Positive Words Research After Two Years Of Establishment

I started Positive Words Research at the begging of 2013 when I bought the domain www.PositiveWordsResearch.com on 6 February 2013. I did this because I was researching positive words. Why I was doing that? Because I read the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and in that book she talks about the magic of gratitude. I love the word magic and it was very familiar to me. But gratitude was not so familiar and after reading the book I wondered “Why is this word gratitude so important?”. So… I searched gratitude in the dictionary to learn more…

Lucky for me that I searched it online using The Free Dictionary, because in that dictionary besides Synonyms and Antonyms there is also a category called Related Words. I clicked on related word of gratitude and then clicked on other related words to the related word… until I found Happiness. I was surprised to see that the word gratitude, after some levels, is connected with Happiness. But my stunning revelation was me becoming aware of the lack of positive words that I had in my vocabulary. I was not even using in my inner thinking most of the positive words that I found then, let alone talking with people with them. I questioned myself: How can i think positive if i do not know positive words? And then I said: I need to self-educate myself. So I started writing on pieces of paper and in Microsoft Word related words for positive words. And I saw that a lot of work needed to be done. So I decided to make a blog and in time to publish posts about positive words and learn the positive words in the process. I called the blog Positive Words Research because this is what I was actually doing: researching positive words.

Inserting the positive words in my awareness gave me the ability to constantly maintain my positive thinking. I feel that the knowing of positive words is like a light shining in my life that can never be turned off. I crossed the bridge to the shining part of life and there is no way back. I feel blessed.

While I was investing time and energy in my passion but also self-development I started dreaming about introducing the study of positive words in the educational systems all around the world. So that other people can have the chance to cross the bridge forever.

At one point I decided to put all the positive words that I found into a List of Positive Words . During two years I updated the list continuously with my own findings but also with the contribution of people all around the world that were commenting sharing what positive words I still need to add in the list.

This project is very rewarding for me. I learned a lot of positive words, much of them that I never knew existed and therefore learned a lot about the positive side of life. I connected with people that are living the life… in happiness and bliss… the words “pure love and light” came into my awareness and I understood them. But also other magic words like: awesomeness, blissfulness, loving-kindness, acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness, grace and ease, relief, resilience, abundance, prosperity…. each one of them representing a big knowledge. I received a lot of positive feedback, people all around the world blessing me for the work I do and the contribution I bring to the world.

Work that has been done or is in progress related to positive words:

  • increasing the List of Positive Words from 1,100 positive words to more than 2,600 positive words;
  • translating part of the list of positive words in English into other languages than English;
  • working on the first version of the online application that will analyze text based on positive words. Until now I have two applications implemented differently but both still a work-in-progress https://companies-partnership.comeze.com/ and https://iardsoft.com/cuvinte/. This links will not exist anymore once I will upload the application on a new domain www.PositiveWordsResearcher.com. Therefore the online application will be called Positive Words Researcher <3
  • working on an ebook that I want to call it “Positive Words That Will Enrich Your Mind and Soul” and will contain the full list of positive words, more than 2,600 words and other chapters like: Most beautiful positive words in the world, Positive words you never knew existed.

I was thinking if you have $10 to invest in my projects about positive words <3 The donation page is https://positivewordsresearch.com/donate/ For this donation you will receive the best list of positive words in the world having more than 2,600 positive words, in excel and pdf.

I will continuously keep you posted on the status of the projects, by positing on my blog.

Positive Words Research

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