New Positive Words Are Created at Positive Imperative by Founder Victor Sinclair

People are starting to create new positive words. Victor Sinclair is one of them. Through his amazing project called Positive Imperative, which started focused mainly on positive music, he is introducing the new positive words in the world’s vocabulary.

The making of new positive words is necessary.  It is due to the fact that the awareness for a positive living has increased all around the planet and with this new awareness, a new need is created: the need for new positive words to describe this new awareness <3

Read the fantabulous article where new words are created constantly with their related explanation: PosiWords the New Words by Positive Imperative.

Among the new positive words you will find words like: piquancy, posidriver, funology, vocabuleverage, jubilingo, positude, posiminder and many other positive words.

We have also added the new positive words to our List of Positive Words so make sure to check the list again if you haven’t already.

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  1. there are many other emotions that do not have a words, also there are untranslatable emotions from other languages

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