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Magic Sparkles of Happiness

#1. Magic Sparkles of Happiness

This book is a spiritual guide for feeling happiness.

It`s that book you know you have to read at least once a year, to help you remind yourself of what you really are after, of what you want to do, of how you want your life to look like every day.

Chapters of Magic Sparkles of Happiness

CHAPTER 1: Exactly in This Moment

CHAPTER 2: I Used to Not “Love" and Now I Am “Loving"

CHAPTER 3: I Am “Bless" and “Bless" is Me

CHAPTER 4: I Am Grateful for “Life" and “Life" is Grateful for Me

CHAPTER 5: I Love “People" and “People" Love Me

CHAPTER 6: I Have Much More Than I Need

CHAPTER 7: There Is Always More “Love"

CHAPTER 8: Everything Around Says Thank You to Me

CHAPTER 9: Just the Way You Are

CHAPTER 10: Remember to Remember

CHAPTER 11: I Treat Myself with “Kindness"

CHAPTER 12: I am blessing “Love" and “Love" is blessing me

CHAPTER 13: Me and God both working on my Life Project

CHAPTER 14: The Constitution of Human Rights



#2. Hortensio and the Magic Stories

The book is dedicated to people of any age that have a sense of humor and enjoy reading magical stories. Therefore these books are mostly for kids.

The book has ten magic stories for children:

STORY 1: Cloudy

STORY 2: The Stone

STORY 3: Peli and Pag

STORY 4: The Boy and the Laughing Owls

STORY 5: Shiny and Goldy

STORY6: The Nerd Dragon

STORY 7: Cups of Ice Cream; Flamingo

STORY 8: The Magic Girl

STORY 9: Susan and the Butterfly

STORY 10: Hortensio the Colored Snail


#3. Leader versus Manager

Over time, the word leader has acquired a great influence. People are reading thousands of books on leadership. They want to know why this attitude of a leader is so popular and why it is so desirable.

This book is intended to be a parallel between a leader and a manager regarding differences and similarities of characteristics, behavior, intentions and beliefs.

Chapters of Leader versus Manager:

CHAPTER 1: Present, Future, Purpose

CHAPTER 2: People, Team, Communication

CHAPTER 3: Change, Movements, Rebellion, Opportunities, Decision

CHAPTER 4: Money Management, Investment

CHAPTER 5: Mistakes, Flexibility, Personality Type, New Views of the World

CHAPTER 6: Coaching, Learning, Training, Experience

CHAPTER 7: Vision, Associations, Focus, Beliefs, Freedom of Action

CHAPTER 8: Perception, Risk, Responsibility

CHAPTER 9: Motivation, Passion, Happiness

CHAPTER 10: Fear, Problems, Objections

CHAPTER 11: Emotions, Empathy, Art of Listening

CHAPTER 12: Success, Learning Ways

CHAPTER 13: Networking, Social Responsibility

CHAPTER 14: Health, Aerobic versus Anaerobic exercises

CHAPTER 15: Innovation, Creativity

CHAPTER 16: Market Preferences, Baby Booms, Meta-thinking

CHAPTER 17: Courage, Imagination, Quitting, Perseverance, Curiosity

Positive Words That Will Enrich You Mind and Soul

#4. Positive Words That Will Enrich Your Mind and Soul

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