Top 10 Calming Words In English Language That Bring Peace

Calming Words

We have moments when we feel we need a moment of calm. Many times we meet these moments at work or in a place where we can’t take a longer break. Calming words can help you calm down. A few words placed in your thoughts or in the words you say can help you a … Read more

What is ESOTERIC: definition and meaning | Dictionary


What is Esoteric?Definition and meaning of Esoteric Esoteric Intended for, or likely to be understood by only a small number of  people with a specialized knowledge or interest. The above picture is created by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.Serenity has written a poem about the word Esoteric. You can read it at this link: Solace within the Esoteric Echoes … Read more

What is HALCYON: definition and meaning | Dictionary


What is Halcyon?  Definition and meaning of halcyon: ~ Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. ~ These inspiring pictures are made by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations. Serenity has also written a poem about what halcyon means. Find the poem at this link: Halcyon. Positive Words Research – HALCYON … Read more

What is SERENITY: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Serenity se·ren·i·ty səˈrenədē/ [suh–ren-i-tee] noun The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. The artwork that this post represents was created by Serenity! Serenity also wrote an amazing blissful inspiring poem for this word intituled Serenity, Oh Serenity! Positive Words Research – SERENITY definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Reflections of the Soul of me Serenity To Enliven The Spirit

Rumi Quote

Our ever-expanding universe has undoubtedly blessed me with the oh so glorious gift of pouring out the oh so positively peaceful poetry that has indelibly been written on each and every vessel of my beating heart. As I honor the universe, assuring to live out my life’s purpose too; uplift, inspire, and empower others by … Read more

What Is Your Favorite Positive Word And Optimistic Word

positive mindset

This is a quiz for positive words designed for voting. This Poll/Vote quiz is updated by Positive Words Research and by you, the person voting. If you don’t find your favorite word in the list, select Other and insert your own favorite positive word. Enjoy! If this poll is not working properly, vote for this … Read more

Candle With SERENITY To Give You Positive Energy for Today

How To Use Positive Affirmations To Shape A Better Body Image

One day I wrote on a candle the word SERENITY than took it with me in the church on Easter. When I got home with the candle I made a video of the candle burning and a beautiful light appeared on the candle. I have uploaded the video on YouTube at this link: Shining candle … Read more

Gold Positive Words Will Make Your Today Alive and Blessed

Positive Words Research - Education is Key

Enjoy this awesome empowering list of gold positive words! It’s made with lots of love. Go through this list and reflect on the good words. Bookmark this page and return to it when you need to refocus on positive mindset. We highly recommend you to use the free online dictionary to research the positive words that … Read more

Serenity Makes You Happy and Peaceful To Enjoy Today


Serenity is a state of contentment. Contentment was named by Dalai Lama as the key ingredient for inner happiness. But how do we attain a constant feeling of serenity? REBT therapy invented by Albert Ellis says that, in the same time, people rationalize, experiment some emotions and have a certain behavior. Therefore, in order for … Read more

How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words

Keep calm and think positive

The secret of positive thinking is: POSITIVE WORDS. Positive thinking is generated by inserting positive words in various sentences. If you know positive words, you can build whatever positive thoughts you need. If you know positive words, you can hack your mind by having control over your positive thinking. Today I am inviting you to ask yourself if … Read more

Gift 4 With 5 Positive Words from Give5PositiveWords Project

Gift 4 positive words

Positive Words Research is happily giving to you a wonderful gift in which we wrapped 5 positive words: AWESOMENESS SERENITY COURAGE POWER MAGIC Reflect on the meaning of these words and warm your mind and heart <3 increasing also your awareness for positive living. Inspire yourself from our top resources: List of Positive Words That … Read more

How to Transform Anger with Positive Words: Find Peace

How to transform anger with positive words

Knowing how to transform anger with positive words and an amazing tool. Anger can be transformed into the power of positive words if you know how to guide yourself through this transformation. The energy of anger is an energy of bitterness which is a negative energy. Look at negative energy as a lack of positive … Read more

Photo With The Positive Word SERENITY To Bring You Peace


You can feel the energy of serenity no matter where you are even if you are at your laptop. Just bring the word Serenity in your mind and think of a moment when you felt serene. It might be someone in the countryside when you stop the car to look at a field full of … Read more