Love is an Action Movement Project Made With Passion

The project Love is an Action Movement joins together people inspired by Love. In the last year, I’ve watched as negative news, actions and images have overtaken our social media platforms and our news outlets.  I watched devastated as families were torn apart, friendships severed, fear, hopelessness, and discouragement among other things further engulfed our … Read more

Why Self-Love Is a Key to Success and it Helps You Grow

If someone were to ask you the following question, what would your answer be? How much do you love yourself? The answer to this question belongs only to you, and the importance is much higher than you believe. Self-love can have a grand impact on the choices you make in life, the things you are … Read more

Divine Love: Gorgeous Heart Chakra Music For Meditation

We are all connected into Divine Love. Open your heart chakra. May you enjoy many blessings. May you be surrounded by Pure Love and Light. May you always find your way back to your wonderful heart. Gorgeous heart chakra music – Divine Love Access this free high vibrational energy list of good words.

God: Secrets of His Love That He Never Keeps From Us

Discover the profound and uplifting secrets of God’s unwavering love that He shares openly with us. Explore the depths of His love, its impact on our lives, and the divine connection that binds us together. Dive into a journey of faith, hope, and inspiration as we uncover the mysteries of God’s unending love. God: Yellow! … Read more

God: LOVE is the Only True Force in the Universe to Want

Explore the profound concept that in the universe, LOVE emerges as the ultimate and most powerful force. Join us on a spiritual journey as we delve into the significance of love in the divine realm and its impact on our lives. God: Hi! Me: Leave me. God: What are you doing? Me: Not your business. … Read more

You Are Beautiful: Always Remember That You Are LOVE

Embrace the empowering message that you are beautiful and loved. Discover the importance of self-love and positivity in this uplifting journey of self-acceptance and inner strength. You Are Love!  You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are magnificent. How does that make you feel? Do you believe these truths about you? Well, perhaps it’s time … Read more