Harnessing the Power of Words: 8 Inspiring Affirmations

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I love words! I love reading words. I love writing words. I love studying words.  I love words by themselves when they make funny sounds like, “plop,” “sizzle,” or “catamaran.” But what I love about words the most is that they can describe ideas that are bigger than what I am able to perceive in … Read more

Power of Positively Peaceful Words: Become Limitless


Positively peaceful words hold a precious place, nestled in the very core of the heavenly haven that is my heart. For positive vibrations shine an ever so vibrant light, caressing my mind’s eye, even when my reality appears stark, ever so dauntingly dark. For positive words are most beautiful beacons, harnessing hope while ever so … Read more

Books with Positive Words To Develop Your Positive Thinking

How To Use Positive Affirmations To Shape A Better Body Image

Please find below a list of books with positive words that we found researching the internet. Feel free to add any missing book that you know and is related to positive words. Insert a comment to this post and add the book that you know. We will also insert comments to this list, adding more … Read more

New Positive Words Added To The List In January 2016

List of positive words - nice words - good words

New positive words added to the List of Positive Words in January 2016 The new positive words were discovered based on researches performed at Positive Words Research. The words are presented from A to Z in alphabetical order. These new words were added to the list of positive words that Positive Words Research is constantly … Read more