Hello Elena, I want to thank you for making this website and spreading positive words in the world. You are a gift to the world. Thank you, Robert William

Robert William

Hello, A new positive word to add to the list of positive words would be “pumped” Elena. So nice to visit the list, it has been a while. I do try to focus on positive […]

Steve McCullough

The positive words becomes a great means for cultivating best thoughts for the happy life to lead in a better way. It induces Great joy, great happiness, repels bad thoughts. Thank you!

Birendra Kumar Singh

The most positive, beautiful, encouraging, uplifting and healing words I’ve ever heard I found them on this website. Everyone should know positive words. Kindest regards, Carol Asher

Carol Asher

Hi, I am Julia. I begin each day with an alphabetized positive word session! I throughout my day do this to keep myself positive. Positive xyz words are not so easy to roll off the […]

Julia Nixon

Hi Elena, I found your list of positive words so helpful when coming up with my blog name: momentsthatnourish.wordpress.com I wanted to come up with a name that will reflect the happy times I will […]

Racel Duong

Hi Elena, 1stly, I luv ur pretty name, it’s purrf 4ur sweetness. I came here w/brain freeze lookn 4a complimentary word startn w/the lettr P. Happily, I spottd the purrrfect 1. Thank u! Aftr skimmn […]

Xanne Anderson

Hi Elena, Thank you for your beautiful work. This is amazing. I have just donated $10 to support you. I would love to receive the 2,600 words in excel format. Reading your website gave me […]

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Hi Elena, I just love your website. Thank you so much for your work. Thanks, Christina

Christina Moore

Hi Elena, I was searching for uplifting, inspiring words and found your site. I know from experience how a change of attitude… changes the life. I recently came across the teacher bo rin ya. He […]

Rich Kirk

Hello, Hope you are doing well. I’m Daniel Clark and I am a long time reader of your blog and I was reading some of your content and really found it interesting and informative. So […]

Daniel Clark

It is so nice to meet you and your work Elena. My name is Rebecca Beckam. I know that what you know is the truth. There seems to be an Universal Law that has to […]

Rebecca Beckam

Dear Ma’am Elena, I came across your blog and it made my day so much better. Thank you a lot. With regards, Reza


Hi Elena, I love your positivity! I am happy and willing to volunteer in your efforts to bring more positivity to the world. When I am positive my world is positive and I love that. […]


I AM grateful to have found your blog. YOU ARE a shining example of what we need more of in the world. “Multumesc pentru ca esti si continui sa fi tu insusi!” Much love and […]

Ioana G.

Buna! Numele meu este Adrian. In primul rând vreau sa te felicit pentru ceea ce faci. Nu multă lume mai gândeşte pozitiv in zilele noastre si are plăcerea sa împărtăşească acest lucru cu ceilalţi. Pot […]

Adrian Nikos

I really liked Positive Words Research because it helped me learn more about good words. Good words spread joy and peace in the world. Good Words make the world a much, much, much better place. […]


I really inspired by the idea of this website because of my personal attachment to looking at positive side.


Education is very important for our society


I love this list of positive words. I’m going to look at this almost every day =)


I love these beautiful successful powerful words. I use these words everyday on everyone around me especially in messages that I send people. I have gratitude for the writer of this article.


Buna, Elena! Ne-am cunoscut weekend -ul trecut in parcul Herastrau din Bucuresti. Am vorbit despre Mindvalley. Te felicit pentru proiectul tau GRANDIOS si voiam sa iti sugerez un alt cuvant pozitiv: SERENDIPITATE. Acest cuvant l-as […]


Thank you, this was so helpful! We are naming a new town and needed a sing-songy word!


Wow definitely enlighten and uplifting this is the way to live your life


Fantastic list. Thank you so much! Most appreciative.


Beautiful words. Thank you :)


Muy buen contenido gracias!!! Me ayudaste con la tarea elabore un acróstico.


I AM the Truth of the most powerful words of the above listing. My deep Gratitude and Unconditional Love to You!


So helpful for my niece.


Powerful information also Truth.


Education give us success in life without this you cannot achieve success and the life is meaningless worthless and of no use. So, let’s salute education as this make us a successful people in life


omg this helped so much whoever made this omg your AWESOME


Helped me with my homework


Thank you for this! It really helped me for my Mother Day Gift Idea ! :)


Will adopt a lofty word from this list of I’s to include in my alphabet of affirmations. Thanks.


Awesome, Very useful. Thank you and kindest regards.




Positive words changes a negative mindset and how we think. It affects our attitude. Your attitude will determine how high or low your altitude in life. Positive words with a positive attitude will make you […]


Me gustan las palabras!


Muy buen trabajo, gracias.


Firm believer in positive thinking. do public speaking on it and starting a blog. Your information is excellent and I enjoyed reading about it. Thank you.


I love this page. After being a destructive person in my youth I am now a wordsmith. I want my brothers and sisters to know how much I love them now that I have my […]


Thank you so much for this research. Respect to you!!


Thank you for this list and your research. Appreciation.


Congrats, Elena! I’m so proud that a romanian woman contribute with this project to the world. Keep going! You do good!


Je cherche un mot en E pour une amie… qui serait gentille et qui la qui toucherait énormément merci d’avance :)


So great i found it helps so much to muy assignments thanks.


Thank you for all these wonderful and beyond fabulous testimonials for what has become Positive Words Research. I am and will be forever filled with gratitude for your words of appreciation.

Elena Daniela Calin, the founder of Positive Words Research.

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