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Emotional Freedom Technique Can Change Your Life

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) means acquittal of any sort of emotional energy tethered to your fear. That merely can be done through meditation, self-confidence, and self-improvement. This usually happens when one has a bad experience with a certain situation and expects the same thing again. However, it is generally said to try and try, until you succeed and so you will. Extraordinary compared to other vitality treatments out there is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is straightforward, intense and adaptable. It tends to a wide range of emotional and physical issues. EFT manipulates the body’s energy system, while at the […]

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6 Invaluable Tips You’ll Need To Stay Positive in a Crisis!

A crisis can rear its ugly head at any point in life, especially when you feel the least prepared for it. Panicking only makes the situation worse, while anxiety and stress can eventually result in a major nervous breakdown. This kind of reaction not only worsens the problem but affects your health as well. The more you struggle to achieve your dreams, the more you are likely to emerge from a crisis. Read stories of successful people and you’ll be surprised by the level of crisis they face in their life and yet they managed to achieve their goals. Why? […]

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This week’s positive word is RELAX

 This week’s positive word is RELAX By Victoria J.Brown I remember I was well into the New Year, Christmas felt like a long distance memory and I noticed that the last thing on many people’s minds is relaxation. I understand that maybe Holidays period is very busy, so there’s not much relaxing going on. Then the new year has started and most people are back to rushing from one place to another, appointments, meetings, deadlines … I’m definitely one for advising that you set yourself goals and targets, but I believe in relaxing too. Relaxing helps us focus, truly focus on where […]

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This Week’s Positive Word is FORGIVE

This week’s positive word is FORGIVE By Victoria J.Brown www.victoria-brown.com To forgive will make you stronger. Some people believe forgiveness is weak. They feel as if they are saying it’s okay for people to treat them disrespectfully. They may feel they are allowing people to walk over them. But think of it in another way … How does this lack of forgiveness make you feel? Tired? No energy? Do you feel WEAK? Trust me when I say, forgiving someone will only make you stronger. In forgiving, you will find peace. Forgiving someone will actually lift the cloud from your life, […]

How To Use Positive Affirmations To Shape A Better Body Image

What is your favorite positive emotion?

This is a quiz for positive emotions designed for voting. This Poll/Vote quiz is updated by Positive Words Research and by you, the person voting. If you don’t find your favorite emotion in the list, select Other and insert your own favorite positive emotion. Enjoy! What is your favorite positive emotion? Happiness Bliss Peace Gratefulness Relieved Safe Joy Other Please Specify: Quiz Maker If this poll is not working properly, vote for this poll here.  

How To Use Positive Affirmations To Shape A Better Body Image
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The candle with the word SERENITY

One day I wrote on a candle the word SERENITY than took it with me in the church on Easter. When I got home with the candle I made a video of the candle burning and a beautiful light appeared on the candle. I have uploaded the video on YouTube at this link: Shining candle after receiving blessings in church | Word: Serenity. 

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Positive living

Candle with the word: BLISS

Today I wrote on a candle the word BLISS and I meditated on magic blissfulness. You can do the same. It is total bliss.  

Positive living


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I am B

Write the next affirmations on a piece of paper and put it on your wall to see it every day for two weeks. It will make a significant difference in your life. Also reflect on each of these affirmations and find reasonable reasons why these are true for you. Remember what you put after I AM is powerful because it will shape your reality. I AM are very powerful words. I AM BEATITUDE I AM BEAUTY I AM BEST I AM BLESSINGS I AM BLISS I AM BLISSFULNESS  I AM BALANCE I AM BEAUTIFUL

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Fjalë pozitive – listë

Lista e fjalëve pozitive nga A deri në Z për secilën shkronjë të alfabetit. Lista e fjalëve të bukura dhe tipareve pozitive të karakterit (mbiemrat pozitivë) – Albanian. Lista e fjalëve pozitive më poshtë paraqet një burim të mirë për projekte të ndryshme ku përdoren këto: emocione pozitive, fjalor pozitiv, mendim pozitiv, si të mendojmë pozitiv, ndjenja pozitive, lista e fjalëve pozitive, fjalë të bukura, fjalë pozitive, lista e fjalëve pozitive , fjalë të këndshme, fjalë të mira, mbiemra pozitivë, mbiemra të mirë, fjalor pozitiv, fjalë të lezetshme, fjalë të pushtetit. Përdorni këtë listë fjalësh pozitive për projektet tuaja që […]