Copywriting Services For Creating Inspiring Content That Sells

Are you looking for a copywriter? Positive Words Research is offering copywriting services.

 A little bit about Positive Words Research

Positive Words Research is the home of the most viral list of positive words on the Internet. No matter your background or life challenges, Positive Words Research has some positive words to brighten up everyone’s day.

Positive Words Research has more than 8 years of researching positive words therefore we know all the words that you need for valuable content. We write articles already optimized for Google SEO. We write the text that sells and invites you to take immediate action. From 2013 until 2020 the articles we wrote for our website had more than 60 million views.

Writing Articles Guidelines

1. Original content

We know you are looking to share with your readers original content that hasn’t been published on other sites. Positive Words Research will write specifically for your purpose content that is authentic and original that hasn’t been published on other websites.

2. SEO Optimised Article

We know that you want an article written optimized for the do-follow link that you want to be included in the article. For this purpose, we request the links that you want to be included in the article, prior to starting writing the article. In this way, we ensure that we write the article for the purpose of that link with Google SEO optimized text. You can also send us your anchor text/focus keyword if you want.

3. Word count

We write articles between 500 and 1000 words, in an Office Word document.

4. Edits

We make sure that the articles we write are grammatically correct and typo-free before sending them to you.

5. Photo

We can provide the pictures for your article with free copyright because we have Canva subscription. The pictures will be provided in any size or format in high resolution.

6. Content copyrights

Once we finish writing the article for you and you agree with the final draft of the text and you make the payment it will be considered that we give up 100% of the copyright of the text.

7. GDPR Compliance

Contacting and sending your requests means that you fully agree with our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance.

8. Other copywriting requests besides writing articles

We offer various copywriting services. If there is a text needed to be written we can do that. We write text for selling products or services, write reviews, text for funnels, write titles for articles or books, and even give advice on company names and websites.

Copywriting Services Let Us Write For You

How to submit your copywriting request?

Contact us using the general CONTACT FORM and inform us that you want us to write an article for you. Once we have your email address, we will reply by giving you small details about how we can go further with the process. You will reply to our email by sending us your answer. We will review it. We decide if we can write the article for you. We will send you the article in word as an attachment to the email.

We look forward to writing for you the content that you need to impress your audience!

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