Madonna’s ‘Give It 2 Me’ Song: A Positive Words Research

Dive into the positive words research behind Madonna’s ‘Give It 2 Me’ and explore the uplifting themes and lyrics that have made this song an enduring anthem of empowerment and self-expression. Positive Words Research has analyzed the song Give It 2 Me by Madonna according to the positive words found in the text. This song is considered to be a positive song that inspires you, and gives you energy and power. We have analyzed the song using our online tool Positive Words Researcher and we found 8 unique positive words. These 8 positive words are: DO, EXCITEMENT, GIVE, GOOD, NEW, ON, WIN, YEAH.

Interesting aspects as a result of the research:

  • The song has the word “win” which represents a powerful word, giving a lot of power to the song. In connection with the word “do” your brain will think after listening to this song: Do to Win. This is very empowering.
  • The word “excitement” really characterizes Madonna. She can relate to this word and you can perceive this as you listen to the song. And this makes your brain think: She is original, she is true to herself and this is ok.
  • The text has the word “new” in it and the word “give” which can connect in your brain like Give something New and you will Win.
  • Having the word “yeah” in it, makes it all feel relaxing. We all know that when you relax, you become less resistant, you become non-resistant. This state makes you open more to the information that is presented to you. The information will feel good to you because you are relaxed and feel good. Therefore it decreases the chances to get angry or be against the information. We assimilate easily what is presented to you.

More details about the research as exported by Positive Words Researcher.

List of positive words found in the text

DO – occurences: 4
Count of positive words starting with letter D – 4

EXCITEMENT – occurences: 1
Count of positive words starting with letter E – 1

GIVE – occurences: 9
GOOD – occurences: 1
Count of positive words starting with letter G – 10

NEW – occurences: 1
Count of positive words starting with letter N – 1

ON – occurences: 6
Count of positive words starting with letter O – 6

WIN – occurences: 2
Count of positive words starting with letter W – 2

YEAH – occurences: 6
Total of positive words starting with letter Y – 6

Total number of words in the text: 316
Count of positive words found: 30
Percent of positive words in the text: 9.49%

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