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List of Positive Words

Enjoy this amazing list of positive words created by Positive Words Research since 2013 and updated constantly. This list is magic and is the list we love most. Every positive, motivational word was carefully checked to assure that indeed it is a positive word.

Positive Words That Start With Letters From A to Z

The list “Positive Words That Start With Letters From A to Z” is the second amazing list created by Positive Words Research. This list is the longest and best list of positive words and phrases in the entire world. The list contains more than 6000 positive words and phrases. It is indeed incredible! Use it for your assignments and projects, but respect our work and reference Positive Words Research with a link to this list.

Lists of positive words in every language of the world

Start from the index with positive words in different languages and click on your native language.

Positive Words Researcher

Positive Words Researcher is an online free application that is analyzing your text in terms of positive words. The text length to be analyzed is unlimited. For example you can analyse an entire book with this application. The application helps you with three things:

  1. Extracts the positive words found in your text;
  2. Computes some simple analytical indicators (counting the positive words, calculating the percentage of positivity of the text);
  3. Gives to you the list of positive words not found in your text. The application has a database of positive words, compares your text with this database and exports the positive words not found in your text, as a list in alphabetical order.

Blessima Store

Blessima is our new online store where we are selling products with positive words.

Positive Words Research blog

Stay positive with the posts from Positive Words Research BLOG. We publish mainly researches about positive words and posts about positive words. We also post other interesting topics when we consider that this will benefit the community.

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Inspiring Articles

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Check out this list of articles published as guest posting at Positive Words Research. These articles were written by different professionals all around the world.

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Positive Projects
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Solving Problems
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Human Resource Management
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Internet Success
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