Meet Elena, the visionary behind Positive Words Research. Discover her passion for uplifting language and how it shapes our thoughts and emotions.

About Elena Daniela Calin – the founder of Positive Words Research

Elena’s message

Hello Dear Light,

Welcome to Positive Words Research. I am so glad you found this project. I have something to ask you  … in a kind way… please share my message. I feel that my mission is to promote positive words. I call myself a Positive Words Researcher. Lol… I even made an app called like this that resembles me… scanning text for positive words. I also feel like a snail with a colored shell sometimes… that is living in a grey world. And now is coloring the world with colors… positive words. Help me color the entire world with positive words. Share my project Positive Words Research.

My colored shell… I told you I have one. I named the snail Hortensio and it’s my alter ego. One of my best friends draws this picture… it’s the original design based on which the branding of the website is done. Probably my friend saw my shell one day and decided to draw it  I do not wear it all the time… only when the world is too gray. Kidding… the world is beautiful… it is actually.

And then something magical happened. People all around the world started commenting on the list and suggested new words to add. The list became viral on the internet between 2013 and 2014 and became the best list of positive words in the world. When people put positive words on Google, this list comes top. Currently, this list has over 1,300 positive words.

Before 2012 I used to work for 10 years as a financial auditor in Ernst&Young, GrantThornton, and GreenGroup. Between 2014 and 2016, I created the list of positive words in 15 more languages, the major languages of the planet. Also, I created a second English list with a collection of over 5000 positive words. For my country, Romania I created the first and the only list of positive words in my native language. The Project also has 2 online applications and an iOS mobile website application. I am public speaking and holding workshops in schools and companies about positive words.

The top 3 books recommended by me are: “A Guide to Rational Living” – Albert Ellis and Robert A Harper, “The Magic” – Rhonda Byrne, “The richest man in Babylon” – George S. Clason. The top 3 self-development programs recommended by me: “Love or Above” – Christie Marie Sheldon, “Unlimited abundance” – Christie Marie Sheldon, “Creative Visualization” – Lisa Nichols.

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Timeline – What I’ve done for positive words

Middle of 2012 – I started researching positive words. Gratitude is the first word that triggered my passion to research the field of positive words. The second word was Appreciation. My research consisted of reading a lot about that word and the emotion behind the word. One of the discoveries that astonished me is how many related positive words can be found for one positive word. See this picture.

January 2013 – I started the project Positive Words Research. The goal was to gather all related positive words in one big list so that she can centralize the words better to help her in her research.

2013 – 2014 – Elena builds the list of positive words which becomes viral and bring a lot of traffic to the project. Many people contributed to her work by adding more positive words to the list.

2014 – Due to the demand of the people from her country Elena creates together with Anca the only list of positive words in the Romanian language, her native language: lista de cuvinte pozitive

2014-2016 – Elena creates the list of positive words in 15 more languages, although 85% correct due to the difficulties she encounters when translating words from one language to another. She sees that a word can have slightly different meanings when translated into another language, it can even lose its positive power. She notices the category untranslatable good words.

April 11, 2017 – Elena gives the first workshop on positive words from Romania; 15 people attended.

April 23, 2017 – Elena gives a workshop on positive words at J.W. Marriott for Toastmasters members; 60 people attended.

Hortensio 2

April 27, 2017 – Elena speaks at TEDxBucharestLive OpenMic. The speech is called “Positive Words Creates Your Reality” and she talks in her native language: Cuvintele Pozitive Îți Creează Realitatea

May 27, 2017 – Elena speaks at the event „Women on Matasari” about the power of positive words.

June 14, 2017 – Elena gives a workshop about positive words for the children that attend the Mindvalley University in Barcelona.

2017 – Elena speaks at the event Upgrader “Noua Generatie de Antreprenori” about an idea of her to open a gift shop and sell products with positive words.

2017 – Elena speaks at ImpactHub about a gift shop that will sell products with positive words.

September – November 2017 – Elena is teaching “The Hour of Positive Words” for the children from the state school Ferdinand 1 in Romania.

Octomber 2017 – Elena is teaching “The Hour of Positive Words” for the children from the state school Sfantul Nicolae in Romania.

2017 – Elena gives cards with positive words at the 24 running hours national marathon organized in Timisoara.

May 2018 – Giving cards with a positive word at the 24 hours ultrarunners European marathon organized in Timisoara.

4 June 2018 – Teaching a mini-workshop to 150 kids from a private school about positive words; giving each child a card with a positive word.

14 November 2018 – Elena speaks at TEDx about her message and about the power of positive words.

2019 – Elena makes bracelets engraved with a positive word under the Blessima label and sells them in various fairs.

2020 – Elena starts making online dictionaries with positive words in every language. She starts with English, Spanish and Romanian.


Monica · September 1, 2021 at 11:31 AM

you are blessed, keep up the good work

Henry · September 1, 2021 at 11:31 AM

such an extraordinary work you are doing Elena, thank you