This Week’s Positive Word is INSPIRE: Get Motivated Now

This week’s positive word is


Inspire is a word that glows with positivity. Just like the people who inspire!

People who inspire others live their lives to the best of their ability. They continue to educate themselves on becoming the best they can be.

Most people who inspire others have achieved a success in their lives that motivates others to do the same. This doesn’t mean financial success, but a goal they have attained, for example, ‘losing weight and getting fit’ – a common theme throughout our society.

But on a deeper personal level, many people are inspired by those who have faced adversity, fought a battle, or experienced a life-changing phenomenon. Maybe you have gone through something in your life and came out the other end … could you inspire others? Below is an exercise that will help you think more about your ability and power to inspire others.

Firstly, in this week’s exercise write down the names of people who inspire you?

This could be people who are close to you; family members or friends. It could be someone you’ve come across over the internet or through social media (for example, maybe someone who runs a blog or business or a celebrity who you feel gives you the drive to push yourself.

Once you have this list, pick one of these people and write a paragraph about why they inspire you.

Now write a sentence or two about how you relate to them, what similarities do you have to this person?

Whatever you’re going through, or whatever you’ve been through, you’ll be surprised how many people have been through the same or similar. Nobody should wish bad times on others, but knowing that

someone has faced something in their life, like you, truly helps to see how they have dealt with their situation and been able to move forward with their life. It makes them an inspiration to you! You being inspired by them can help you inspire others!

If it makes you feel it’s possible for you … this is because it is possible for you!

Positive Words Research – This Week’s Positive Word is INSPIRE