Top 10 Calming Words In English Language That Bring Peace

We have moments when we feel we need a moment of calm. Many times we meet these moments at work or in a place where we can’t take a longer break. Calming words can help you calm down. A few words placed in your thoughts or in the words you say can help you a lot to calm down.

Words have power. Used regularly, they calm your thoughts. Having calm thoughts and emotions will calm you down. With calm emotions and your body will be calm and calm. Below is a list of top ten most calming words in the english language.

1. safe

The word safe is a very reassuring word. It can be used in various ways in sentences and as innovative as possible. Some statements that can be given as an example are: I am safe. The world is safe. The future is safe. I am on a safe journey through eternity. Every time you use the word safe in a sentence, that phrase receives a vibration of silence, of depth. Similar words to safe are: shielded, sheltered, guarded, secure, all right.

2. nurtured

The word nurtured is a very powerful word. This word shows his true power if it is used more in questions than in statements. For example: What can I do now to feel more nurtured in my body? This type of question built around the word Nurtured attracts many inventive ideas to calm down and calm down. The moment we feel that everything is taking cared of we feel at peace. Similar words to nurtured are: take care of, support, foster, tend, nourish, encourage, cultivate, help, aid, fuel, strengthen.

3. serenity

Serenity means a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. The word serenity brings you a state of peace and blessing. When you say it, it seems to rise to other realms. It’s like he’s out of this world. A moment of serenity is a moment full of magic. We are all looking for these great moments of life. When they all seem to be well connected. A moment of serenity always involves a part of nature. Nature is somehow present in these moments of serenity. The sunset on the horizon of a sea. Sunrise on the peaks of some mountains. Moments of serenity. Similar words to serenity are: calmness, calm, composure, tranquility, peacefulness, peace, collectedness, equanimity, togetherness, ease, quiet, stillness.

4. loving-kindness

Loving Kindness is a combination of two words that separately calm the mind and soul. This combination was very often used and promoted by the 14th Dalai Lama. In many of his speeches he occasionally utters this combination of words. Used correctly and with a deeper understanding of the notion of loving-kindness this word has a great benefit on our peace. The soul is created to return to love. Compassion and altruism are part of our DNA. Loving-kindness means tenderness and consideration towards others and yourself.

5. irenic

Irenic is an adjective and means promoting peace. If you are irenic means that you are promoting peace. You might say that you have an irenic personality if you treasure more being kind than being right.

6. halcyon

Halcyon means a state of being calm, peaceful, happy and prosperous.

7. warmheartedness

Warmheartedness is acting with kindness and sympathy. Warmheartedness is a powerful words and a powerful emotion also. Similar words to warmheartedness are: warmth, caring, lovingness, affection, warmness, fondness, tenderness, heart.

8. serendipity

Serendipity means finding something good without looking for it.

9. namaste

Namaste is an indian word and means a respectful greeting said when giving a namaskar.

10. wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi is a concept from Japanese and means the art of finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Wabi-sabi is about celebrating cracks, crevices, and all other marks that time, weather and love left behind.

This is our list of calming words. There are many other words with the ability to calm down. If you know a reassuring word, comment below to help calm someone who is looking for words to be calm. Do you know more calming words to add to this list? Share below with a comment.

Calming Words

ESOTERIC definition and meaning | Dictionary of Positive Words

What is Esoteric?
Definition and meaning of Esoteric


Intended for, or likely to be understood by only a small number of  people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

The above picture is created by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.
Serenity has written a poem about the word Esoteric.

You can read it at this link: Solace within the Esoteric Echoes of Sacred Questioning

Positive Words Research – ESOTERIC definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words


HALCYON definition and meaning | Dictionary of Positive Words

What is Halcyon? 

Definition and meaning of halcyon:

~ Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. ~

These inspiring pictures are made by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.

Serenity has also written a poem about what halcyon means. Find the poem at this link: Halcyon.

Positive Words Research – HALCYON definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Halcyon 2

SERENITY definition and meaning | Dictionary of Positive Words






The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.


The artwork that this post represents was created by Serenity!

Serenity also wrote an amazing blissful inspiring poem for this word intituled Serenity, Oh Serenity!

Positive Words Research – SERENITY definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Reflections of the Soul of me Serenity To Enliven The Spirit

Our ever-expanding universe has undoubtedly blessed me with the oh so glorious gift of pouring out the oh so positively peaceful poetry that has indelibly been written on each and every vessel of my beating heart.

As I honor the universe, assuring to live out my life’s purpose too; uplift, inspire, and empower others by gracing them with my most rhythmic rhapsodies, allows for each soul to stop for a moment in time.  For there is profound power in being able to consciously connect, caressing another’s the unconscious mind. I must admit, that through the wonderment of words, it invokes in me a feeling that is ineffably one of a kind.

In an effort to provide your dearly beloved soul a glimpse into the reflections of my soul, In the words of Henry David Thoreau, this is my goal ” to live deeply and suck out the marrow of life” for this is what ignites a fire in my spirit, making me feel wondrously whole. The profoundly perfect stream of words spoken by Mr. Thoreau resonated with the effervescent essence that is me, so remarkably raptured the very soul of me wholeheartedly.

It is as if for a moment in time, I was Mr. Thoreau and he was me. Living life deeply is what gives my life purpose. It so promisingly propels me towards my most divine destiny.

I am enamored and inspired by every astoundingly amazing aspect of this beloved blessed life. From marveling in awe at the beautiful bounty of nature, keenly listening to the whispers of wise willow trees to gazing at the gorgeous glare of ever so brightly shining stars.  Progressively Pontificating our very existence here on earth, forever inquisitive about why we are the way that we are.

Finding solace in those solitary moments when I was comforted in clarity by the ever-translucent fact that we are the most radical reflections of our most glorious galaxy. Realizing that although our universe appears to be ever reaching, ever-expanding, out of reach, and ever so far, we are cosmically connected and thus this kismet connection has an impact on the very reason that we are who we are.

In soaking in the vivaciously vibratory words enlisted above, you may sense that my writings are inspired by the very depths of life, inspired not only by that which our eye sees but also those intangibles that can’t be seen but only felt, with the intention to find out what it means for you and me. It is my heart’s hope that my spiritually enlightened writings on; life, depth of emotions, the power of love, and the interconnectedness of it all shall stimulate and invigorate the; mind, body, and soul like that of the most gracefully refreshing rainfall.

Overall, I can only wish that it serves to inspire others to become increasingly more in tune with the love and light that resides in us all, propelling others to respond to every call that excites our wonder-filled spirits once and for all.

All in all, working towards the most marvelously miraculous mission for positively peaceful inspirations to behold each and every soul with overwhelming elation, so graciously taking flight, laying a most felicitous foundation across our nation. Transcending our universe’s collective consciousness straight towards the constellations. Cradling each heart in the purest form of serenity, and completely awe-inspiring adoration.



Dearly Beloved,


My name is Serenity, a positively peaceful poet propelled by a spirited passion to profess the depth of desire to inspire. As an ethereally transcendent being, my spirit is on an eternal quest to seek solace that can only be found deep within.

Finding beauty in all of life’s most magically delicious moments. Expressing each positively peaceful inspiration through the marvelous medium of poetry. Each vivaciously vibratory word full of life, sprinkled with; wonder, whimsy, and delight, utterly enamored by these most transcendentally incredible insights.  As my heart guides me towards our universe’s most everlasting, love-filled light. Ultimately causing my spirit to take flight, and you are alike.

Check out Serenity amazing inspiring website POSITIVELY PEACEFUL INSPIRATIONS

Positive Words Research – Reflections of the Soul of me, Serenity

What Is Your Favorite Positive Word And Optimistic Word

This is a quiz for positive words designed for voting.

This Poll/Vote quiz is updated by Positive Words Research and by you, the person voting. If you don’t find your favorite word in the list, select Other and insert your own favorite positive word. Enjoy!

If this poll is not working properly, vote for this poll here.

Positive Words Research – What is your favorite positive word?

positive mindset

Candle With SERENITY To Give You Positive Energy for Today

One day I wrote on a candle the word SERENITY than took it with me in the church on Easter.

When I got home with the candle I made a video of the candle burning and a beautiful light appeared on the candle.

I have uploaded the video on YouTube at this link: Shining candle after receiving blessings in church | Word: Serenity.

Positive Words Research – The candle with the word SERENITY


Gold Positive Words Will Make Your Today Alive and Blessed

Enjoy this awesome empowering list of gold positive words! It’s made with lots of love. Go through this list and reflect on the good words. Bookmark this page and return to it when you need to refocus on positive mindset. We highly recommend you to use the free online dictionary to research the positive words that draw your attention.

Do you want to see your favorite gold positive words or phrase in this list?

Comment below ! We will add your favorite word in gold to this list. Also, if you want, we will send the image with the gold positive words and phrases to you, by email. Use the contact form to send your email address and your desire for the gold letters. To choose your favorite words you can also inspire yourself from the list of positive words.

Until now, in this list of gold positive words, you will find the following positive words and phrases: gratitude, self-love, appreciation, loving-kindness, faith, healing, abundance, grace and ease, pure love and light, warmheartedness, magic, joyfulness, contentment, playfulness, resilience, non-resistant, happiness, I am worthy of love and belonging, mindfulness, awesomness, serenity, connected with the love of all things, acceptance, awareness, choice, blessed, blissful, fabulous.

grace and ease
pure love and light
pure love and light
I am worthy of love and belonging
I am worthy of love and belonging
connected with the Love of all things
FABULOUS (gold positive words)

Serenity Makes You Happy and Peaceful To Enjoy Today

Serenity is a state of contentment. Contentment was named by Dalai Lama as the key ingredient for inner happiness.

But how do we attain a constant feeling of serenity?

REBT therapy invented by Albert Ellis says that, in the same time, people rationalize, experiment some emotions and have a certain behavior. Therefore, in order for you to attain a state of serenity means that you need to work on your rationalization, emotions and behavior.


Rationalization means thoughts: what thoughts you have and the way you think.

To improve your thoughts Positive Words Research puts at your disposal the best list of positive words in the world. Check this list and incorporate in your vocabulary as many positive words as you can. It is scientifically discovered that a human brain thinks more than 30,000 words a day, meanings a short to medium book… this is a lot of words. Make sure some of them are positive words… and this is only for one day… just compute how many words you think in a week, or month, or year… an abundance of words. Keep your brain happy feeding him with positive words. In this way you will keep your brain serene and make sure it will not mess up your life by being a brain that thinks negatively.

The way you think, means that, you have moments when you think: while you sit on a chair, while going with the subway, while walking to work, while running, while writing, while talking with friends, while you meditate. Be aware of these moments and think about high emotional subjects only in some moments, when you have more time and energy. Try not to think important subjects of your life anywhere you go. Make a rule just not to think about consuming and stressful problems in some parts of the day, like after 9 o’clock in the evening or in the morning. This will keep a balance in your life and sustain serenity all day long. You will feel content because you will not force yourself to think intense and immediately when you have a problem. You will develop a power over your brain to make him think problems when you want not when something happens in reality. You brain will not react anymore to problems from reality, keeping your inner peace.


There are emotions that help you and emotions that don’t help you. Basically intense negative emotions over a long period of time are bad and will never help you. Well-being is attained when you have constant positive emotions over a long period of time, over 6 months and maybe very short lived soft to medium negative emotions and no intense negative emotions.

Emotions are created in time and are strongly correlated with our thoughts. This is what Albert Ellis has discovered.

Abraham Hicks says that emotions are our guiding system, informing us of the packets of thoughts that we think, so that we can take notice and change our thoughts for more positive ones. Also Abraham Hicks says that thoughts are vibration. The quality of the thoughts you think matches the vibration of your body, high or low. Serenity, peace, happiness, contentment, joy are high vibrations correlated with positive thinking. You think positively when you use positive words in your thinking.


Thoughts, most of the time, are just internalized words. Behavior you then correlated with your words, because you tend to do what you’ve said. The, the behavior that you have, generates thoughts in your mind. Because you will think about what you do, and then rethink, over long periods of time, about what you did. The quality of your thoughts will impact your serenity.

I’ve researches the positive word Serenity in The Free Dictionary and I’ve found some interesting other positive words correlated with this word: tranquility, placidity, repose, quiet, peacefulness, peace, heart ease, calm, composure, stillness, calmness, quietness, quietude, placidity, calmness, quietude, peacefulness, untroubledness, calmness, composure, equanimity, ataraxia (peace of mind).

Serenity means serene and content thoughts, serene and content emotions, serene and content behavior. All these will give you a feeling of well-being which is happiness and peacefulness through your life.

Please excuse me for my bad English. I am not a native English speaker. I hope you understand what I’ve written. Comments are most welcome. – Elena Calin, the founder of Positive Words Research


How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words

The secret of positive thinking is: POSITIVE WORDS.

Positive thinking is generated by inserting positive words in various sentences. If you know positive words, you can build whatever positive thoughts you need. If you know positive words, you can hack your mind by having control over your positive thinking. Today I am inviting you to ask yourself if you know how to think positively and if you really know how to generate positive thoughts for yourself and for the people around you.

How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words?

“YOUR HAPPINESS depends upon your very own thoughts. No one else can think your thoughts for you. Deliberately think thoughts of what you want because they’re the thoughts that make you happy.” – Rhonda Byrne

Find below 40 examples of various positive sentences created with positive words that will help you improve your positive thinking.

  1. I love …..     I love kindness. I love loving-kindness. I love hope. I love success. I love abundance. I love courage. I love happiness. I love grace. I love peace. I love light.
  2. I love ….. and ….. loves me     I love gratitude and gratitude loves me. I love beauty and beauty loves me. I love abundance and abundance loves me.
  3. I am grateful for …..     I am grateful for awesomeness. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for serenity.
  4. I am grateful for  ….. and  ….. is grateful for me    I am grateful for hope and hope is grateful for me. I am grateful for peace and peace is grateful for me. I am grateful for grace and grace is grateful for me.
  5. I am …..     I am love. I am beauty. I am magic. I am courageous. I am creative. I am freedom. I am success. I am truthfulness. I am openness. I am enlightenment. I am grace. I am vibrant. I am awesomeness. I am happiness. I am health.
  6. I am blessed with …..     I am blessed with happiness. I am blessed with success. I am blessed with love. I am blessed with pure love and light. I am blessed with health.
  7. I am a magnet for …..     I am a magnet for success. I am a magnet for good fortune. I am a magnet for happiness. I am a magnet for love. I am a magnet for goodness. I am a magnet for health.
  8. I choose …..     I choose love. I choose kindness. I choose forgiveness. I choose appreciation. I choose happiness. I choose peace. I choose hope. I choose loving-kindness. I choose grace.
  9. I have …..     I have abundance. I have love. I have enough. I have hope. I have faith. I have understanding. I have forgiveness. I have blessings.
  10. I affirm …..     I affirm success. I affirm beauty. I affirm love. I affirm forgiveness. I affirm fun. I affirm gratitude. I affirm truthfulness.
  11. I appreciate …..     I appreciate love. I appreciate abundance. I appreciate loving-kindness.
  12. I attract …..    I attract abundance. I attract kindness. I attract peace. I attract health.
  13. I ….. every detail of my life.   I love every detail of my life. I am grateful for every detail of my life. I appreciate every detail of my life.
  14. ….. is blessing me.   Love is blessing me. Gratitude is blessing me. Faith is blessing me.
  15. The energy of ….. is blessing me.     The energy of love is blessing me. The energy of serenity is blessing me.
  16. God is blessing me with …..     God is blessing me with love. God is blessing me with light. God is blessing me with ease.
  17. God has blessed me with …..     God has blessed me with kindness. God had blessed me with joy. God had blessed me with contentment.
  18. I have enough …..     I have enough love. I have enough kindness. I have enough beauty. I have enough magic.
  19. I have more than enough …..     I have more than enough love. I have more than enough peace. I have more than enough grace.
  20. There is an abundance of ….. and it’s on its way to me    There is an abundance of happiness and it’s on its way to me.
  21. I am a ….. magnet     I am a happiness magnet.
  22. I am receiving ….. every day     I am receiving happiness every day.
  23. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for …..     Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for happiness.
  24. I have plenty of …..    I have plenty of happiness.
  25. I can afford …..    I can afford peace of mind.
  26. ….. comes easily and frequently.     Contentment comes easily and frequently.
  27. I am good at …..     I am good at happiness. I am good at gratitude.
  28. I have always been able to be …..     I have always been able to be happy. I have always been able to be grateful.
  29. I have always been able to have …..     I have always been able to have love. I have always been able to have peace.
  30. I am a very good …..     I am very good at appreciation. I am very good at acceptance. I am very good at forgiveness.
  31. I am very …..     I am very happy. I am very content. I am very safe. I am very blessed.
  32. I love my …..     I love my happiness. I love my blessings. I love my blissfulness. I love my serenity. I love my power.
  33. My ….. is good.     My happiness is good. My peace is good. My awesomeness is good.
  34. I am always …..      I am always grateful. I am always peaceful. I am always kind. I am always amazing. I am always fabulous.
  35. I am a very good ….. maker.     I am a very good happiness maker. I am a very good awesomeness maker.
  36. I can see my …..     I can see my happiness. I can see my abundance. I can see my serenity. I can see my optimism. I can see my grace.
  37. It is easy for me to make …..     It is easy for me to make blissfulness. It is easy for me to make faith. It is easy for me to make ease.
  38. ….. seems to stay in my hands.     Happiness seems to stay in my hands. Loving-kindness seems to stay in my hands. Hope seems to stay in my hands.
  39. Life is full of …..      Life is full of beauty. Life is full of kindness. Life is full of abundance. Life is full of love.
  40. I receive now….. Thank you.    I receive now happiness. Thank you. I receive now loving-kindness. Thank you. I receive now power. Thank you.

Find inspiration for positive words in the List of Positive Words from Positive Words Research. Positive thinking is done with positive words. Think positive! Positive minds live positive lives.

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