What Are People Favorite Positive Words and Phrases Now

Positive Words Research is conducting a research about people’s favorite positive words and phrases.

Share below by commenting on this post what are your favorite 5 positive words and phrases?

Get inspired by the magic list of positive words and the longest list of positive words in the world (more than 6000 positive words and phrases).

Elena, the person behind Positive Words Research, has her favorite 5 positive words and phrases. These are: Gratitude, Pure Love and Light, Blessed, Loving-kindness and Magic Blissfulness.

It is hard to pick just 5, we know. Therefore, it is ok to share more than 5 favorites. But, it is super ok to share only one favorite positive word. So just type a comment below with an answer for  What’s your favorite positive word?

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One kind word can change someone’s entire day!

What Are People’s Favorite Positive Words and Phrases