Top 10 Calming Words In English Language That Bring Peace

Calming Words

We have moments when we feel we need a moment of calm. Many times we meet these moments at work or in a place where we can’t take a longer break. Calming words can help you calm down. A few words placed in your thoughts or in the words you say can help you a … Read more

What is SILVER LINING: definition and meaning | Dictionary

Silver Lining

What is Silver Lining? Definition and meaning of Silver Lining Silver Lining A consoling aspect of a situation The above picture is created by Serenity from PositivelyPeacefulInspirations. Serenity has written a poem about the word Silver Lining. You can read it at this link: Serenity Sought within the Sanctity of the Silver Lining  Serenity recently published  a compilation … Read more

Illumination: Peaceful Gregorian Chants To Uplift The Spirit


There is bliss in this world. Listen to this peaceful music. Become non-resistant. Release all tension and find relief. Enjoy peace. Smile and feel blessed. Let yourself be illuminated by the light. Illumination is your birthright. Illumination – Peaceful Gregorian Chants – Dan Gibson’s Solitude [Full Album] Access this free peaceful list of nice words.