Positive Words List Infographic

positive words list infographic

Positive Words Research started a wonderful collaboration with Faizan Javed from FCCI Graphics. Faizan did a wonderful infographic with our list of positive words. The positive words list infographic is in PDF format and you can download it from the next link. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE INFOGRAPHIC: Positive Words List – Infographic – Designer by Faizan … Read more

Amazing invention Yu Characters done by George Yu

Yu Characters

About the Yu Characters My name is Zhuowei Yu (or simply George Yu). I am the designer of the Yu Characters. I would be comfortable to be referred as a businessman turned amateur artist. Certainly it is always precisely correct to call me the designer of the Yu Characters. Born and grew up in Beijing, … Read more

101 Positive Words in Photos – Happy Images

Think Positive

Positive Words Research did a project called “101 Positive Words in Photos”. For this project, we have made more than 101 photos, each photo for one different positive word. Access the list of positive words to brighten your day. See the gallery of some photos below. Inspiring articles: RESILIENT definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive … Read more

Photos And Quotes About Love

Love Couple

Please find here some pictures and quotes about love. This post is a little celebration of love in many of its forms. Because, love exists in many forms. There is love in relationships, love towards yourself and love for the beauty of life. Love is complex and yet some say it is simple. Others say … Read more