4 Motivational Words to Inspire Your Fitness Journey Everyday

Motivational Words to Inspire Your Fitness Journey

Getting into shape is no small feat, and it’s natural to become discouraged or feel overwhelmed when you realize how much work lies ahead in your fitness workout. There are many different ways to start exercising and live a healthy lifestyle, but it also requires the right mindset to truly be beneficial – words to … Read more

Top Psychological Issues in Language Learning And Solution

language learning

There are several problems that an educator faces when teaching adults a new language. The challenge increases when the adult has an exceptional life experience yet they are still stuck at an elementary level of education due to various factors. That could be psychological or physical in language learning. A research was conducted to analyze … Read more

List of Motivational Words: Best 80 Motivational Phrases

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Find below a list of motivational words to raise your spirit. The list is updated constantly with new motivational words. Motivational words to encourage after failure, or when success is delaying to materialize: Don’t worry, you will do it! Don’t worry, you can do it! Don’t worry you can do this! Don’t quit! Keep going! … Read more

Motivational Words List: 95 Inspiring Words For Your Benefit

List of positive words - nice words - good words

These 95 motivational words were added to the list of positive words. Before this update the list has the structure from the Positive Vocabulary Words List. These positive words and phrases were found based on the researches performed by Positive Words Research. List of motivational words added to the list of positive words: A REASON … Read more

Motivational and Positive Words Whispered: 25 ASMR Videos

Motivational and Positive Words Whispered

During my research on positive words I found at one point these amazing videos with motivational and positive words whispered. These are found with different names but can be included in the category of ASMR Positive Words. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You can sometimes find it as called auto sensory meridian response. … Read more