Positive Words Research presents to you the list of positive words that start with the letter N. For each of the positive words that start with N, according to researches, we have presented: relevant link where the best information can be found about the word, a short meaning of the word, synonyms and related words. Please take into consideration that the below information is presented looking at the words from the positive words perspective.

  • NOBLE  – Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor.

Related words for noble: courage, generosity, honor.

  • NURTURE, NURTURING  – To feed, to support, to nourish.

Synonyms for nurture/nurturing: rearing, raising, bringing up, fosterage, fostering, upbringing, breeding, foster, parent, bring up, rear, raise, nourish, sustain, bring up, look after, care for, develop, tend, grow, cultivate, encourage, support,  training, education, instruction, development, nourishment, nutriment, nutrition, pabulum, pap, provender, provision (used in plural), sustenance, victual, cultivate, foster, nurse.

Related words for nurture/nurturing: upbringing, acculturation, enculturation, socialization, patronage, keep going, patronize, support, encourage, serve well, serve, fledge, cradle, foster, cater, ply, provide, supply, carry.

NON-RESISTANCENON-RESISTANT  – The ability to not fight, to allow with ease.

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“Non resistance calls forth the highest good in you, when you do this. That’s what it does. It calls forth the highest good. Now the highest good within you can only attract the highest good from another. And to attract such good, you’re running around all opposition and abuse. Thus, to live the Law with others about you does not especially favor the others so much at it favors you.” – Bob Procter

“The path of no resistance, is the path that the Source within you is feeling all the time, you see.” “Illness and pain is just an extension of negative emotion. When you are no longer feeling any resistance to it, it’s a non-issue.”” – Abraham-Hicks


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