Best Real Tips About How to Persevere With Your Goal

“Sometimes the goal may seem arduous.  Sometimes the goal may even seem impossible.  Sometimes the goal may be criticized by an observer.  The goal may seem arduous, impossible, or criticized by an observer, so one must interface with the goal with a healthy abundance of perseverance.”

One can completely engulf themselves with the goal.  They can know in every fiber in their body that they can, and will, achieve it.  Many times, a goal is given up on too early and thrown away just before completion because of lack of faith.  When you couple faith and perseverance you can find the secret ingredient to not give up on a goal.  Goals that may be long term or years away, are more easily abandoned, which is unfortunate because a human being is capable of anything (within the laws of physics).  One should become acquainted with the understanding that they can do anything they focus their mind on.

It is my belief that perseverance is a beautiful thing indeed.  It is required when striving toward the goal despite hardship.  It can make hardship seem almost required in getting to the goal.  Becoming one with the road to achievement will make one more efficiently interface with the difficulties and understand that they are inevitable.  Getting to the long-term goal is much more appreciated after encountering much hardship along the way.  Giving up on the dream, or the goal, is a lie.  A lie by selling themselves short and denying that they are deserving of everything that their heart desires.  They may find a constant whisper in the ear to stop moving forward because it is too physically and/or emotionally taxing.  The goal is a goal because it is a challenge which requires perseverance.  There is nothing without perseverance, only stagnation, which will motivate others to get what they want in life as well.

Now, I implore you to take action and strive for your deepest and most rewarding achievements.  If all it takes is fighting through hardship and difficult times to receive a great deal of satisfaction, wouldn’t you do it?  Always remember, you will only have one chance at life and you are blessed in having the choice to get exactly what you want. All it takes is a decision to embark on your journey.  You can clearly define your goal to make your actions along the way more focused towards it.  You can write down exactly what you will get, where you will get it and when you will get it.  Create reminders of your goal throughout each day by reading aloud a description of your goal after waking up and again right before you go to sleep.  Surround yourself with people who are like-minded and will help you achieve your goal.  Being around positive people can help you persevere.  Often times these people, who have a positive inclination, are on a journey of their own and their attitude can influence you to strive for yours.  Let them know your goal and how much it means to you.  Search for reasons in every environment you find yourself to continue on towards it.  You may find meaningful reason in reading pieces of literature that are positive and that you find inspirational and/or motivational.

Sometimes the goal may seem arduous.  Sometimes the goal may even seem impossible.  Sometimes the goal may be criticized by an observer.  The goal may seem arduous, impossible, or criticized by an observer, so one must interface with the goal with a healthy abundance of perseverance.

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Barry Samuel Eisenbaum

Barry Samuel Eisenbaum

I like creating works around a centralized theme.  I enjoy pondering about why things are the way they are, how certain stimuli in everyday life affect one another, as well as learning why people behave the way they do.  I always have time for inspirational pieces of work and lastly, wish 24 hours in a day was not all the time we have! Contact me at

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Wonderful Secret You Need To Know: You Are Beautiful

There is a secret you need to know and it’s a wonderful secret. And also it’s simple truth:


Look at yourself in the mirror directly in your eyes and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Daily. You need to hear those words. From you, not from someone else. Our thoughts about us matter a lot. In vain do those around us tell us that we are unspeakably beautiful if we did not believe this about ourselves. And especially if we don’t tell ourselves how beautiful we are.

The first time you say it out loud looking into your eyes, it is possible that it will bring tears to your eyes or you will not be able to say it. You will feel a knot in your throat. But have courage. After all, it’s not a big deal. You just have to tell yourself how beautiful you are. It’s just words.

But see how much it matters. The knot in your throat is your blocked emotions. Your negative thoughts about you. Take a deep breath. Breathe again. Take a few deep breaths and continue. Because you really are beautiful. You deserve it.

You deserve to tell yourself every day how beautiful you are. You are a miracle. You are a gift to all of humanity.

Positive Words Research – The Wonderful Secret You Need To Know

You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful: Always Remember How Beautiful You Are

You are so beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are now. You have a good heart. You are blessed. Be ok. All is well. Smile. Your smile is so beautiful Look into your eyes in the mirror and see the shine of your soul there. See yourself also reflected in your eyes. I know you are beautiful. Feel your heart. Your heart beats in the same time as my heart. All is well. You are loved.

You will never know how beautiful you are. Believe it.

Your eyes are beautiful.

Your hair is beautiful.

Your skin is beautiful.

Your legs are beautiful.

Your nose is beautiful.

Your lips are beautiful.

Your soul is beautiful.

Your mind is beautiful.

Your body is beautiful.

Your words are beautiful.

Your thoughts are beautiful.

Your memories are beautiful.

Your hopes are beautiful.

Positive Words Research – You are Beautiful