Positive Words Researcher: Discover Uplifting Words with Our Free App

Unleash the power of positivity with our free online app, Positive Words Researcher. It’s designed to help you discover and explore a world of uplifting and inspiring words. Perfect for personal development, enhancing communication, or just spreading joy, this user-friendly app is your gateway to a more positive outlook. Whether you’re a writer, educator, or someone who loves the beauty of language, the Positive Words Researcher app offers a treasure trove of positive words at your fingertips. Dive in and let positivity guide your day! Positive Words Researcher is an online free application that is analyzing your text in terms of positive words. The text length to be analyzed is unlimited. For example you can analyse an entire book with this application.

The application helps you with three things:

  1. Extracts the positive words found in your text;
  2. Computes some simple analytical indicators (counting the positive words, calculating the percentage of positivity of the text);
  3. Gives to you the list of positive words not found in your text. The application has a database of positive words, compares your text with this database and exports the positive words not found in your text, as a list in alphabetical order.

How to use Positive Words Researcher?

After pressing START POSITIVE WORDS RESEARCHER just copy-paste your text in the box, then press the button Continue.


Positive Words Researcher APP