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Formal Ladies Dresses on Events ~ Dress To Impress

A gala is usually a formal event that takes place during a fundraiser or special occasion. Women and men must all go out and wear their most beautiful¬†formal ladies dresses¬†because there are generally strict enough […]

appreciate men

Positive Affirmations To Appreciate Men

Today it’s the celebration called “Dragobete” in my country. To celebrate this day I decided to write an article with positive affirmations to appreciate men. Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday celebrated on February 24. […]

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Clearing Energy Letter to Myself

I love myself and life and people love me. All the people around me are kind. And I am kind. I am kind. I am happy. I am Joy. I am happiness. I am gratefulness. […]

Masculine Feminine Energy
Kind words

Positive Words that Activates Feminine and Masculine Energy

Find below a list of positive words that activates feminine and masculine energy. Feminine words that activates feminine energy EASE, PERMISSION, KINDNESS, APPRECIATION *, CARING, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, DEVOTION, VALIDATION, REASSURANCE, RESPECTFUL, LOVE, COMMUNICATION, BEAUTY, RELATIONSHIPS, […]