Motivational and Positive Words Whispered: 25 ASMR Videos

During my research on positive words I found at one point these amazing videos with motivational and positive words whispered. These are found with different names but can be included in the category of ASMR Positive Words.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You can sometimes find it as called auto sensory meridian response. ASMR is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”. A genre of videos which intend to stimulate ASMR has emerged, of which over 13 million are published on YouTube. And also there is an amazing collection of ASMR videos for positive words.

Find below a list of videos relevant with positive words whispered and positive affirmations whispered:

  1. [ASMR] Close-Up Ear-to-Ear Positive Affirmations | For Anxiety, Sleep 
  2. ASMR – “believe in yourself” – tingly positive words from a friend
  3. ASMR | Trigger Words, Positive Affirmations & Camera Touching
  4. ASMR Whispering Extremely Close Up Positive Trigger Words, Fabric Brain Massage & Sleep Countdown 
  5. ASMR Positive Affirmations For the Soul (Uplifting and Relaxing)
  6. ASMR You Are Not Alone (positive words/personal attention)
  7. [ASMR] Whispering Japanese Positive Words / Trigger Words
  8. ASMR Positive Affirmations 
  9. ASMR Whispered Positive Affirmations
  10. ASMR Toxic Energy Pulling + Positive Affirmations
  11. ASMR – Positive Affirmations, Inspirational Quotes & Comforting/Encouraging You (whispered)
  12. 4K HD ASMR | Plucking Away Anxieties
  13. ASMR For When You’re Struggling/ Close Whispered Words of Affirmations
  14. Inside your head [ASMR] ★ words of encouragement ★ [positive affirmations] [ softly spoken]
  15. ASMR Personal Attention and Positive Words + Hand Movements
  16. ASMR ❤ Whispered Talking ❤ Relaxing words of affirmation & encouragement!
  17. [ASMR] Positive Affirmations & Thoughts (Close Up Whispering)
  18. ASMR – Positive Affirmations (for anxiety, depression and well-being)
  19. ASMR 10 Languages | Whispering + Tapping | Trigger Words, Positive Words
  20. ASMR For Anxiety & Stress – Positive Words, Comfort & Love.
  21. ASMR gentle and cozy 🍁 positive affirmations
  22. ASMR Positive Affirmations in the Rain (+ brushing sounds)
  23. ASMR – Plucking You + ‘Relax’ Word Repetition & Positive Affirmations in 4K
  24. Words of Encouragement | ASMR | Soft Female Voice
  25. [ASMR] Positive Affirmations Before Bed – Relaxing Male ASMR
  26. ASMR Positivity Before Bed – Relaxing Male ASMR Whispered with Music

These ASMR positive words videos will give you a good mood, will relieve you of anxiety and will even help you sleep.

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Motivational and Positive Words Whispered

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