Silver Lining ~ Definition and Meaning

What is Silver Lining?
Definition and meaning of Silver Lining

Silver Lining 1

Silver Lining

A consoling aspect of a situation

Silver Lining 2

The above picture is created by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.

Serenity has written a poem about the word Silver Lining. You can read it at this link: Serenity Sought within the Sanctity of the Silver Lining 

Serenity recently published  a compilation of positively peaceful poetry entitled: A Compilation of Spiritual Poetry: Serenity Sought within the Sanctity of the Silver Lining

Link for Purchase

Illumination ~ Peaceful Gregorian Chants

There is bliss in this world. Listen to this peaceful music. Become non-resistant. Release all tension and find relief. Enjoy peace. Smile and feel blessed. Let yourself be illuminated by the light. Illumination is your birthright.

Illumination – Peaceful Gregorian Chants – Dan Gibson’s Solitude [Full Album]

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