Courses for Learning Positive Words: Transformative Educational Experiences

Embark on a journey with our courses designed to teach positive words, enhancing personal growth, emotional intelligence, and positive thinking. Knowing many positive words is essential for a solid positive vocabulary. You can develop a robust positive vocabulary if you take courses for learning positive words online in the English language. A strong positive vocabulary will significantly improve communication with every person in our life: family, friends, and work colleagues.

Knowing many positive words will help us understand the books we read better. An abundant positive vocabulary will make us have better results with the personal development training that we take because we will start understanding all of their secrets. Positive words improve everyone’s internal communication, the words we say to ourselves. The quality of our life depends on the words we say to ourselves. There is unlimited power in using positive, kind, and wise words while thinking.

Why Take Courses For Learning Positive Words?

You are interested in enriching your positive vocabulary.

You want to verbalize more often words like grateful, blessed, serenity, pure love and light, loving-kindness, acceptance, and many other positive words and sentences.

You want to know which are the positive emotions that are healing various negative emotions.

Do you want to learn tips on the art of appreciation, the art of gratitude, and the art of happiness?

You want to know why it helps to say I do not feel joy right now, I’m not happy or I’m not grateful, instead of saying I’m sad or I’m depressed. You also want to know how to turn around a negative affirmation into a positive affirmation.

You what to know what positive journaling is and how this can benefit your wellbeing. You also want to know how to do positive journaling.

Who Will Be Your Teacher

My name is Elena Daniela Calin and I am the founder of Positive Words Research. I started this project in 2013 because I have researched the word Gratitude, then To Appreciate, and saw some interesting connections with the word Happiness.

I have been researching positive words for 8 years.

Made the best list of positive words in the world (the list has around 1400 positive words). Then made another list of positive words that start with letters from A to Z (the list has around 5000 positive words). Then translated the list into 25 other languages than English.

I have taught in schools to kids of different ages and had courses with many adults.

See my TEDx speech about the power of positive words and some of my conclusions from my research and The Hour of Positive Words that I thought in schools.

Details About The Courses For Learning Positive Words

The courses are taught LIVE, online, every week.

The courses can be individual or in groups, for adults or kids above 7 years old (because the kids need to know how to read and write).

There is a fee to pay, but it’s personalized for every student, therefore it can be negotiated.

Send a message using the CONTACT FORM from Positive Words Research and write in the message that you are interested in the online course. I will reply with an email giving you all the details: price, time of courses, the logging online link, etc.

Join me and let’s learn some amazing positive words, some of them that are untranslatable in the English language.

Courses for Learning Positive Words