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Positive Words Research is selling positive words. Buy positive words from Positive Words Research.

We are researching positive words since 2013 and we are currently owning a database of more than 3,000 positive words (3,041 to be more precise). We have individually checked every word to be positive. The database that Positive Words Research owns is unique in the entire world.

The main reason for this uniqueness is due to the open-minded attitude of the founder Elena Daniela Calin. When she created the database she added positive words from all areas of life, including spirituality and other languages (the frequently used ones). Any word that she found while she was reading something and was positive she was writing it on a paper note to further research it and decide if its positive or not. If it was a winner she was adding it to the list. From this database with more than 3,000 positive words, Elena made public on Positive Words Research 1,246 positive words creating this awesome List of Positive Words. For example in this list of positive words Elena added some words that you will not find in any other list of positive words in the world, such as: OM MANI PADME HUM (the most enlightened mantra from Buddhist culture), petrichor (the smell of earth after rain), kalon (beauty that is more than skin deep), gemutlichkeit (a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with connotation of belonging and social acceptance, coziness and unhurry, etc.

In the database you will find many awesome and almost unknown positive words. Some words are not even recognized by dictionaries and needs to be added. This is mainly because just recently the positive psychology had begun analyzing positive feelings and emotions and people all around the world started naming positive emotions that they felt. Also in this database you will find positive phrases which are affirmations created with more than one word but not more than 4 words. For example: Zest for life, Young at Heart, Bliss on tap, Wealth and Abundance etc.

What products we offer?

Product 1:    The Magic Letter with Positive Words

Buy all the positive words from one letter of the alphabet for $50. The product that you will receive for this amount is the list of positive words in excel for the letter that you choose. There are 26 letters in total.

Product 2:    The Best List of Positive Words in the World

Buy the entire database for $1,050. The product that you will receive is the complete list of positive words in excel. We will send you the database that Positive Words Research own at the date of your purchase. This list contains at least 3,000 positive words or more. There are 26 letters in total.

Product 3:    Monthly Subscription

Buy a subscription of $10 per month. The product that you will receive is: 40 positive words every month + new positive words. The 40 positive words will be sent to you in 4 weekly newsletters, each containing 10 positive words. The new positive words will be sent to you after we discover and validate them as positive. All the 40 positive words and the new positive words will have a reference towards information where to find the description of that word. In most cases the reference will be a link towards the Free Dictionary and/or Wikipedia and/or Articles to deepen the knowledge of that word and/or other specific resource to explain that word (it can be the Positive Words Research explanation of the word). The words are also divided into categories (read what are the categories at product 5 below).

Product 4:    New 3 Positive Words

Buy 3 new positive words for $10. The product that you will receive is a newsletter containing 3 new positive words that we have discovered and validated as positive. The positive words will come also will all the information from product 3 above.

Product 5:    List of Positive Words Divided Into Categories

Buy the entire database for $3,000. The product that you will receive is the complete list of positive words in excel divided into categories. We will send you the database that Positive Words Research own at the date of your purchase. This list contains at least 3,000 positive words or more. There are 26 letters in total. The Categories based on which we divided the list of positive words are: Intensity (5 levels: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Blissful), Type (3 types: Rational, Spiritual, Between rational and spiritual), Feminine or Masculine, Nature (Adjective, Substantive, Noun, Verb), Synonym (one synonym or more), Antonym (one antonym or more), Related words (one related word or more), Letter count (2 letter word, 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter word, 6 letter word etc).

Product 6:    Personalized Product with Positive Words

Buy a personalized product with positive words according to your specifications. The price is negotiated with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact Positive Words Research to make your order.

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Sentiment Analysis Resources – Positive Words – Negative words

Find below a list of resources for sentiment analysis.

You will also find here links towards various lists of positive words and lists of negative words to use them in your assignments or projects.

1. Semantria

Semantria applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content. See also these linksĀ Resources, Excel, Demo

Lexalytics acquired Semantria in 2014 and added their cloud text/sentiment analysis API and Excel plug-in to their product stack.

2. Lexalytics

State-of-the-art technologies to turn unstructured text into useful data. Hundreds of F1000 companies rely on Lexalytics text mining results. Lexalytics Resources

See more information about Sentiment Analysis Explained at Lexalytics.

3. Sentiment Analysis Dictionaries

Check out these Dictionaries!

At the University of Pittsburgh, they have Sentiment Lexicon. It’s a lexicon of about 8,000 words with positive/neutral/negative sentiment. It’s described in more detail in this paper and released under the GPL.

Professor Bing Liu provide an English Lexicon of about 6800 words that you can download, You can also use it for Opinion Mining and Opinion Spam Detection.

This paper from 2002 describes an algorithm for deriving such a dictionary from text samples automatically, using only two words as a seed set.

4. Meaning Cloud

Find more here

MeaningCloud is the easiest, most powerful and most affordable way to extract the meaning of all kind of unstructured content: social conversations, articles, documents…

5. Wikipedia Resources

6. The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group

Sentiment analysis at The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group with a Live Demo that is loading very hard.

7. Alchemy

Text and sentiment analysis is performed also by Alchemy, which is an IBM company. See the Alchemy Resources and Sentiment Analysis API

AlchemyAPI’s sentiment analysis algorithm looks for words that carry a positive or negative connotation then figures out which person, place or thing they are referring to. It also understands negations (i.e. “this car is good” vs. “this car is not good”) and modifiers (i.e. “this car is good” vs. “this car is really good”). The sentiment analysis API works on documents large and small, including news articles, blog posts, product reviews, comments and Tweets.

8. Online downloadable pdf

Here is an interesting online downloadable pdf about Introduction to Sentiment Analysis

9. SAS

You can also go and check the resources from SAS Sentiment Analysis

10. Python NLTK

Sentiment Analysis with Python NLTK Text Classification Live Demo

11. Downloadable list of positive words or list of negative words:

Source of the featured image: 1

Do you know other sentiment analysis resources? Share below.

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Download Positive Words Database in Excel and Pdf

Download more than 2,600 positive words in excel and pdf from Positive Words Research – download positive words database.

You need this list of positive words if you are searching for:

  • How to get English language word database
  • Is there a downloadable database of English word etymologies
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My name is Elena Calin and I am the person behind Positive Words Research. My biggest dream is to include the study of positive words in the educational systems of every country. I started with the internet, making this blog which becomes successful because in 2014 it had 1 million views and only in 2015 it has more than 1.3 million views. I am currently working on the following projects:

  • Creating an online application that will analyze text (articles, books) and will output positive words that are found in the text and the list of positive words that are not found in the text (for inspiration);
  • Releasing very soon an eBook called Positive Words That Will Enrich Your Soul;
  • Working on splitting the list of positive words into categories and also rating the positive words base on their intensity;

Contact me and I will guide you to download the positive words data database in excel and pdf.

Positive Words Research – Download Positive Words Database in Excel and Pdf

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