Four Affirmations for the Positive Word BLISS

Bliss Moments

Moments of bliss are rare in our lives. But we can have more and more if we plant moments of magic. When you help someone else feel magic in his life, you plant so that you also feel moments of magic.

  1. I love bliss and bliss loves me.
  2. I am grateful for bliss and bliss is grateful for me.
  3. I am bliss.
  4. I am blessed with the energy of bliss.

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  1. Awesome ! did not knew you could say “bliss on tap”, wow i liked it so much that i added “bliss on tap” in the List of Positive Words, thanks for sharing this with me Mega Awesome !!

  2. Ah, we like this word at my house! My husband says we have “bliss on tap!” (Sometimes we really do!) ~ Sheila

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