I really liked Positive Words Research because it helped me learn more about good words. Good words spread joy and peace in the world. Good Words make the world a much, much, much better place. Imagine a world with no ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’. That would be disastrous! People bumping into each other yet not saying sorry. People would be ANGRY! Postive Words help us remember names, too. Priya, for example, is a name I always forget, so I put a Positive Word with the same letter in front of the name, like ‘pretty,’ so it sounds more catchy. People also tend to like you more if you give lots of compliments, so go on, go say “You are like my ray of sunshine” to your friends today! Thus, as I said earlier, Positive Words spread Happiness, Joy and lots of other good things in this universe. Smile and say those sweet words to your friends and family. The good words will make them very happy! Compliments are supposed to be compliments for the thoughts of others, not just because for the sake of it. Ask your friends to read this blog post and spread the news around! Soon everyone will be complimenting each other, because of you! Start saying Positive Words TODAY! GO POSITIVE WORDS!!!