1. Thank you also for taking the time to comment ❤️ it encourages me to continue with Positive Words Research, is a good project, it makes me happy

  2. Thank You, I’ve actually been thinking about meditating and will start soon. Thanks for sharing such positive words!

  3. Love this! As I am pursuing my life of happiness I try to be more positive with myself. I have came in the habit of thinking more optimistically and surround myself with a more joyful vibe. These words all mean something special and are key to moving on in life. One that stood out to me is Self-Forgiveness. We have to be willing to not only forgive others but to also forgive ourselves. I’ve always struggled with that because I am my toughest critic. I hate making mistakes and often dwell sometimes it pushes to do better and sometimes I sink in misery. But I am learning to forgive those who have done me and wrong and to forgive myself. That is key to moving on and being happy. I love all of the other words especially “Bright”. Haha, I’m sure you could guess why.

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