Interactive Methods and Forms to Teach Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

The use of interactive methods and forms when teaching a second language can be quite beneficial. These methods can provide many advantages when it comes to developing cognitive or creative abilities among students and will also help enhance interactions between students and teachers to offer an effective learning experience. Interactive teaching can be used at … Read more

Together, Technology and Teachers Can Revamp Schools

Together, Technology and Teachers Can Revamp Schools

In 1953 B.F. Skinner visited his daughter’s math’s class. Where they find that each students learning the same topic in the same way at the same speed. He developed his first machine after some days “teaching machine” that let children solve the same question at their own skills and steps. Technology educational system has changed. … Read more

21 Tips For Teachers To Foster A Connection With A Child

parents and kids

21 TIPS FOR TEACHERS TO FOSTER A CONNECTION WITH A CHILD According to the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning, there are at least 21 ways to foster a connection with a child. These are: Ask questions. Give warm greetings and good-byes. Laugh together. Play. Listen. Validate feelings. Encourage effort. Give affection. Share in … Read more