7 Tips To Encourage The Kid Write

7 Tips To Encourage The Kid Write

How to motivate children to write Every child can be a good author of school or college papers, but only if parents encourage him or her to develop their own skills. It’s well-known, that most […]


Chatting about Alacrity

Chatting about the positive word Alacrity Elena: Hello You! You: Hi Elena, how are you? Elena: I feel alacrity. You: You feel what? Elena: alacrity. You: What is that? Elena: Cheerful willingness; eagerness, speed, quickness; […]

Beautiful words

Gemutlichkeit – Chatting

Elena: Hi! You: Hello Elena, you are the positive words girl right? Elena: Yes that’s me! You: How you call yourself? Elena: A positive words researcher. You: Wow, that’s interesting. I never heard about this […]