About Positive Words Research

Our Mission

Positive Words Research mission is stated/structured as follows:

  1. The study of positive words is introduced in schools all around the world and studied by children/youths before going to university.
  2. The list of positive words is accessed by every person in the world, at least once every year, in different formats and languages.

Who Are We?

We are a small group of people passionate about positive language and positive thinking. We consider the substance of positive thinking to be positive words.

“Never underestimate the ability of a small group of dedicated people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." – Margaret Meade

What Are We?

Positive Words Research publishes information on the benefits and importance of utilizing positive language. You will find here a wonderful selection of articles to educate you on the benefits of this fascinating subject. They will provide you with all of the tools so that you can make long-lasting positive changes in your life. You will find writings about positive words, gratitude, love, self-love, kindness, and happiness to name but a few.

Positive Words Research aims to increase your awareness of the important role that positive language plays in helping you achieve your well-being. You will begin to be aware that this knowledge is the catalyst to help you make the transition to a more positive, empowering and healthier way to live. The intention is to give you an extensive list of positive words so that you can add them to your vocabulary. We encourage you to reflect and draw upon this new positive reservoir of words so that you can make long-lasting and wonderful changes in your own life. Positive words create a foundation for long-lasting happiness.

What We Discovered?

Positive Words have power equal with the information that we are conscious of. Each word is connected with a realm of consciousness specifically related to that word, where people have added/deleted/corrected the information over time.

To ensure that a certain realm of positive consciousness will not elude you, research the positive word to become aware of that realm. Awareness activation, through articles, people, places, events takes a few minutes, no more, of deep focus.

But, as you go further in your life, you might notice that the veil of ignorance (lack of awareness) has taken over you again, so the solution is to research again the word, reinforcing that power.

For people to be able to converse and think in a more positive way it is essential to develop an internal dictionary of positive words. Doing so will have a positive impact on all areas of a person’s life i.e. increased confidence, increased well-being and success, happiness, etc. What sets a happy person apart from another is that he thinks in a different way. A positive thinker is equipped with a wide positive vocabulary and confidently uses it daily.

A negative thinker has a limited positive vocabulary and also doesn’t use positive language on a consistent basis. To make the transition to a more resourceful state, it is so meaningful that the brain has a good stock of positive words. If not then the transition can’t be made, and the mature brain, which thinks mostly in words, reverts back to the negative state. Therefore having a new modified internal dictionary with an extensive list of positive words to choose from, will help keep your brain in a positive state.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." – Buckminster Fuller

And this is exactly what we are encouraging you to do:

“Don’t fight your negative thinking, don’t put effort in deleting or change it. Instead, build a new model, em-power yourself with a strong list of positive words. Build your positive thinking by incorporating positive words into your consciousness and your negative thinking will become power-less/obsolete.” – Positive Words Research

Elena Daniela Calin

Elena Daniela Calin is the person behind Positive Words Research.

Words by Elena:

Promoting positive words is my life’s mission, I call myself a positive words researcher.

I started researching positive words in 2012 with the word gratitude and then with appreciation. I was writing on pieces of paper their related positive words. In January 2013 I created a blog called Positive Words Research. On this website, I started to build a list of positive words. I added one by one the positive words to the list because I first wanted to understand them myself.

And then something magical happened. People all around the world started commenting on the list and suggested new words to add. The list became viral on the internet between 2013 and 2014 and became the best list of positive words in the world. When people put positive words on Google, this list comes top. Currently, this list has over 1,300 positive words.

Before 2012 I used to work for 10 years as a financial auditor in Ernst&Young, GrantThornton, and GreenGroup.

Between 2014 and 2016, I created the list of positive words in 15 more languages, the major languages of the planet. Also, I created a second English list with a collection of over 5000 positive words. For my country, Romania I created the first and the only list of positive words in my native language. The Project also has 2 online applications and an iOS mobile website application.

I am public speaking and holding workshops in schools and companies about positive words.

The top 3 books recommended by me: “A Guide to Rational Living" – Albert Ellis and Robert A Harper, “The Magic” – Rhonda Byrne, “The richest man in Babylon” – George S. Clason. The top 3 self-development programs recommended by me: “Love or Above” – Christie Marie Sheldon, “Unlimited abundance” – Christie Marie Sheldon, “Creative Visualization” – Lisa Nichols.

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2012 – Elena starts researching positive words. She makes a research on the word GRATITUDE and then on the word APPRECIATION. She writes on pieces of paper the related positive words. See this picture.

January 2013 – Elena starts the project PositiveWordsResearch.com.

2013-2014 – Elena starts creating this list of positive words which in time becomes viral and becomes the best list of positive words in the world. When one puts positive words on Google this list is first.

2014 – Creating the first and only list of positive words in the Romanian language, her native language. See this link: lista de cuvinte pozitive

2014-2016 – Creating the list of positive words in 15 more languages.

April 11, 2017 – Performing the first workshop of positive words from Romania; 15 people attended

April 23, 2017 – Workshop of positive words at J.W. Marriott for Toastmasters members; 60 people attended

April 27, 2017 – TEDxBucharestLive OpenMic speech “Positive Words Creates Your Reality" in her native language. See this link: Cuvintele Pozitive Îți Creează Realitatea

May 27, 2017 – Speaking for the event „Women on Matasari" about The Power of Positive Words

June 14, 2017 – Workshop for children about positive words at the Mindvalley U. Academy in Barcelona.

2017 – Speaking at Upgrader “Noua Generatie de Antreprenori" about a Gift Shop that will sell positive words.

2017 – Speaking at ImpactHub about a Gift Shop that will sell positive words.

September – November 2017 – Teaching kids at Ferdinand 1 state school “Ora de cuvinte pozitive" – The Hour of Positive Words

Octomber 2017 – Teaching kids at Sfantul Nicolae state school “Ora de cuvinte pozitive" – The Hour of Positive Words

2017 – Giving cards with positive words at the 24 hours national marathon organized in Timisoara

May 2018 – Giving cards with a positive word at the 24 hours ultrarunners European marathon organized in Timisoara.

4 June 2018 – Teaching a mini-workshop to 150 kids from a private school about positive words; giving each of them a card with a positive word


  1. Teach in a state school about positive words – STATUS: DONE
  2. Speak at TEDx about positive words – STATUS: DONE
  3. Introduce the study of positive words in schools all around the world to be studied by kids before going to the university – STATUS: work in progress
  4. The list of positive words is accessed by every person in the world, one every year, in different formats and languages – STATUS: 5% DONE
  5. Give cards with positive words to the 24h national marathon organized in 2017 in Timisoara by Diana Amza – STATUS: DONE
  6. Give a gift with cards with positive words to the 24h European marathon of ultrarunners organized in 2018 in Timisoara by Diana Amza – STATUS: DONE
  7. Set a Guinness World Record as the person that gave the most cards with a positive word in history.
  8. Give a gift with 30 positive words to my mother, father, and brother.
  9. Give a gift with 30 positive words to my best friend – STATUS: DONE
  10. Give a gift with 30 positive words to Simona Halep.
  11. Give a gift with 30 positive words to Andreea Esca.
  12. Give 500 cards with a positive word to Mindvalley U. attendees taking place in Tallinn 2018.
  13. Give a gift with cards with positive words to Andreea Gherasim.
  14. Give a gift with cards with positive words to a therapist – STATUS: DONE
  15. Give a gift with cards with positive words to Diana Amza.
  16. Give a gift with cards with positive words to Principessa Maria of Romania, from the Royal Family.

*The Project Goals were updated on 05.10.2018

Positive Words Research highly recommends researching positive words, not only find out out them. Although the first step is to extend your positive vocabulary. Second, deepen your understanding of the positive word by reading books, articles, going to workshops, discussing with people, journaling, self-practicing. In this way, you will be able to look at life from another point of view, through the new positive word, and transform your consciousness, past, present, and future.

Steps To Positive Transformation

  1. Access and visually scan the list of positive words – this is your own effort
  2. Pick and research any positive word – this is your own effort
  3. Awareness and Choice will be activated which will provide positive transformation – this is automatically done

Positive words are anchors of the highest consciousness there is in the Universe. Pull the anchor by researching the word a few minutes and connect that part of consciousness with your own consciousness. Actually more truthfully would be said as: be aware of that part of consciousness that is already inside of you. You just need to find your way back to that light.

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