15 Positive Words Untranslatable in English For You To Enjoy

Find in this article 15 positive words untranslatable in English language to add to your positive vocabulary. Tim Lomas, Ph.D., a positive psychology lecturer at the University of East London, has gone see a conference at the annual International Positive Psychology Association symposium in Orlando in 2015. He came back inspired. The speaker, Finnish researcher Emilia Lahti, talked about the concept of sisu which means someone who has “extraordinary determination in the face of adversity.”

“She was describing it as this psychological skill or quality that was very integral to Finnish culture and their identity.” She presented how, despite being a Finnish word, it was an ability of all people, regardless of their native tongue that anyone could possess or cultivate.

He returned to England with an idea: To create a database of meaningful, positive words for feelings, character traits and relationships, expressed with words untranslatable in English. He wrote a paper on the topic published in The Journal of Positive Psychology that contained just over 200 words. The paper drew attention in the positive psychology and linguistics communities, and people began sharing their ideas for words to include in the database with Lomas. In 2016 The Positive Lexicography Project was born.

The next list presents 15 positive words that can not be translated in English:

  1. ‘Bilita mpash’ – it comes from Bantu , a language from Central and South Africa and it means a beautiful , blissful dream ( the opposite of a nightmare).
  2. ‘Trouvaille’ – it comes from French and it is a correspondent for a lucky find , something good or valuable that you discovered by chance. Most of the times it is associated with clover because it is the symbol of luck.
  3. ‘Agape’ – it is a Greek word that is the feeling of selfless, unconditional and devotional love for someone it is something like love but in a different way of thinking.
  4. ‘Hachnasat orchim’ – it comes from Hebrew/Yiddish and makes you a person that brings guests and offer hospitality and respect to strangers. This is a popular way to live in those countrys.
  5. ‘Kæk’ – it is a Danish word and it suggests that someone is bold, cocky (not in a pejorative sense) with a gung-ho spirit.
  6. ‘Samar’ – it is an Arabic word that is used when you sit together in conversation with people at sunset or in the evening.
  7. ‘Suaimhneas croi’ – it comes from Gaelic and it means that you are feeling happiness or contentment for finishing a task. It is a sign of perseverance!
  8. ‘Nakama’ – it is a Japanese word for someone that is your best friend, someone you feel deep, platonic love for.
  9. ‘Yuán béi’ – it comes from traditional China and it is a sense of complete and perfect accomplishment.
  10. ‘Apramāda’ – it is an old Sanskrit word and it means moral watchfulness or awareness of the ethical implication of one’s actions.
  11. ‘Singurista’ – it is a Philippines word from a dialect called Tagalog , and it’s used for someone who would not initiate an action unless certain of obtaining the desire result.
  12. ‘Cafuné’ – it is a Brazilian word meaning the act of tenderly running one’s fingers through someone’s hair.
  13. ‘Wabi-Sabi’ – it is a Japanes word for a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.
  14. ‘Hyggeling’ – it is a Danish word , Its “literal” translation into English gives connotations of a warm, friendly, cozy demeanor, but it’s unlikely that these words truly capture the essence of a hyggelig; it’s something that must be experienced to be known. I think of good friends, cold beer, and a warm fire.
  15. ‘Sewa’ – is short for the word Kar Seva, which is a Sanskrit word meaning hands or work and service, to pay homage through the act of love. Seva is the labour done with love and performed in the service of others without expectations.

Positive Words Research – 15 Positive Words Untranslatable in English to Add to Your Vocabulary

15 Positive Words Untranslatable in English

Top 25 Positive Words In English To Be Motivated And Happy

The English language is full of many beautiful and positive words.  Often these words trigger a specific memory, pleasant thought, or a dream in our minds. The words that appeal to us are often very personal and the feelings they trigger are essentially unique to you.  Here is my list of the top 25 positive words in English that appeal to me.

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Ineffable means too great or extreme to be described or expressed in words. It reflects that feeling of awe such as what you feel when your first child is born.


Serendipity is used to describe the occurrence and development of events by chance in a beneficial or happy way. That stroke of luck comes at exactly the right time, out of the blue.


Ethereal means extremely light and delicate so that something appears not to be of this world. I associate this word with heavenly and beautiful things, such as dragonfly wings or a voice that gives you chills.


Iridescent is a word to describe seeing luminous colors that change when seen from different angles. This positive word reminds me of carefree days blowing bubbles and watching them float away.


Epiphany is that sudden moment of realization or revelation. That light-bulb moment often changes your life. Everyone needs an epiphany now and then.


Luminescence is when a substance gives off the light without being heated such as phosphorescence and fluorescence. The fun of chasing lightning bugs or stirring up the sea and being rewarded with an eerie green glow.


Eloquence is persuasive and fluent in writing and speaking. Don’t we all wish to be eloquent at the right times? What a bonus when you can give a speech and engage your entire audience!


Sonder is the realization that every random passerby is living a vivid, complex life full of their own ambitions, worries, friends, and routines, in which you might be an extra on a park bench or a lit office on their route. As a people watcher, this positive word resonates.


Effervescence means enthusiastic and vivacious, and also the bubbles in your fizzy drink. This reminds me of the excitement of a child, perhaps even tasting their first fizzy drink.


Magnanimous means being forgiving or generous to someone who is not a friend or is less powerful than you. I think we all need to be magnanimous and this world would be a better place.


Benevolent means being kindly and well-meaning. Similar to magnanimous, except this kindness being expressed to anyone. Being benevolent has its own rewards, and it makes you feel great too.


Amusement means enjoying entertainment or finding something funny.  The world needs more laughter and we should be able to find amusement in most situations, even laugh at ourselves.


Contentment is a state of satisfaction and happiness.  I believe that for most of us, life is about striving for contentment. Appreciate the small things to find contentment in your daily life.

positive words Iridescent


Determination is a firmness of purpose.  Achieving anything in life takes determination. Set the goal and succeed through determination.


Dignity is being worthy of respect or honor.  I like to believe everyone should be afforded basic dignity as a right especially our elders, who have so much to share if we listen.


Flourishing means thriving, developing successfully and rapidly. We all want something to flourish: a flourishing bank balance, perhaps a flourishing business, a flourishing garden. What a versatile and evocative word.


positive words Harmonious

Harmonious has three lovely meanings tuneful, forming a pleasing whole, free from dissent and disagreement. I like the peaceful feel this word has, like music from a waterfall.


Lustrous is basically a nicer word for shining. I like to think of this positive word as being used for hair and eyes, giving a description extra depth and reflection.  Who wouldn’t want lustrous hair?


Noble has a number of meanings, but I like the one which refers to a person showing high moral principles or good personal qualities. I like to think that our aim as humans should be to strive to be noble.


Respect is the feeling of admiration due to their abilities, achievements, or qualities. It also refers to giving the necessary regard for other people’s rights and feelings. Although for most people, respect is something that is earned, we should offer basic respect to all humans.


Laughter is the sound of someone laughing. This sounds more than almost any other has a way of lifting spirits. Laughter is contagious and makes us feel good.


positive words Tranquility

Tranquility is the state of being calm and tranquil. We all need this sort of peace in our lives now and then to regroup.


Unconditional means there are no conditions attached. I prefer this word as part of the phrase unconditional love. A love that transcends everything, there are no ifs and buts, a love that offers everything without demanding anything.


Smiling is laughing in a smaller, quieter way. Turning those corners of the mouth up showing a happy look. Smiling is also contagious, and when it is genuine, it lights up your whole face.


Hope is the expectation that something will happen. Even when situations are dire, keeping hope alive is what makes the human spirit fight through the worst of situations. Never lose hope.

Those are my top 25 positive and uplifting words, what are yours? Use this resource when you need information related to one positive word, positive vocabulary, 100 positive words, beautiful positive words, positive vocabulary words with meaning, some positive words, strong positive words,

Top 5 Most Beautiful Words in The English Language

Find below the five most beautiful words in the English language.


This word comes at the top of this list because it is one of my favourites. Effervescent means for something or someone to be bubbly and excitable. It reminds me of luxurious champagne and laughs, I believe that it is one of those words that does what it says on the tin and makes you feel the way that it sounds.


To be eloquent has a regal and poised tone to it. Eloquence is to be well spoken and fluent in the language that you speak in. Even the way that it rolls off of the tongue is articulate.


This word on its own transports me to a calm, peaceful beach. It reminds me of ocean sounds and walking along the sand in a hot place (being from England all a girl can do is imagine). This word allows me to go to that place and escape the rain!


Giggle is a silly word that gives a fun feeling alongside it. Friendship, excitement and cheerfulness come to mind when I hear this word.


In the world that we live in today, this is possibly one of the most important words in the English Language. Coming together as one might not fix all of the problems in the world, but it is sure to go a long way.

I have given you my favourite words in the English Language, now it’s your turn! Comment what you think the most beautiful words are in the English Language below.

Charlotte Yorke

A short bio about the writer: My name is Charlotte Yorke and I am an eighteen year old A-Level Student in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon. I am beginning my exciting journey into the world of Journalism by beginning my Undergraduate Degree at Staffordshire University in September 2017. I am an avid reader and writer, I thoroughly enjoy expressing myself through the written word. (Photos Credits: Sam Herdman)

Link to my blog: www.yorkeonline.wordpress.com

Positive Words Research – The Five Most Beautiful Words in The English Language

Most Beautiful Word In The English Language And Why

We are constantly been asked here at Positive Words Research, what is the most beautiful word in the English language and why?

We know that Blissfulness, Petrichor, Quintessential, Serendipity are regarded as beautiful English words relating to the phonaesthetics rather than semantics, but which other words are beautiful?

We want to find out from you: What is the most beautiful word in the English language and why?

Please provide definitions.

We made a short list with the words we found to be so beautiful. It was hard to pick only one. There are so many beautiful words out there in the English language. Here are some of them.

Halcyon – denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Blissfulnessspiritual joy.

Pristine – clean and fresh as if new, untouched, spotless.

Rhapsody – an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feelings

Petrichor – a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Effervescent – vivacious and enthusiastic

Awesomeness – an unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something can produce, meaning something that qualifies as awesome

Epiphany – sudden and striking realization

Quintessential – most perfect example of a quality or class

Serendipity –  a sweet coincidence

Elixir – magical or medicinal potion

Opulent – lush, ostentatiously luxurious

Ethereal – extremely delicate and light, almost heavenly

Transfiguration a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

Sumptuous – splendid, magnificent, rich.

Ineffability – too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

Limn – depict or describe in painting or words.

Hope – a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

Doting – extremely and uncritically fond of someone, adoring.

Gratitude – the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and return kindness

Dauntless – showing fearlessness and determination.

Nirvana – a state of perfect happiness

For more inspiration see these two amazing lists with words that we have on Positive Words Research: the list of beautiful words from all languages and the list of positive words in the English language.

most beautiful word

List of Plain English Words and Phrases From A to Z To Enjoy

Plain English (also referred to as layman’s terms or sometimes referred to more broadly as plain language) is a generic term for English communication that emphasizes the avoidance of technical language and uses simple, familiar words instead of lengthy, formal words, avoids jargon, prefers positive words to negative words, and prefers strong verbs to be verbs.

Here is a list of plain English words and phrases in alphabetical order from A to Z

Plain English starting with letter A

  • above-mentioned, above-listed, before-mentioned, aforementioned – (omit)
  • abundance – enough, plenty, (or specific amount
  • accede to – allow, agree to
  • accelerate – speed up
  • accentuate – stress
  • accommodation – room
  • accompany – go with, with
  • accomplish – do
  • accorded – given
  • accordingly – thus, so
  • accrue – add, gain
  • accurate – right
  • acquiesce – agree
  • acquire – get
  • additional – extra
  • address – discuss
  • addressees – you
  • adjacent to – Next to
  • adjustment – change, alteration
  • admissible – allowed, accepted
  • advantageous – helpful
  • adversely impact on – hurt, set back
  • advise – tell
  • afford an opportunity – allow, let
  • aggregate – total
  • aircraft – airplane (USA) / aeroplane (UK) (Plane can also mean – flat surface – and a woodworking tool; the word airplane avoids this confusion. The word aircraft can be used if you need to specifically include balloons, blimps, gliders, etc.; it’s the simplest word for the whole category of aerial vehicles.)
  • alleviate – ease, reduce
  • allocate – divide
  • along the lines of – like, as in
  • alternatively – or
  • ameliorate – improve, help
  • an absence of – no, none
  • and particularly – particularly
  • and/or – use either and or or.
  • anticipate – expect
  • a number of – some
  • applicant – you
  • application – use
  • apparent – clear, plain
  • apprehend – arrest
  • appreciable – many
  • appropriate – proper, right
  • approximate – about
  • arrive onboard – arrive
  • as a means of – to
  • ascertain – find out, learn
  • as per our telephone conversation of this date – as we discussed this afternoon
  • as prescribed by – in, under
  • as far as is concerned – (omit)
  • as to – of, on, with, for, to, by, in, into
  • as yet, as of yet – yet
  • assist, assistance – help
  • at its discretion – can, may
  • attain – meet
  • attempt – try
  • at the present time, at this time, at this point in time, at the moment – now
  • attributable to – because
  • at your earliest convenience – as soon as you can
  • authorize – allow, let

Plain English starting with letter B

  • basis, on a – (omit)
  • be advised – (omit)
  • because of the fact that – because, since
  • beg – ask
  • belated – late
  • beneficial – helpful, useful
  • bestow – give, award
  • by means of – by, with
  • by reason of – because
  • by virtue of – by, under
  • beverage – drink

Plain English starting with letter C

  • Capable of, am/is/are – can
  • capability – ability
  • case of, in the – (omit)
  • caveat – warning
  • cease – stop
  • chauffeur – driver
  • clearly, obviously – (omit)
  • close proximity – near
  • combat environment – combat
  • combined – joint
  • commence – Begin or start
  • completely revoke – revoke
  • comply with – follow
  • complete – fill in
  • component– part
  • comprise – form
  • conceal – hide
  • concerning – about, on
  • consensus, of opinion, consensus, general – consensus
  • consequently – so
  • consolidate – join, merge
  • constitutes – is, forms, makes up
  • contains – has
  • convene – meet
  • corridor – hall
  • currently – (omit), now

Plain English starting with letter D

  • deem – believe, think
  • delete – cut, drop
  • demonstrate – prove, show
  • depart – leave, go
  • designate – choose, name
  • desire – want, wish
  • despite the fact that – although
  • determine – decide, figure, find
  • disclose – show
  • different – After a number, this word is often unnecessary.
  • discontinue – drop, stop
  • disseminate – give, issue, pass, send
  • does not have – lacks
  • does not include – excludes, omits
  • due to the fact that – because, since
  • duly (authorized, signed) – (omit)
  • during the period, during the time that – during, while

Plain English starting with letter E

  • each and every – (omit)
  • early beginnings – beginnings, early days
  • each…apiece – each
  • economical – cheap
  • effect modifications – make changes
  • elect – chose, pick
  • eliminate – cut, drop, end
  • else but, else than) – but
  • elucidate – explain
  • emphasize – stress
  • employ – use
  • enclosed please find – I have enclosed
  • encounter – meet
  • endeavor – try
  • end (result, product) – omit
  • enquiry – question
  • ensure – make sure
  • entitlement – right
  • enumerate – count
  • equally as – equally
  • equipments – equipment
  • equitable – fair
  • equivalent – equal
  • establish – set up, prove, show
  • evaluate – test, check
  • evidenced – showed
  • evident – (omit), clear
  • evince – show, prove
  • excluding – except
  • exclusively – only
  • exhibit – show
  • expedite – hurry
  • expeditious – fast, quick
  • expend – spend
  • expertise – ability
  • expiration – end

Plain English starting with letter F

  • facilitate – ease, help
  • fauna – animals
  • feasible – workable
  • females – women
  • finalize – complete, finish
  • first(ly), second(ly), third(ly) – first, second, third
  • first and foremost – first
  • flora – plants
  • following – after
  • for a period of – for
  • for example,______etc. – for example, such as
  • forfeit – lose, give up
  • formulate – plan
  • for the purpose of, – to
  • for the reason that, – to
  • forward – send
  • frequently – often
  • function – act, role, work
  • furnish – give, send

Plain English starting with letter H

  • has a duty to – must
  • has a requirement for – needs
  • herein, heretofore, herewith, thereof, wherefore, wherein –(omit)
  • honest truth – truth
  • however – but, yet

Plain English starting with letter I

  • identical – same
  • identify –find, name
  • identify with –agree, understand
  • if and when – use either word; not both
  • immediately – at once
  • impacted – affected,changed
  • implement – carry out, start
  • in accordance with – by, under
  • in addition – also, besides, too
  • in all likelihood – probably
  • in an effort to – to
  • inasmuch – since
  • in a timely manner – on time, promptly
  • in between – between
  • inception – start
  • in connection with – with, about
  • incumbent upon – must
  • indicate – say, state, or show
  • indication – sign
  • individual – person
  • in excess of – more than
  • in favor of – for
  • initial – first
  • initiate – start
  • in lieu of – instead
  • in light of the fact that – because
  • in many cases – often
  • in order that – for, so
  • in order to – to
  • inquire – person
  • in regard(s) to – about, concerning, on
  • in relation to – about, with, to
  • in some instances – sometimes
  • inside of – inside
  • institute legal proceedings against, bring action against – sue
  • inter alia – (omit) or use “among others”
  • interface – meet, work with
  • in terms of –(omit)
  • interpose no objection – don’t object
  • in the amount of – for
  • in the case of – when
  • in the event of – if
  • in the majority of instances – usually
  • in the nature of – like
  • in the near future – shortly, soon
  • in the process of – (omit)
  • in view of – since
  • in view of the above – so
  • regardless – regardless
  • is applicable to – applies to
  • is authorized to – may
  • is in consonance with – agrees with, follows
  • is responsible for – (omit) handles
  • it appears – seems
  • it is – (omit)
  • it is essential – must, need to
  • it is requested – please, we request, I request
  • it is important to add that, in this regard it is of significance that, it may be recalled that, it is interesting to point out that – (omit)

Plain English starting with letter L

  • liaison – discussion
  • -ly (doubtless, fast, ill, much, seldom, thus) – (omit)
  • last will and testament – will

Plain English starting with letter M

  • magnitude – size
  • maintain – keep, support
  • majority – most (except for voting)
  • make a mockery of – (omit)
  • make an attempt, make an effort – try
  • make reference to – refer
  • maximum – greatest, largest, most
  • mental attitude – attitude
  • merge – merge
  • methodology – method
  • minimize – decrease
  • minimum – least, smallest
  • modify – change
  • monitor – check, watch
  • month + of + year – March 2013
  • moreover – what’s more
  • multiple – many

Plain English starting with letter N

  • nature, of a – (omit)
  • necessitate – cause, need
  • nevertheless – still, besides, even so
  • notify – let know, tell
  • not able – unable
  • not accept – reject
  • not certain – uncertain
  • not unlike – similar, alike
  • not many – few
  • not often – seldom, rarely
  • not the same – different
  • not…unless, not…except – only if
  • not…until – only when
  • not later than 10 May – by 10 May, before 11 May
  • notwithstanding – in spite of, still
  • now comes – (omit)
  • null and void – use either “null” or “void”
  • numerous – many

Plain English starting with letter O

  • objective – aim, goal
  • obligate – bind, compel
  • observe – see on a _________basis (omit)
  • obtain – get
  • off of – off
  • on request – if you ask
  • on a daily basis – daily
  • on a X basis – Xly (where X is an adjective)
  • on the basis of – by, from
  • on the contrary – but, so
  • on the grounds that – (omit)
  • on the other hand – (omit); but, so
  • on the part of – by
  • operate – run, use, work
  • optimum – best, greatest, most
  • option – choice, way
  • orientate – orient
  • …out (calculate, cancel, distribute, segregate, separate) – omit
  • outside of – outside
  • overall (unless it means the garment) – (omit)
  • oversight [v] – oversee
  • owing to the fact that – because, since

Plain English starting with letter P

  • parameters – limits (except in mathematical and computer-programming uses)
  • participate – take part
  • particulars – details
  • pass away – die
  • per annum – a year
  • perchance – perhaps
  • perform – do
  • permit – let
  • pertaining to – about, of, on
  • perspire – sweat
  • peruse – read
  • PIN number – PIN
  • place – put
  • portion – part
  • possess – have, own
  • point in time, particular point in time – time, point, now, moment
  • potentiality – potential
  • practicable – practical
  • preclude – prevent
  • preowned – used
  • preliminary to, previous to, previously, prior to – before
  • preparatory to – to prepare for
  • prioritize – rank; set or make priorities
  • proceed – do, go ahead, try
  • procure – (omit)
  • proficiency – skill
  • promulgate – issue, publish
  • provide – give, offer, say
  • provided that – if
  • provide guidance for – guide
  • purchase – buy
  • pursuant to – by, following, per, under; in response to, in carrying out, as required by

Plain English starting with letter Q

  • question as to whether, question of whether – question whether
  • quite puzzling – baffling

Plain English starting with letter R

  • reason … is because – because
  • refer back – refer
  • reflect – say, show
  • regard as being – regard as
  • regarding – about, of, on
  • relative to – about, on
  • relocate – move
  • remain – stay
  • remainder – rest
  • remuneration – pay, payment
  • render – give, make
  • represents – is
  • request – ask
  • require – must, need
  • requirement – need, rule
  • reside, residence – live, house
  • respectively – (omit)
  • retain – keep
  • retire – go to bed

Plain English starting with letter S

  • said, some, such, same – the, this, that
  • selection – choice
  • separate – After a number, this word is often unnecessary.
  • set forth in – in
  • shall – must
  • should you wish – if you want
  • similar to – like
  • solicit – ask for, request
  • state-of-the-art – latest
  • strategize – plan
  • subject – the, this, your
  • submit – give, send
  • subsequent, subsequently, subsequent to –later, next, after, then
  • substantial – large, much
  • successfully complete – complete, pass
  • sufficient – enough

Plain English starting with letter T

  • take action to – (omit)
  • terminate – end, stop
  • than was formerly the case – now
  • the month of – (omit)
  • there are – (omit)
  • therefore – thus, so
  • therein – there
  • there is – (omit)
  • the undersigned – I
  • the use of – (omit)
  • this activity, command – us, we
  • timely – prompt
  • time period – (either one)
  • to be violative of – violate
  • took advantage of – preyed
  • to wit – (omit)
  • transpire (unless referring to plant transpiration) – happen
  • transmit – send
  • type – (omit)

Plain English starting with letter U

  • under the provisions of – under
  • until such time as – until
  • utilize, utilization – use

Plain English starting with letter V

  • validate – confirm
  • variation – change
  • various different – “various” or “different”
  • very – (omit)
  • very angry – enraged
  • viable – practical, workable

Plain English starting with letter W

  • warrant – call for, permit
  • we are in receipt of – we’ve received
  • whereas – because, since
  • whether or not – whether
  • whosoever, whomsoever – whoever, whomever
  • with a view to – by, from
  • with reference to, with regard to – about
  • with respect to – on, about
  • with the exception of – except for
  • with the minimum of delay – quickly (or say when)
  • witnessed – saw

Plain English starting with letter Y

  • you are requested – please
  • your attention is drawn – please see, please note
  • your office – you

Source: List of Plain English words and phrases Wikipedia

Positive Words Research – List of plain English words and phrases from A to Z

Positive Words For College

Photo With The Positive Word SERENITY To Bring You Peace

You can feel the energy of serenity no matter where you are even if you are at your laptop. Just bring the word Serenity in your mind and think of a moment when you felt serene. It might be someone in the countryside when you stop the car to look at a field full of flowers.

Here are four affirmations to use so that you can easily call the energy of serenity to you:

  1. I love serenity and serenity loves me.
  2. I am grateful for serenity and serenity is grateful for me.
  3. I am serenity.
  4. I am blessed with the energy of serenity.

Access the list of positive words to brighten your day!


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Photo With The Positive Word TRUST To Bring You Confidence

The energy of trust is an energy of belief and confidence that the future of filled with moment of grace, happiness and safety. You hope for the better when you trust. It is more empowering to trust than to not trust. If I would have a choice, and I have, I would live my life trusting no matter what, than being afraid all the time.

Four affirmations to ask for the energy of trust:

  1. I love trust and trust loves me.
  2. I am grateful for trust and trust is grateful for me.
  3. I am trust.
  4. I am blessed with the energy of trust.

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Photos And Quotes About Love To Make You Feel Loved

Please find here some pictures and quotes about love. This post is a little celebration of love in many of its forms.

Because, love exists in many forms. There is love in relationships, love towards yourself and love for the beauty of life.

Love is complex and yet some say it is simple. Others say that everything is love and others say that there are other things besides love. Some want love very much, others really don’t want it at all. In any case, love has been glorified and talked about for many generations. Therefore, we also offer a small token of gratitude for love through this short post.

The Love For Your Passion

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Sometimes we have a passion that we have found since we were little and other times the passion for a project finds us. Whatever it is in life, it is good to have a passion. Your passion becomes like an ikigai, a reason for being. I did this collage in 2013 when I started the project Positive Words Research. It is a declaration of how much I love, appreciate and I am grateful for researching positive words.


The Love For Creativity

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

Sometimes in the innocence of a desire there is a great power that immediately attracts around you all the resources you need. I took this picture in a mall in my town. I was thinking of doing an article with quotes and real pictures with the word Love. Then I entered in the mall and here it was, the word LOVE written super huge.



“The softer intensity of Love is Loving Kindness!” – Positive Words Research

Someone said that, you, of all people, deserve your love and affection. We forget that every day. Why? I do not know. But sometimes we remember. And we show some love and appreciation to ourselves. This is me. I did this collage for this post back in 2013.


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SELF-RELIEF definition and meaning | Dictionary of Positive Words

What is the definition and meaning of self relief?

While I was reading the book “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I encounter the word “relief”. When I encounter this word, it was not so important for me, but in this book, it is very much praised.  I understood why and it becomes one of my favorite positive words. 

SELF RELIEF definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

I searched in the dictionary the description of “relief” and among others, I found these:

  • a pleasant or amusing change; a diversion;
  • a feeling of cheerfulness or optimism that follows the removal of negative emotion;
  • deliverance from or alleviation of negative emotion;
  • a feeling of comfort or ease caused by such alleviation or deliverance;
  • money, food, or other help, given to those in poverty or need;
  • the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced;
  • the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress).

I also found related words with RELIEF as being ALLEVIATION, ASSUAGEMENT, COMFORT (a feeling of freedom from negative emotions, a state of being relaxed and feeling no negative emotion), FREEDOM, EASE, RELAXATION, ASSIST, HELP, AID, CONSOLATION, REST, PAUSE, SUSPENSION, BREAK, BREATH, EASING, MODERATION, CHANGE, WELFARE, REDUCTION, STEP-DOWN, DECOMPRESSING, CURE, REMEDY, REFRESHMENT.

I could not find “giving up” related to “relief”. Relief is not giving up. Relief feels good while giving up does not feel good.

And then I put the word SELF in front of RELIEF and become SELF-RELIEF.

Our responsibility is self-relief. Some people wait for relief from other people, from parents, lovers, husband/wife, brother/sister, friend or they wait for relief to come on holiday or at night when they sleep, or they eat to feel relief. During an entire day they struggle a lot, they fight a lot and they don’t provide to themselves self-relief, exactly at the moment when they need it when they should.

People wait for relief from outside themselves. But relief comes from inside you because it’s actually self-relief. You can, of course, use external resources to provide self relief to yourself but you must be conscious that the action must be initiated by yourself, from inside yourself.

Whenever you need relief you should provide it to yourself. Don’t wait for no one to provide it to you; this is freedom. To provide to yourself relief in life whenever you need it, through a simple action, even one such are “taking a deep breath”, “writing your thoughts in a journal”, “taking a walk in the park”, “saying a good word to yourself”, “smile” is the best thing you can do in life.

Don’t wait for relief from anyone except yourself, not even from God, if you think God is an entity outside yourself. I for one believe that God is part of me, so when I provide relief to myself I know that is God’s wish actually.

Self-relief can come in many forms. It can be self-love, self-respect, self-appreciation, and many others. Or it can be a huge self-relief in the form of self-forgiveness. A lot of people that I know don’t forgive themselves. Some of them don’t even know that they could do this and the others don’t do it because they don’t think they deserve it. But all humans deserve self-forgiveness which is actually a form of self-relief.

Self-relief is about noticing the moments when you need it and respecting and loving yourself enough to listen to yourself and immediately respond to you in a positive way. Most of the time self-relief is not about making big changes in your life. Self-relief must be consistent because it adds up over time and compounds.

When you self-relieve yourself every day, making very small actions (sometimes just a deep breath exactly when you need it) it compounds over time (in one year for example) and you reach good health, good life, good feelings, and better. It adds up. All the small self-reliefs that you do to yourself daily adds up. This is why they say “small things matter most” because they add up over time. Access the list of positive words to brighten your day!

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PEACE definition and meaning | Dictionary of Positive Words

The word “peace” is related to the absence of war or other hostilities, an agreement or a treaty to end hostilities, freedom from quarrels and disagreement, harmonious relations, inner contentment, SERENITY, used as a request for silence, in a state of tranquility, serene, free from strife, be silent, a state of harmony between people or groups, absence of mental anxiety (often in the phrase peace of mind), a state of STILLNESS, SILENCE.

PEACE definition – Full meaning of PEACE

At peace is to become reconciled with, to feel freedom from anxiety, annoyance, or other mental disturbance, untroubled, tranquil, to prevent discord, absence of fighting or quarreling, peaceful, calm, to lay down arms, to cease fighting, to make peace, a sign of good faith, favors negotiation and compromise as a means of resolving differences, a time of peace and prosperity, golden days, to indicate one’s peaceful intentions, cordiality, HARMONY.

Peace Word Cloud

Peace of mind is to feel ataraxis, peacefulness, repose, serenity, heartsease, quietude, quietness, tranquility, public security, security, pacification, live in harmony, live in accord, a pleasing combination of elements in a whole, a combination of sounds considered pleasing to the ear. Ataraxis is the absence of mental stress or anxiety.  Heartsease is peace of mind and a state of peace and quiet.

Peace is related to awesome positive words like agreement, accord, harmonious relations, congruity, compatibility, harmonization, consonance, unity, sympathy, cooperation, goodwill, amicability, like-mindedness, unison, tunefulness, euphony, melodiousness, balance, consistency, coordination. Like-mindedness is the same turn of mind, having a similar or identical opinion, disposition, like, similar. Access the list of positive words to brighten your day!


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