50 Unusual and Untranslatable Words in More Languages

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Keep Calm and Learn Positive Words – Get Inspired Today

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List of Nice Words A to Z: Best 500 Inspirational Words

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8 Beautiful Words That Express Unusual Feelings To Enjoy

Beautiful words that express unusual feelings are explained in the list below. 1. Farouche  Pronounced ‘faroosh’, it’s an adjective of French origin. It means ‘sullen or shy in the company of others’. Though it’s something we all have to go through at some point of time, a farouche person isn’t comfortable opening up to people … Read more

Top 5 Most Beautiful Words in The English Language

Find below the five most beautiful words in the English language. Effervescent This word comes at the top of this list because it is one of my favourites. Effervescent means for something or someone to be bubbly and excitable. It reminds me of luxurious champagne and laughs, I believe that it is one of those … Read more

1000 Beautiful Words From Different Languages In the World

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4 Most Beautiful Words In English Language To Be Inspired

I found this post on twitter today: 4 Most beautiful words in English language pic.twitter.com/b51FUiiPhd — Words (@selfamused) April 12, 2016 The 4 most beautiful words in English language from this tweet are: AURORA (n.) down. INEFFABLE (adj.) too great to be expressed in words. ETHEREAL (adj.) extremely delicate, light, not of this world. JOUSKA (n) … Read more

Positiewe Woorde Lys Byvoeglike Naamwoorde: Afrikaans

Lys met positiewe woorde van A tot Z vir elke letter van die alfabet. Lys met mooi woorde en positiewe karaktertrekke (positiewe byvoeglike naamwoorde) – Afrikaans. Die lys positiewe woorde hieronder is ‘n goeie bron vir verskillende projekte waar die volgende gebruik word: positiewe emosies, positiewe woordeskat, positiewe denke, hoe om positief te dink, positiewe … Read more

Mots Positifs – Liste – Adjectifs Positifs: French Language


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