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26 thoughts on “Subscribe To Newsletter”

  1. Very interesting article! I have had a chronic disease for most of my life. Keeping a positive attitude is the key to a fulfilling life!

  2. Having a hard time after a move 2,800 miles away from family. Sold my house, left my job, and moved to the Midwest. Never had I gardened nor watched people have so much pride and dedication to family values, work, and their home. At 40 never been married and raised my 10-year old by myself this whole time. I never bounced parenting off anyone. I was a happy-go-lucky mom who just lived day to day doing the best I knew on raising my son. One day a man who was visiting my visitor center at Sabino Canyon in AZ walks into my life who is goal-oriented, organized, and a perfectionist. He flew to AZ every single month for a year to engage with me. Over that year I was in love. He took on my kid and had no doubt about marrying me. Well in my hometown where friends of 30 years were all around me. My job was good, I thought 30k a year was fine. I had a degree and supportive parents and a brother and sister. What I did not know until I moved is how I stopped learning things out of fear. Moving here has made me realize I didn’t challenge myself. So today just starting a new journey after falling depressed in a new marriage with a guy who is amazing I will start a book called “Confidence: How to overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve your goals.” The main idea is about Efficacy. Never heard of the word before but it is what I have to change. So went to your site to find encouraging words to place all over my bathroom. Thank you.

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