Emotional Freedom Technique Can Change Your Life Now

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) means acquittal of any sort of emotional energy tethered to your fear. That merely can be done through meditation, self-confidence, and self-improvement. This usually happens when one has a bad experience with a certain situation and expects the same thing again. However, it is generally said to try and try, until you succeed and so you will.

Extraordinary compared to other vitality treatments out there is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is straightforward, intense and adaptable. It tends to a wide range of emotional and physical issues. EFT manipulates the body’s energy system, while at the same time utilizing mind focus to address a specific issue. It can be utilized for general critical thinking or problem-solving in business.

Our thinking directly affects our well-being

Negative thinking makes low energy levels and positive reasoning produces higher energy levels. EFT works on the premise that persistent negative thinking causes lowering of general energy levels ultimately disrupting the free flow of energy. The disruptions caused to the body’s energy system manifest as emotional or physical problems.

Emotional freedom technique EFT utilizes a type of needle-free needle therapy together with mental focus to address any issue. You tap on a few meridians focuses on the body and face, while rehashing so anyone might hear an “affirmation” expression identified with the issue you are tending to. Tapping on the meridian opens up the energy channels in the body. This enables the energy to begin streaming unreservedly again and discharges negativity in the meantime.

This procedure works rapidly

One round of tapping, as we call it, takes one moment. Normally you would tap three to five rounds, contingent upon the severity of your symptoms. Within this brief timeframe, you will see a sudden increment of your energy levels. Another great EFT method is done by consolidating the EFT methodology with breathing strategies. This is a very powerful combination and is particularly useful if you are suffering from anxieties or fears of any sort.

EFT is another healing methodology that requires no medications or surgery. It is presently utilized by a variety of experts, from experts in EFT to medical specialists, chiropractors to acupuncturists.  However, for simple issues, the strategy can even be self-taught and used. In under 10 years, specialists worldwide have wondered about its ingenious simplicity and accelerated means for changing individuals’ lives, mentally, as well as physically.

Progressive methodology

Named “The Tapping Cure,” EFT is a progressive methodology for rapid relief on an amazing number of issues, for example, fears, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, pain reduction, and sleep deprivation. It takes just a couple of minutes to do it and requires neither pharmaceutical nor mental intervention. What’s more, you do not need to lie on a lounge chair free-associating for a considerable length of time or years, exploring your childhood.

This new procedure has an assortment of names. However, all are thought to be “Energy Therapies.” The fundamental introduce of EFT is that “the reason for every negative feeling is a disturbance in the body’s energy system”. The use of this methodology will reestablish the system to culminate adjust.

It is an alteration of the recuperating technique for pressure point massage yet utilizes tapping with one’s fingers, rather than needles. This invigorates conventional Chinese needle therapy focuses. Tapping focuses all over and neck is joined with verbalizing the distinguished issue, trailed by an insistence expression. Going amiss from customary treatment, the system appears to be fairly odd, and nobody truly knows precisely why it works.

It is said to reset the circuits in a man’s sensory system, which progress toward becoming “stuck,” like a needle got ready for a record, making us respond improperly to specific boosts. We have a tendency to make enthusiastic squares as an approach to cover agonizing sentiments that we figure we cannot deal with.

Physical pain regularly creates contractions in our muscles and joints. Also, we may create emotional issues, for example, fears and discouragement. EFT opens the blocks or resistances that are surrounding the pain so you can release it.

Pioneers of EFT

The first pioneer was an eminent chiropractor, George Goodheart, and afterward was advanced by a medical doctor, John Diamond, and psychologist Roger Callahan.
Gary Craig significantly rearranged and enhanced the procedure, making it accessible, effective and feasible to everybody. The EFT manual is free and can be downloaded.
Professional people may wish to have more detailed training at one of Craig’s seminars. The conceivable issues that can benefit from outside assistance by EFT are perpetual, including emotional and physical pain. Conclusively the energy of these basic methods is incredible and might be effectively aced and used by anybody.

Author’s Bio

Asma Niaz is an Academic writer who loves to write stellar content on various educational topics, programs, training, and courses.

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Positive Words Research – Emotional Freedom Technique Can Change Your Life

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6 Invaluable Tips You Will Need To Stay Positive in a Crisis

A crisis can rear its ugly head at any point in life, especially when you feel the least prepared for it. Panicking only makes the situation worse, while anxiety and stress can eventually result in a major nervous breakdown. This kind of reaction not only worsens the problem but affects your health as well.

The more you struggle to achieve your dreams, the more you are likely to emerge from a crisis. Read stories of successful people and you’ll be surprised by the level of crisis they face in their life and yet they managed to achieve their goals. Why? Because they were able to stay calm and resilient during the difficult phase of their lives.

However, not every person has the nerves of steel. Luckily, there are ways you can stay strong when the chips are down. Some of them are as follows:

1. Don’t React At Once

If the situation is not immediately threatening, take a deep breath and stop for a minute. Assess the situation, and gauge whether it really matters so much in the long run. Look at the bigger picture, instead of narrowing down your viewpoint to how the crisis affects you.

All this would serve to help you make less emotional decisions and hence better ones. For example, has an employee messed up an order? Instead of lashing out at them and possibly firing an otherwise efficient worker in the heat of the moment, you may want to take a few moments and see if the loss is really that great. More often than not, clients are understanding and can be appeased by a few additional benefits that cost your company next to nothing.

2. Look At The Bigger Picture

When something goes amiss, it’s always easy to think ‘Why me?’ Additionally, it’s also extremely easy to find someone to blame, especially if you have some subordinates working for you. However, negative thoughts are the worst ones you can have in a crisis, both in terms of practicality and your own health.

Positive thinking, no matter what, can reinforce proper handling of the situation. An upbeat attitude is not a weak one; rather, it is the strongest that can be adopted when faced with difficulties. Both your workforce and your customers would appreciate a professional and positive response to an ugly set of circumstances.

Has your social media been hacked by a vicious troll? Instead of blaming employees for allowing this to happen (which may or may not have been in their control), the situation might be salvaged quickly. Who knows, maybe this little tidbit of news might prompt online news and gossip sites to write about your company! After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

3. Take Out Some “ME” Time

Your body and mind have a right to your time and effort just as much as your family and workplace. Personal health, especially, is one of your most valuable assets. The healthier you are in your body, the better you would be able to mentally and physically deal with any and all problems that may arise.

Go for a walk every day, inhale the morning air, and be sure to make a good night’s sleep a priority. A balanced diet, with energy-boosting ingredients like dates and flax seeds thrown in, along with a healthy exercise regime, and you are guaranteed to wake up each day feeling like you can conquer the world!

Take care of yourself, and self-control, willpower, memory and emotional intelligence are sure to follow. All these would help greatly in keeping your head when things go awry.

4. Stay Away From Caffeine And Alcohol

It can be tempting to chug coffee or even an alcoholic drink when you’re stressed. These indulgences may give you a quick energy fix or calm you down but are extremely unhealthy habits. At some point, caffeine is going to make you crash, which would lead to irritability and low productivity. Alcohol has an addictive factor that can cause havoc with your mental health and affect your whole future.

Not to mention, these two habits are also extremely unhealthy if taken regularly and frequently, while they may seem beneficial at the time. So say no to energy drinks, coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, and grab a bottle of chilled water instead. This will keep you hydrated and focused, not to mention healthier and happier in the long run!

5. Ask For Help

Even if it’s just to vent out your frustrations verbally, don’t be afraid to reach out to trusted friends or family in a tough situation. Sometimes, a third party view of your crisis can actually provide a lifesaving solution.

Even if no one can actually provide help, just the releasing of anxiety and stress would ground you a bit. Speaking the problem out loud can even make it seem smaller. When you take the stress away, many difficulties can actually seem much easier. In any case, reaching out to someone you love and trust would make you feel better and mentally relaxed.

6. Devise A Coping Mechanism

Have something to look forward to in case of any dire difficulties. Join an enjoyable exercise class, or take time out to go for a relaxing morning walk. When faced with problems, it can be easy to skip these therapeutic sessions, but this is the time when you are most in need of them.

Sticking to your soothing rituals can not only increase your power of endurance but will also keep you from falling into depression. When you have other things to focus on rather than a problematic workplace or social life, you will be less likely to feel that you’re going nowhere.

Final Thoughts…

As Victor Frankl, a famous psychiatrist said, “Man is not free from conditions”. However, we do have the freedom to take control of our conditions by preparing for any situation that may arise. We can make ourselves strong enough to face any situation.   Whether we choose to be overwhelmed by them or rise above them and be better because of the problems we face is our decision alone.

About the Author: Rayanne Dany is a budding content writer as well as a successful blogger. Her interests include time and stress management, on which she has held several webinars and podcasts. She can be reached through Google plus.

Positive Words Research – 6 Invaluable Tips You’ll Need To Stay Positive in a Crisis!

Tips Stay positive Crisis

This week’s positive word is RELAX: Find Your Life Balance

 This week’s positive word is


By Victoria J.Brown

I remember I was well into the New Year, Christmas felt like a long-distance memory and I noticed that the last thing on many people’s minds is relaxation. I understand that maybe the Holidays period is very busy, so there’s not much relaxing going on. Then the new year has started and most people are back to rushing from one place to another, appointments, meetings, deadlines … I’m definitely one for advising that you set yourself goals and targets, but I believe in relaxing too. Relaxing helps us focus, truly focus on where we are and what we need to do. It helps to eliminate that fuzzy fog that surrounds many minds as they sleepwalk through life day in, day out.

Taking time out to assess and soothe your body and soul is the key to moving forward.

How many times have you heard people saying: “I haven’t got time …” These are the people who need to relax more than most.

So if you’re one of those people who feels the need to keep moving, there’s no time for chilling … ask yourself how fast are you actually moving forward? If you feel you simply CAN’T STOP! Even the thought stresses you out. Then you are probably that person that needs to relax.

Here’s a little task for you … start writing a journal, look back over it week by week and see how fast you’re moving. While writing your journal put some feelings, thoughts, and emotions into your writing, turn your writing into a relaxation technique. It’s an amazing method. If you do this, you’re still ‘working’ as you’re writing down your achievements, but at the same time, you are actually allowing yourself to put things into perspective.

So remember, when you are relaxing, you are not being lazy, you are not wasting time … the exact opposite … you are re-fuelling your mind, body, and soul.


Positive Words Research – This week’s positive word is RELAX


This Week’s Positive Word is FORGIVE: Let Go and Move On

This week’s positive word is


By Victoria J.Brown

To forgive will make you stronger.

Some people believe forgiveness is weak. They feel as if they are saying it’s okay for people to treat them disrespectfully. They may feel they are allowing people to walk over them. But think of it in another way …

How does this lack of forgiveness make you feel?

Tired? No energy?

Do you feel WEAK?

Trust me when I say, forgiving someone will only make you stronger. In forgiving, you will find peace.

Forgiving someone will actually lift the cloud from your life, it will enable you to see life from a brighter perspective. If you were to believe that everything DOES happen for a reason, ask yourself, why has this happened?

Ask yourself, what can you learn from this experience? What can you take forward into your future? We must learn to live a happy life and find peace. Forgiveness will enable us to do that.

What some people don’t see, because they are so angry, is that lack of forgiveness is only hurting them. It doesn’t actually hurt the other person. Many times you will find the other person continuing to live their life, not hurting or dwelling, it’s the person who is holding a grudge that is hurting.

Here’s a quick exercise for you:

I love therapeutic writing, it can really help when you feel like something is on your mind and churning you over. So take a piece of paper and start writing. In this piece of writing concentrate on the following things:

  • What this person has done to you?
  • What are you gaining from NOT forgiving them?
  • What have you learned from the situation?
  • Imagine thanking this person for enabling you to learn something new.
  • How can you move on from here? What steps can you put in place?
  • How would it feel to take hold of this situation, bring it close and love the fact that this has happened because you have learned something new?
  • How wonderful would it feel to let this go?
  • Describe how you would feel if you could love this experience and move on.

Really take the time to write down your emotions and what you have learned from this experience.

Don’t be the person who is wasting your life with anger … replace it with love and awesome things will happen!

Positive Words Research – This Week’s Positive Word is FORGIVE – www.victoria-brown.com


What Is Your Favorite Positive Emotion And Power Word Today

This is a quiz for positive emotions designed for voting.

This Poll/Vote quiz is updated by Positive Words Research and by you, the person voting. If you don’t find your favorite emotion in the list, select Other and insert your own favorite positive emotion. Enjoy!

If this poll is not working properly, vote for this poll here.

Positive Words Research – What is your favorite positive emotion?

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Candle With SERENITY To Give You Positive Energy for Today

One day I wrote on a candle the word SERENITY than took it with me in the church on Easter.

When I got home with the candle I made a video of the candle burning and a beautiful light appeared on the candle.

I have uploaded the video on YouTube at this link: Shining candle after receiving blessings in church | Word: Serenity.

Positive Words Research – The candle with the word SERENITY


I am B: Beautiful Blessed Brave Bright Best Balance Bliss

Write the next affirmations on a piece of paper and put it on your wall to see it every day for two weeks. It will make a significant difference in your life. Also, reflect on each of these affirmations and find reasonable reasons why these are true for you. Remember what you put after I AM is powerful because it will shape your reality. I AM are very powerful words.












Positive Words Research – I am B

Positive Words Research

Fjalë Pozitive – Listë – Mbiemra Pozitivë: Albanian Language

Lista e fjalëve pozitive nga A deri në Z për secilën shkronjë të alfabetit. Lista e fjalëve të bukura dhe tipareve pozitive të karakterit (mbiemrat pozitivë) – Albanian.

Lista e fjalëve pozitive më poshtë paraqet një burim të mirë për projekte të ndryshme ku përdoren këto: emocione pozitive, fjalor pozitiv, mendim pozitiv, si të mendojmë pozitiv, ndjenja pozitive, lista e fjalëve pozitive, fjalë të bukura, fjalë pozitive, lista e fjalëve pozitive , fjalë të këndshme, fjalë të mira, mbiemra pozitivë, mbiemra të mirë, fjalor pozitiv, fjalë të lezetshme, fjalë të pushtetit.

Përdorni këtë listë fjalësh pozitive për projektet tuaja që duhen: fjalë të fuqishme, fjalë të mira, fjalë fituese, mbiemra kompliment, fjalë të lumtura, mbiemra të bukur, tipare pozitive, tipare të karakterit, mbiemra për të përshkruar njerëzit, fjalë frymëzuese, fjalë frymëzuese, fjalë për të përshkruar njerëz, mbiemra për të përshkruar dikë, fjalë të mira për të filluar me, fjalë për të filluar me, mbiemra për të filluar me, fjalë pozitive për të filluar me.

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me a

absolutisht, admirojnë, afërsi, aktiv, altruist, ambicioz, argëtim, arritje, arritje, arti i qetësisë, askush, aventurë, aventurier, awe

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me b

balancuar, barazi, bashkëpunim, bazuar, befasues, befasues, bekimet, bekuar, besim, besnik, besnik, besnikëri, besoj, besuar, bie dakord, bollëk, bollshme, bujar, bujar, bujari, bujari, bukur, bukuri, bukuri, bukuroshe, butësi, buzëqeshje

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me c

çel, certainement, cilësi, çiltërsi, çlirim

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me d

dallohen, dashamirës, dashamirësia, dashur, dashuri dhe dritë e pastër, dashuria, dëshirë, devocion, dhembshur, dhembshuri, dhuratë, dinamik, diplomatik, djersë, dobishme, drejtë me mendje, drejtësi, dritë, duke bërë të mundur, duke e ditur, duke i dhënë rekrutuesit, dukshëm

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me e

e drejtë, e gjelbër, e mprehtë, edukuar, efikas, egoizëm, ekuilibër, elasticitet, elastik, elegante, emocional, emocionues, empatik, energji, energji pozitive, energjik, energjik, engjëllor, entuziast, entuziazëm, etik

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me f

falas, falënderues, falje, famë, fantastik, fat, fëmijë, fëmijë-zemra, fenomenal, festim, filozofik, fisnik, fitimtar, fitimtar, fitore, forcë, frang, free-gjallë, freskues, frymëzim, frymëzuar, frymëzues, fuqizimi, fuqizuar

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me g

gati, gati, gatishmëri, gaz, gazmend, gazmor, gëzim qiellor, gëzim vlerësues, gëzohuni, gjallë, gjallëri, gjallëruar, gjeni, gjerë me mendje, gjobë, gojëtari, goxha, guxim, guxim

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me h

hapur, hard-pune, hare, harmoni, hir, hyjnor

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me i

i adaptueshëm, i adhurueshëm, i aftë, i aftë, i aftë, i ashpër, i begatë, i begatë, i besueshëm, i bollshëm, i bukur, i butë, i butë, i butë, i çmuar, i çmuar, i dashur, i dashur, i dashur, i dashur, i dashur, i dashur, i dashuruar, i dedikuar, i dehur, i denjë, i dëshirueshëm, i dobishëm, i dobishëm, i drejtë, i drejtë, i drejtë, i etur, i famshëm, i favorshëm, i fortë, i fortë, i freskët, i frikshëm, i ftohtë, i fundit, i fuqishëm, i fuqishëm, i gatshëm, i gëzuar, i gëzuar, i gëzuar, i gëzuar, i gëzuar, i gëzueshëm, i gjallë, i gjallë, i gjallë, i guximshëm, i hapur, i hapur, i hareshëm, i harmonishëm, i hollë, i jashtëzakonshëm, i jashtëzakonshëm, i kënaqshëm, i këndshëm, i këndshëm, i këndshëm, i këndshëm, i kthjellët, i kujdesshëm, i lavdishëm, i lehtë, i lehtë, i lehtë, i lezetshëm, i lumtur, i madh, i matur, i mençur, i menjëhershëm, i menjëhershëm, i merituar, i mëshirshëm, i mësuar, i mirë, i mirë, i mirëpritur, i mirinformuar, i mrekullueshëm, i mrekullueshëm, i mrekullueshëm, i mrekullueshëm, i mrekullueshëm, i ndërgjegjshëm, i ndershëm, i nderuar, i nderuar, i ndjeshëm, i ndjeshëm, i ndritshëm, i ndritshëm, i ngacmuar, i ngazëllyer, i njohur, i njohur, i paanshëm, i pabesueshëm, i pabesueshëm, i pafund, i paharrueshëm, i pakrahasueshëm, i pakufizuar, i papërmbajtshëm, i papritur, i pashëm, i pashprehur, i pasionuar, i pastër, i pastër, i pasur, i pasur, i pasur, i patrembur, i patundshëm, i pavarur, i pavlefshëm, i pëlqyeshëm, i përgatitur, i përjetshëm, i përkryer, i përkryer, i përshtatshëm, i përzemërt, i përzemërt, i përzemërt, i plotë, i pranuar, i pushtuar, i qejfit, i qeshur, i qetë, i qetë, i qetë, i qetë, i qetë, i qetë, i qetë, i rastësishëm, i rehatshëm, i rëndësishëm, i rregullt, i shëndetshëm, i shëndetshëm, i shenjtë, i shenjtë, i shijshëm, i shijshëm, i shkathët, i shkathët, i shkëlqyer, i shkëlqyer, i shkëlqyer, i shkëlqyer, i shkëlqyer, i shkëlqyeshëm, i shkolluar, i shoqërueshëm, i shoqërueshëm, i shpejtë, i shquar, i shquar, i shtrirë, i sigurt, i sigurt, i sigurt, i sigurt në vetvete, i sinqertë, i sinqertë, i sjellshëm, i sjellshëm, i suksesshëm, i thjeshtë, i tmerrshëm, i vazhdueshëm, i vëmendshëm, i vërtetë, i vetëdijshëm, i vetëdijshëm, i virtytshëm, i zellshëm, i zellshëm, i zgjeruar, i zgjuar, i zgjuar, i zhdërvjellët, i zhytur në mendime, i zoti, ide, imagjinar, imagjinatë, imagjinoj, inkurajimin, instinktiv, intelektual, intuitiv, isha i vogël

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me j

jetë, jetëgjatësi, joreal, joshës

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me k

kalori, kampion, kampion, karizmatik, kategorik, kënaqësi, kënaqësi, këndshëm, klasik, klasik, knowledgebase, komunikim, konstante, kreativiteti, krenar, krijues, kryej, kujdes, kumbues, kuptim, kuptimi, kuptimplotë

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me l

lart, lavdi, legjendar, lehtësi, lëmuar, lëviz, lidhje, liri, liri, lirohet, luks, luksoz, lulëzim, lulëzoi, lulëzuar, lumtur zemre, lumturi, lumturi, lumturi e plotë, lumturi magjike

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me m

madhështor, madhështor, madhështor, madhështor, magjepsës, magjepsës, magjepsur, magji, magjik, mahnitës, mbështetës, mbrojtur, me dashje, me diell, me fat, me flluska, me humor, më i mirë, me ngjyra të ndezura, me vend, me vlerë, me zemer te hapur, mendime pozitive, mendje-defekt, meritat, meritë, miqësi, miqësor, miqësor, miratoj, miratuar, mirë, mirë, mirënjohës, mirënjohës, mirënjohje, mirëpritur, mirëqenie, mirësi, mirësi, mjaft, mjeshtëror, moms, montim, moskundërshtues, motivimin, mrekulli, mrekullueshëm

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me n

natyror, ndërgjegje, ndërgjegjësimi, ndershmëri, ndjehem mire, ndjeshmëri, ndriçuar, ndryshim, në ekstazë, në fuqi, në qendër, në rregull, në rritje, ngacmues, ngarkuar, ngjarja transformimi, ngjitje, ngritur u, ngushëlllues, një, një, njeri energjik, novator, nxehtë

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me o

oho, optimist, optimizëm, origjinal, origjinalitet, oshëtimë

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me p

pa paragjykime, pa pretendime, pacient, pafundësi, pamposhtur, paqe, paqe e brendshme, parajsë, parimor, pasjans, pasuri, përbërë, perëndeshë, përfshirë, përjetësi, përmbajtje, përmbushur, përqafim, përtej-pabesueshëm, përtërij, përulur, përzemërsisht, pirgje, plot gjallëri, plot vrull, po, pohues, popullor, pozitiv, praktik, pranim, pranim i dashur, pro-aktive, productieve, progres, pushtet

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me q

qartë, qartësi, që fal, që kanë të bëjnë, që shkëlqen, qëndrueshme, qesh, qesharak, qetë, qetësi, qetësi, qetësi, qiell, qiellor

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me r

racional, rafinuar, receptieve, rehati, respektuar, restauruar, rezervuar, ri-at-zemër, rinor, rinor, rinovohet, risi, roman, romantik, rrezatues, rritje, rrjedhë, rrjedhje

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me s

sensacional, shëndet i mirë, shëndetësor, shërim, shëruar, shih, shkathtësi, shkëlqim, shndritura, shpërblim, shpikës, shpirt, shpirtëror, shpirtëror, shpresëdhënës, shumë i gjallë, siguruar, siguruar, simpatik, sing, sinqeritet, sinqertë, sqarim, strukur, sukses

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me t

tani, të kënaqur, të lumtë, të palëkundur, të reja, tërheqës, tërheqës, tërheqës, thelbësor, transformuar, trazirje, trim, trim, trullosje

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me u

unitet, unitet, urim, urra, ushqehen, ushqej, ushqejnë, ushqyer

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me v

vendimtar, vendosur, veprim, verbuar, vërtetësia, vërtetoni, vetë-disiplinuar, vetë-loving, vetëm, vetë-pranuar, vitalitet, vlerësim, vlerësua, vrull

fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me y


fjalë pozitive që fillojnë me z

zbardhje dhëmbësh, zbavitës, zbulim, zell, zemërmirë, zemra e plotë, zgjedhje, zotërim, zotërojnë-im-fuqi, zotësi

Positive Words Research – Fjalë pozitive – listë – list of positive words in Albanian language

fjalë pozitive - listë