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Positive Words Research is selling positive words. Buy positive words from Positive Words Research. We are researching positive words since 2013 and we are currently owning a database of more than 3,000 positive words (3,041 to be more precise). We have individually checked every word to be positive. The database that Positive Words Research owns … Read more

Sentiment Analysis Resources – Positive Words – Negative words

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Find below a list of resources for sentiment analysis. You will also find here links towards various lists of positive words and lists of negative words to use them in your assignments or projects. 1. Semantria Semantria applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content. See also these links Resources, … Read more

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Download more than 2,600 positive words in excel and pdf from Positive Words Research – download positive words database. You need this list of positive words if you are searching for: How to get English language word database Is there a downloadable database of English word etymologies Is there a downloadable database of positive words … Read more