Words for the International Day of Happiness

Positive Words - International Day of Happiness

Positive Words Research has put together 70 positive words specially for you for the International Day of Happiness. On 20 March the entire world is celebrating the International Day of Happiness. The 70 positive words for the International Day of Happiness are: FAITH LOVE MIRACLE PURE LOVE AND LIGHT MAGIC HOPE SERENITY GRATITUDE HAPPINESS WORTHLY … Read more

How The Word LUCK Is Connected With HAPPINESS

Luck and Happiness

Positive Words Research made a research* on the word luck and discovered, among synonyms and related words, that the following are connected with it: fortunate, good fortune, prosperity, success, to gain something desirable by chance, enjoying success, the force that operates for good in life, accidental good fortune, hapless and also happiness. Therefore is interesting that … Read more

30 Keywords to Research for Happiness and Positive Living

Happiness and Positive Living

The below terminologies are used mainly among people interested about happiness and positive living skills. Researching these keywords will give your more knowledge about how to develop abilities to enhance your well-being. To do that, search in google more information about the below 30 keywords and phrases. Find here a list of 30 keywords to research for … Read more

Hacking Loving Kindness: Embody This Healing Energy Now

Loving Kindness

Hacking loving kindness throughout the multitude of information that exist about this concept, I found just a couple of pillars on which it stands. I feel these pillars as anchors that one can embody kindness. Make it shine in your energy field, in your body, in your Vortex. I found these pillars because I focused … Read more

List of Top 20 Positive Feelings and Emotions To Enjoy Today

List of Top 20 Positive Feelings and Emotions

There are many positive emotions and positive feelings in this world, and understanding those positive feelings is very important to every individual. Positive feelings are one of the core elements to have in your life to enjoy well-being and happiness. Positive feelings are one of the core elements to have in your life to enjoy … Read more

Story About Publishing the Book Magic Sparkles of Happiness

Happiness Sparkles

I have written during 2012 and 2013, with a lot of passion and inspiration, a new book which I named: Magic Sparkles of Happiness – a spiritual guide for feeling happiness. I have decided to publish the eBook on 28 August, on Smashwords. In this way, Magic Sparkles of Happiness was released on Smashwords on 28 August … Read more