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Victoria J.Brown

When we think of the term habit, we generally think of ‘bad habits’ but instilling ‘good habits’ into your life can be life-changing.

Here’s 10 great daily habits to get you started on integrating good habits into your life.

Did you realize that our day is made up of lots of habits? Good and bad … from the moment we step out of bed until we climb back in, our day is a run of routines, that have turned into habits, that we are either happy with or would like to break.

Here’s a little exercise for you:

Write down your day as you go along and establish whether these are good or bad habits, i.e: Is your morning coffee a good habit? Maybe not a great one, but walking the children to school or biking to work are great habits.

Once you’ve established all your habits (good and bad), tick which ones you would like to change. You may be happy with your morning coffee and have no intention of changing it, or you may have been wanting to reduce your coffee intake for a while.
The best way to change a habit is to create a good one in its place.

 It is hard to change a bad habit, but it will be well worth it, you must believe in yourself and commit to this change.

Not all habits are about eating healthily or keeping fit. It could be something in your life or something that you do that you would like to change: note it down and take action. Start doing something daily to change this habit.

Change in certain habits could be small at the moment but you will soon see the changes in your life.

As I always say


You can do this! So go on, start making the changes now. Make your good habits fulfil your life. Be the best person you can be 🙂

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