Immerse your child in a captivating world of imagination with ‘Reindy and the Magic Dust Tale,’ a delightful short story that sparks creativity and wonder. Discover the enchanting journey of Reindy as they embark on a magical adventure filled with excitement and life lessons.

The world of storytelling has a unique ability to transport young minds to magical realms filled with wonder and life lessons. In the heartwarming tale of “Reindy and the Magic Dust,” children are invited to embark on an enchanting adventure that sparks their imagination and leaves them with valuable insights.

In this short story, we follow the journey of Reindy, a young and curious character who stumbles upon a magical discovery—the elusive Magic Dust. This captivating narrative takes us on a whimsical adventure through a world of enchantment and life-changing experiences.

“Reindy and the Magic Dust Tale” is not just a story; it’s a doorway to creativity, empathy, and the boundless possibilities of a child’s imagination. So, join us on this magical journey as we unveil the heartwarming tale of Reindy and the transformative power of imagination and life lessons.

Short Story for Kids: Reindy and the Magic Dust

A little reindeer, saying for himself: So, like in any story, I was once upon a time a little reindeer. This means that I exist now, when is once upon a time. And in this once upon a time, today, is one month left until the happiest day ever, of course is Christmas. Yes! Happy, happy Christmas! The happiest day will come! Soon! Very soon! In one month only! Kind of not too soon! Wait, let’s stay positive. And happy, and grateful, and bless. So, Hello you! Whoever you are and you are reading this story now! My name is Reindy. I am a little reindeer that is almost four years old, approximately the same age as you, because in reindeer years, your years are more than my years. Who knows, maybe I am older than you! Well, we will never know. Now I am staying at the table and waiting for my breakfast, which is delaying. Bye, whoever reads this, talk to you later, in another story!

Reindy was living in a small house near the forest, with his father and his mother. His room was upstairs because the house had two floors.

The little reindeer, for himself: My parents, again, look at them, so loving with one another. My father helps her make breakfast, unfortunately. He’s making the eggs now. And I love eggs, the ones that my mother makes for me, but anyway, you know, my father says is all about love so I must conform to his words.

The little reindeer, with loud voice: Dad, I know you love those eggs, but can we also eat them today. Some of us must leave for school. And some of us take the bus, if they catch it! Got it?

The father looks at the mother full of love. The mother smiles back to him. She was cutting the bread, while her two earnings that she had at the right ear clinked. She thought for a moment at the day when she decided to pierce twice her right ear, it was some long time ago. And she still wears two earrings in one ear. She thinks how cool she still is and smiles in her soul.

The father: Relax, my little cucaracha, we have all the time in the world.

The little reindeer: Dad, please, cucaracha? I am a reindeer, which is enough strange for everybody. Just don’t call me like that anymore, I asked you politely many times before, millions of times before. Just call me by my name, Reindy remember?

The father, laughing: And the eggs are almost done, just to throw some magic dust on them and everyone can eat them.

The father rubs his hands in front of them and then sprinkles some dust that cannot be seen on the cooking eggs. The mother and the little reindeer are smiling because they like, when he does this.

The father: Done!

The little reindeer: Finally! I am so hungry that I could eat a horse. And that would again be very strange for a reindeer.

The little reindeer, only in his mind, tasting the eggs that his father put in his plate: Not better than Mom’s, probably because Mom puts more magic dust on them, or real magic dust, even if I never saw her doing it.

The father, tasting the eggs: Honey, yours are so much better, how you do them?

The mother: Don’t worry about it, this are perfect as they are.

The little reindeer finishes his breakfast. He takes on his four red shoes and leaves for school. Fortunately, he catches the bus. In the bus everybody was talking about the Christmas play. The teacher didn’t tell them yet which actor, each, will interpret. She will tell them today. Reindy was enthusiastic to know his role, but also he was very much afraid that he could not interpret it. It was his first play and he heard so many stories about actors that choke, forget their lines, forget what they must do, don’t understand how to do it.

The bus arrives at school and all the kids are going in the classes.

The teacher: Come on kids, sit in your places! Today is a special day! We will share the roles of the Christmas play and begin to rehearse it.

When they heard this, all kids begun to hurry and everyone arrange himself in his own place and makes quiet.

Their teacher was a very good one. She had even with what to prove it. Two years back she received the “Best Teacher of the Year” award. The contest was for all the teachers in the town. However, her biggest pride was the Christmas play which she organizes every year, and where all people from the town were invited. Therefore she takes very serious every aspect of this play very seriously.

The teacher: Ok let’s begin! First we will start with the name of the play. The name of the play is Magic Dust.

The kids, amazed: Oau! Magic Dust!

Reindy: Magic Dust? Hm! Interesting!

The teacher: The story, kids, in short, is about a storyteller that sprinkles magic dust on some scenes from the play and turns them towards happy ending.

The kids are looking worried at the teacher because they don’t understand what she says.

The teacher: Don’t worry. You will all understand everything. This will not be our problem. Our problem will be, same as every year, to find the perfect storyteller. Because he adds all the magic to the play, you understand! All the magic! And without the magic of the storyteller, nobody will believe in the happy endings. Therefore, we will organize an audition at which all of you kids will participate, mandatory, no exception. And because this is a key role in the play, we will start the auditions today.

All the kids got scared and began to feel agitated.

A little girl, with blonde curled hair: But you didn’t practice anything. How will we know the act?

The teacher: Quiet! Quiet! Everybody! You don’t need practice. What I am searching is for talent, pure talent. So I will shout you name from the catalog in alphabetic order and each of you will come in front of the class and do what I say. Lovely! Let’s begin. First is Annabel.

Annabel was a little deer with very big eyelashes. She had white spots on her face and her clothes were always neat and clean. She went in front of the class.

The teacher: Annabel, the storyteller is a magic one and he sprinkles magic dust all around. Show me how you sprinkle some magic dust.

Annabel: But I don’t have magic dust.

The teacher: Yes, you have, in your hands; you must imagine that you have, in your palms.

Annabel: But my palms are clean, I washed them before leaving the house like my mother always tells me.

The teacher: Next!

The teacher reads the next kid from the catalog: Buhihi.

Buhihi comes in the front of the class.

Buhihi is an owl and she has a brother named Buhii. Her dream was to be rich and famous. She was dreaming that someone will write about her one day, or will paint her, or sculpt her.

After Buhihi reaches in front of the class, she immediately starts posing as a muse without moving.

The teacher: What are you doing? Why are you staying like this?! Just throw some magic dust somewhere.

Buhihi: I don’t know that, but I know how to be a muse and not move for two hours even.

The teacher was impressed: Oau! I am impressed! Buhihi! Two hours, nice, we also have trees in the play. Anyway! Now is not what we need! Next!

Other kids also come in front but they didn’t understand at all what and how to interpret the storyteller.

The teacher tired and discouraged: No way! We are at letter P now! Wait! Let’s stay positive! And happy, and grateful, and… Paul, you are next. Just try it, don’t think about it, just throw some, you know, some magic dust.

Paul: Can I have some real dust? It will be more original if I use real dust.

The teacher, drawn from all her powers: No! No! No! No real dust. Why? I will tell you. Because the dust is magic, which means is invisible. We cannot throw real dust on people, on the audience, of us, on you, on kids, on… No! No! No! Just try to do it with nothing.

Paul: You want me to throw, nothing, around, all around?

The teacher: Yes! Yes! Yes! Just throw nothing! Yes! All around!

Paul: Ok! Here goes nothing!

Paul throws his fist in the air and does this more times.

The teacher: OK! Ok! Open the fist also Paul. Right! We must let the dust out of the fist, not to keep it.

Paul throws his fist in the air, more times, fast, opening the fist this time.

The teacher, who had enough: Next! Who is next on the list? Reindy! The last kid! Come in front Reindy, don’t be scared. No pressure. You are the last kid in the class and if you cannot be the storyteller then there is no Christmas play anymore. No pressure at all. Just come in front. Relax.

All the kids were very quiet and looking at Reindy that was walking towards the front of the class. They started applauding and encouraging him.

The kids: Go Reindy! You will do it! Bravo Reindy! Go Reindy!

The teacher: Just relax and do your thing. Just sprinkle some magic dust, boy, please. Just, ok, I will let you! I will just let you do it! Do it, now!

Reindy looked at the teacher and then looked at all the kids in the class and smiled. He approaches his palms like his father was always doing at home. He smiled again like something special was about to happen. The kids were already delighted. Reindy rubs his hands in front of them and then sprinkles some dust that cannot be seen, all around, slowly, and slowly. Same as he saw his father doing at home so many times. Then he stops. All the kids and also the teacher have their faces full of love.

The teacher: We found the storyteller. Well done Reindy, well done!

All the kids are coming in front of the class and hugging Reindy.

The End

After the end:

Reindy arrives home and happily tells his father that he obtained the key role as the storyteller that throws magic dust during the play.

The father: But you don’t yet have magic dust to sprinkle Reindy, you are still too little. In some years you will do this, but not now. How will you do it in the play?

Reindy: Dad, what are you talking about? The magic dust is invisible. Anyone can do it. Well, maybe not anyone, you should have seen the kids from my class, which were auditioning before me. But thanks to my angel, I have you Dad. And I did it exactly like you and it worked.

The father: I don’t understand how it worked Reindy, you are still too little.

Reindy goes into his room thinking: This Dad, sometimes I believe he has all the imagination in the world, and other times, like now, imagination zero.

Note: The owl Buhihi from this magic story “Reindy and the Magic Dust” is the same Buhihi from the magic story “The Boy and the Magic Owls”.

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