Positive Words Whispered With Rain Sounds: List of 5 Videos

Positive Words Research has created a list with 5 videos with positive words whispered with rain sounds. Listen to these amazing videos any time you are feeling down or if you want to feel even happier than you are.

Rain and nice words whispered are the best relaxing sound.

List of videos with positive words whispered with rain sounds

  1. ASMR ear to ear whispering with rain sounds *positive affirmations, shhhing, ear blowing
  2. ASMR – Binaural Whisper Series #1 – Positive Words with Rain Sounds
  3. Rain Sounds & Positive Word Association for ASMR Relaxation & Sleep
  4. Positive Affirmations Guide For Relaxation (Whisper With Rain Sounds)
  5. ASMR Positive Affirmations | Whispers And Soothing Rain Sounds

Listen to these videos when you want to sleep in a peaceful way.

If you are feeling anxious these videos can also help. Try to mix listen to these relaxing videos with breathing techniques for better results.

When you create a habit of relaxing your body and mind then it will be easier for you to do that. So try to be kind and patient with yourself at the beginning.

The positive words that you listen whispering will also help your subconscious mind. Therefore the results are not only temporary but it will also positively impact your future.

For better results try to sit relaxed when you listen to these videos, in your bed, or on a chair. Also, it would be best that the surrounding noise was very little. This will help you really hear the raindrops and the whispered positive words.

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