How to Make Writing an Essay Brings Only Good Emotions

There is a lot of space for emotions and feelings in our life. Your life will not be complete without the myriad of emotions. It is only through positive emotion that we achieve a lot in our lives and also make it meaningful. They will drive us to enjoy the completeness of our persona and make us a better person in society. Some of the emotions that come out are natural, but feeling these emotions are neutral. The manner in which an individual emotes and has control over his feelings differs from one person to the other.

One of the most common emotions that we all feel is love. Many people feel that they need to possess love and preserve it. One of the biggest problems in humans is that they expect others to provide them love so that they have a full-fledged love life. But, this is a fallacy, and your life must have all kinds of emotions. It is not only the happy emotion that you must experience, but there are also quite a lot of other emotions that you should undergo in your life to understand the huge benefits of positive or happy emotions.

If you are looking to find out more about positive emotions and positive thinking tips that will make your life better and happier, then you will find a wide range of articles and essays online about good emotions.

Creating Happy Emotion Essays

Many readers will like to be touched and moved by the story they read. They would like to put themselves in the role of the main character to fight the challenges and the situations. This is why you need to bring in a lot of positivity and happiness in your writing in order to get the reader hooked on the essay. You need to make the readers step into the world that you have created in your writing and allow them to experience this new world. It is important to make them feel that this new experience is authentic. Hence, you should induce the emotion in the readers through your writing. Most people want to feel and be happy all the time. But, many people struggle to feel happy in this fast-paced world. There are a lot of strategies that unhappy people can use to generate happiness and to enjoy it.

The Art of Writing Positive Thinking Essays

Many students are assigned the job of writing about positive thinking and happiness in their schools and colleges. It is very important that they write in such a manner that the reader is engaged. This means there needs to be a lot of examples of positive thoughts and how it helps in making a person feel happy and satisfied. There need to be some fun elements and truth findings added to the essay to make it lively and interesting. It should not be one that is very monotonous and only carries lecture wording and stuff on happiness.

The following are some of the important writing techniques and tips that must be part of them that you would like to submit to your college.

How to Make Writing an Essay Brings Only Good Emotions

Stick to the Topic

It is very important to first think about the type of paper you are assigned by your college. If it is about happiness and positive thinking, then make sure that you stick to the topic. You should think about writing it as a general one or with specific analyses. After you have found out the purpose, the next step is to research the topic online, or you may come up with free essays for college students from professional writing service. It is a good idea to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think about what all will interest you. This will help in coming out with good essays.

Organizing Your Thoughts

There needs to be a rough outline of what you should include in the college essay. Even though the idea and outline are etched in your head, you should jot it down on paper for easy reference. This will form the foundation for your writing. You will be organized and also have a better focus on the writing subject.

How to Make Writing an Essay Brings Only Good Emotions

Never Hold Back

If you are looking to engulf the reader emotionally, then you need to write emotion-inducing scenes. If happiness and excitement in the reader is your target, then add a few jokes and fun-filled ideas to easily make the reader happy. Maybe adding a few of the funny childhood events in your life or your friend’s life can easily engage the reader. Be free to express your happy feelings in your work, and you will find it to be attractive to the readers. You can make your essay a bit dramatic by teasing the reader with some hints about what is to follow.    

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that writing essays on happy feelings and positive thoughts is not an easy task for students. But, it is not an impossible job as well. You need to carry out make the essay very attractive and in the present. You should make them feel like they have a main role to play in the essay and this way, you can create a very successful essay.

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Top 5 Factors That Will Lead To A Successful Project Today

There are many factors that contribute to a successful project. First, you must be committed to your job, passionate about your tasks, and opened to any ideas. Second, you must know how to lead your team, and what actions to take at the right time. Third, you must think about what could go wrong, and minimalize your risks. Here are the main factors to consider when leading a potentially-successful project.

1. Choose A Successful Team

Without a motivated team, there’s no successful project. Choosing “your people” is a thorough project that takes time, commitment, and a lot of energy. You can’t expect to be successful, yet work with an indolent, slow team. Your partners must be dynamic, innovative, and have bright ideas. More than that, your team must be open-minded. They should not fight for “being right,” their number one goal should be the development of the entire team.

If you hire a “single player” type of worker, he/she is not going to be fair to the team. His/her first objective will be personal growth, not team growth. You should choose effective team members who care about the project’s final outcomes and intents. Here are some qualities your team members should have:

Exceptional Communicator

Without communication, how can one be part of a team? Teams are made of people coming from different backgrounds and various communities. If not all of them are open and communicative, there will be a lack of confidence and understanding within the team. This gap in communication will negatively affect the project’s outcomes.


People who are externally disorganized cannot be internally organized.


It’s crucial to have confident people as part of your team. They must be assertive, hold tight to their ideas, but also be willing to discuss them and improve them. They must stand up for their beliefs.

2. Be Successful in Project Planning

Project planning is a very important step in the process. By planning the project properly, you make sure that the outcomes are outstanding. Key points:

  • Set a start date, and an end date. Always have those in mind when taking project actions.
  • Set a realistic period of time in which you promise to finish the project.
  • Estimate accurate costs based on future expectations.
  • Meet with stakeholders and communicate effectively.
  • Set attainable goals and prioritize whichever ones need to be finished first.
  • Assign people to their tasks by testing them beforehand, and make sure that that specific job fits them.
  • Write down your project’s main goals and why achieving them is important to the company. Some project managers I’ve met use assignment writing services to check their wording.
  • Create a well-defined schedule and stick to it.
  • Now you can start working on the project.

3. Ensure and Request Candid Communication

As I’ve mentioned before, open communication is essential when it comes to teamwork. Set team goals and objectives. Ask them “How are you going to contribute to the project?” and write down their answers. Keep them committed to the job by offering them continuous incentives. Listen to their opinions, and always take them into consideration.

If your team has any concerns, listen to them carefully and try to come up with a solution in due time. Don’t be their “boss,” be a leader and a friend. Communicate effectively, show them respect, and they will certainly do the same.

4. Manage Risks Appropriately

Leading a project is the definition of living a risky life. Even though you have everything planned out, there are many things that could go wrong. That’s why it’s always good to have a backup plan in case things don’t go the way you expected them to do.

  • Take into consideration all the risky actions that your team might take
  • Analyze them
  • Come up with solutions even before they happened
  • Write them down and keep them close in case you ever need them

It’s smart to have already-prepared solutions to problems your team hasn’t faced yet. It gives both you and the stakeholders the confidence that everything will fall into place even if challenges might pop up along the way. Manage your risks appropriately if you want to lead a successful project!

5. Have a Strong Project Closure

After the project has been finalized, the team has to gather up again and conclude that:

  • All the project requirements were successfully met
  • The stakeholders are satisfied and pleased with the team’s involvement and work towards the project
  • Everybody else involved is content with the outcomes
  • The project will stop consuming resources after its closure

All the above characteristics must be met in order to consider your project successful.

Wrap Up

A successful project consists of a successful team, successful project planning, candid and effective communication, appropriate risk management, and a strong project closure. Make sure you meet these requirements and your projects will always produce successful results.

Author ~ Hillary Hope

Here at Positive Words Research, we are looking to share with our readers original content that hasn’t been published on other sites so if you are comfortable with Positive Words Research being your sole publisher, we are more than happy to share with our readers your inspiring and empowering story.

Positive Words Research – 5 Factors That Will Lead To A Successful Project

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Develop Your Writing Imagination: Most Essential Techniques

To many, it is safe to say that writing can be tricky. Even to the renowned writers that you adore. There will be moments when you run out of ideas or not know how or where to start.

Mainly for me, introductions are the worst part of a writing assignment. How do I capture the attention of the audience and make them yearn to read more? Whether you are a student or professional, you need to find ways to write thought-provoking, entertaining, informative pieces, among other things.

It may be easy to get the ideal paraphrasing services UK, but what words will you be paraphrasing? Below are ways to better your writing skills, using your imagination.

1. Read some more

You are probably thinking to yourself that it’s obvious. Which is true, by reading often you can learn different ways of expressing yourself. I mean no book in the same genre have the same use of verbose, maybe the plot. But unlike writers use their words in varied ways.

One of the reasons why you enjoy reading the material of some people and not those of others. Or am I wrong? Learn how to express yourself using simple words by reading children’s books.

Train yourself how to write a headline that grabs the attention of the audience by studying the covers of the Cosmopolitan or your favorite magazine.

2. Research

It applies mostly to those working on essay assignments or a research paper. Yes, you will need to exhibit originality in the content. Doing research will help you have a better understanding of the problem that you are addressing.

It gives you a jolt in the right direction. As you read through the various perspectives of others on the same subject matter, you will be able to find new areas to cover. That makes the work of a paraphrasing software academic writing, more natural.

3. Practice your writing

In any field, to become a master of it, you will need to practice. The same applies to writing. So, where do you start? Each day, set aside a few minutes to write. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Train yourself to incorporate the following strategies as you write. To convey your message to the audience without difficulty, you have to learn how to transition smoothly from one sentence to another.

Also from paragraph to paragraph. You don’t want the reader to get lost just at the start of the paper. If you only have bland words in your vocabulary, spice it up with flavored ones. Add rhythm to your writing.

4. Writing from a Different perspective

It goes without saying that when you write from your perspective, then your ideas flow smoothly. Now, it’s time to make it a little bit difficult. Try and write from the perspective of another person.

It will open your mind to new ideas and improve your creativity. You get to see the subject from a different angle, which is essential for peaceful co-existence in the world. Get started and expand your writing skills.

5. Form ideas from the ones that already exist

You don’t have to come up with brand new ideas to be creative. You can use those of others and create your viewpoint. Well, plagiarism is still a no-no in writing, be it academic or online writing.

The reason why you may need a rephrasing website, for your paraphrasing needs. We generate ideas from the information we receive. Seek new knowledge regularly. It will help you develop new viewpoints.  You will be able to create more thoughts by knowing more.

You probably have noted that many papers speak about the same topic, pass the same message but in different ways. That’s “stealing” but wisely. Don’t just copy paste material.

6. Nourish your content

Most of you have had, the chance to at least read some parts of a boring article before you just gave up. You need the audience to be at the edge of their seats as they read your paper. Eager to know what happens next.

You can engage your audience by borrowing expertise. Here’s where you use the information provided by authorities in your field. It could be in the form of statistics or quotes. It will help in increasing the credibility of your material.

And it’s also more words that you don’t have to worry about reaching, as you work towards attaining the given word count limit. Use examples to make what you recommend practical. Include rich details to make your essay more memorable.

7. Indulge in creative outlets

Ask anyone who has to write on a regular basis; most have to partake of activities that boost their creativity. For some, it could be listening to music. I have come to realize that you may despise informative music just because you never “listened” to it.

By listening, I mean paying attention to each word and the message in the song. You can also pursue your passion for photography. If dancing is your destresser, then go for it. When I’m mentally exhausted, physical exercises tend to relieve me of stress, and I feel like a whole new person full of energy.

8. Editing

Many writers don’t get it right the first time. Before one publishes an article, you may have to go through it several times. Read through the first draft to see whether you are making sense. It is common to find fresh and better ideas as you edit.

Check your wording. Use a spell checker or a proofreader if and when you need to.


While we all need to master writing, it is a process that requires practice. If you want your audience to delight in your prose, you can start with the outlined tips. Let us help you better your writing skills, and finally be able to pass on the exact message you meant to convey.

You need patience and to invest your time and energy into improving your skills. So, get at it.

Author’s Bio

Charles Hampton is a content manager and an amateur guest post writer. His hobby is reading and, extreme sport. He also writes short stories and dreams of publishing his book. Charles`s life credo is “Just do it!”

Here at Positive Words Research, we are looking to share with our readers original content that hasn’t been published on other sites so if you are comfortable with Positive Words Research being your sole publisher, we are more than happy to share with our readers your inspiring and empowering story.

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Positiewe Woorde Lys Byvoeglike Naamwoorde: Afrikaans

Lys met positiewe woorde van A tot Z vir elke letter van die alfabet. Lys met mooi woorde en positiewe karaktertrekke (positiewe byvoeglike naamwoorde) – Afrikaans.

Die lys positiewe woorde hieronder is ‘n goeie bron vir verskillende projekte waar die volgende gebruik word: positiewe emosies, positiewe woordeskat, positiewe denke, hoe om positief te dink, positiewe gevoelens, lys van positiewe woorde, mooi woorde, positiewe woorde, lys van positiewe woorde , mooi woorde, goeie woorde, positiewe byvoeglike naamwoorde, goeie byvoeglike naamwoorde, positiewe woordeboek, cool woorde, kragwoorde.

Gebruik hierdie lys positiewe woorde vir u projekte wat nodig is: kragtige woorde, vriendelike woorde, wenwoorde, komplimentêre byvoeglike naamwoorde, gelukkige woorde, pragtige byvoeglike naamwoorde, positiewe eienskappe, karaktertrekke, byvoeglike naamwoorde om mense te beskryf, inspirerende woorde, inspirerende woorde, woorde om te beskryf mense, byvoeglike naamwoorde om iemand te beskryf, vriendelike woorde waarmee u begin, woorde waarmee u begin, byvoeglike naamwoorde waarmee u begin, positiewe woorde waarmee u begin.

positiewe woorde wat met a begin

aangenaam, aangename, aangevul, aanhoudende, aanleg, aanpasbaar, aantreklike, aanvaarde, aanvaarding, absoluut, aksie, aktiewe, altruïstiese, ambisieuse, amusante, asemrowende, avontuur, avontuurlike

positiewe woorde wat met b begin

baanbrekerswerk, balans, barmhartige, bedag, bedagsame, begeerte, begeesterde, beginselvaste, begrip, bekend, bekoorlike, bekroonde, beleefd, beloning, bemagtig, bemoedigend, bereid, bereik, beroemde, besit-my-krag, beskeie, beskerm, beslissende, beste, betaamlik, betekenis, betekenisvolle, betower, betowerende, betrokke, betroubaar, bevredigende, beweeg, bewonder, bewus, bewussyn, bewustheid, billike, Bliss, bloei, bly, blymoedigheid, boek, Bravo, briljant, brui, buite-fantastiese, buitengewone

positiewe woorde wat met c begin

Champ, charismatiese

positiewe woorde wat met d begin

dankbaar, dankbaarheid, dapper, deeglike, deernis, deugsame, deurdagte, dinamies, dink, diplomatieke, direkte, doeltreffende, drukkie, duidelik, duidelikheid, durf

positiewe woorde wat met e begin

edele, een, eenheid, eenvoudig, eenvoudige, eerbare, eerlik, eerlike, eerlikheid, effektiewe, eieliefde, eindelose, ekstase, elegante, emosionele, empatie, empatiese, energie, energiek, energieke, engele, entoesiasme, entoesiastiese, erns, ervare, etiese, ewige, ewigheid

positiewe woorde wat met f begin

fantastiese, fassinerende, fenomenale, filosofiese, floreer, Frank, fris, fyn

positiewe woorde wat met g begin

gebalanseer, geduld, gee, gees, geestelike, gefokus, gegoede, gegrond, geïnspireer, gekoester, geleer, geliefd, geliefde, geloof, geluk, gelukkig, gelukkig hart, geluksaligheid, gelukwensing, gelykheid, gemaklik, gemoedelike, genade, genadig, genees, genesing, genie, genoeg, gepoleerde, gereed, gereedheid, geregtigheid, gerespekteer, gerusstellend, geseën, gesellige, gesentreerde, geskenk, geskoolde, gesonde, gesondheid, getrou, getrouheid, gevierde, gevoed, gewaardeer, gewaardeerde, geweldige, gewilde, glansryke, glimlag, glimlaggend, glo, gloei, goddelike, godin, goed, goed te keur, goedhartige, goedheid, goeie, goeie gesondheid, grasieuse, gratis-spirited, gretig, groei, groeiende, groen, groot, gunstige

positiewe woorde wat met h begin

haal, hardwerkend, harmonie, harmonieuse, hartlike, hartverwarmend, heelhartig, heerlike, heerlikheid, heilige, helder, hele, hemel, hemelse, hemelse vreugde, hernude, herstel, hoë-spirited, hoop, hoopvol, hulpvaardigheid, humoristiese

positiewe woorde wat met i begin

ideale, idee, indrukwekkende, inhoud, innemende, innerlike vrede, innovasie, Innovate, innoverende, inspirasie, inspirerende, instinktiewe, intellektuele, intelligensie, intelligente, Intuïtie, intuïtief

positiewe woorde wat met j begin

ja, Jazzed, jeugdige, Jippie, jonk van hart, joviale, jubelende

positiewe woorde wat met k begin

kalm, kalmte, Kalon, kampioen, kennis, keuse, klassieke, koel, koester, koestering, kommunikatiewe, konstante, kosbare, krag, kragdadige, kragtige, kreatiewe, kreatiwiteit, kuddedier, kundige, kuns van stilte, kwaliteit

positiewe woorde wat met l begin

lag, langslewendheid, legendariese, lekker, lewe, lewendige, lewendigheid, lewenskragtige, lief, liefde, liefdevolle, liefdevolle aanvaarding, liefdevolle goedhartigheid, lig, lojale, lonend, lustig, luukse

positiewe woorde wat met m begin

magiese, magiese waansin, maklik, meesterlike, meesterskap, meriete, merkwaardige, moed, moedig, moedige, moeiteloos, mooi, motiveer

positiewe woorde wat met n begin

‘n beroep, nabyheid, namaste, natuurlike, net, netjies, nie-bestand, Nirvana, noodsaaklik, nou, nuttig

positiewe woorde wat met o begin

omgee, onafhanklike, onbeperkte, onderskei, onderskryf, ondersteun, oneindig, ongelooflike, onoorwinlike, onpartydige, onstoffelijk, ontsag, ontsaglike, ontsagwekkende, ontspanne, ontvanklik, onuitspreeklike, onvergeetlike, onvergelykbare, onweerstaanbaar, onwerklik, onwrikbare, oombliklike, oop, oophartig, oopkop, oorspronklike, oorspronklikheid, oorvloed, oorvloedige, oorweldigende, oorwinning, openhartig, openheid, opgehefte, opgevrolijkend, opgewonde, opregte, Opregte, optimisme, optimisties, opwindende, oulike, outentieke

positiewe woorde wat met p begin

paradys, pas, pasiënt, passievolle, perfeksie, perfekte, pligsgetroue, positiewe, positiewe energie, positiewe gedagtes, pragtige, praktiese, prestasie, pret, pro-aktiewe, produktiewe, prominente, pure liefde en lig

positiewe woorde wat met r begin

rasionele, reg, regop, regstellende, robuuste, roer, romantiese, ruim, rus, rustige, rustigheid, ryk, rykdom

positiewe woorde wat met s begin

saamgestel, sagte, sagte hart, sagtheid, salig, saligheid, samewerking, sappige, schreepzinnig, seëninge, seëvierende, sekere, self-aanvaarding, selfgedissiplineerd, selfgeldend, self-liefdevolle, selfversekerde, sensasionele, sensitiewe, siel, sielsgenoot, sielvolle, simpatieke, sinvolle, sjarme, Sjoe, skaam, Skerp sin vir humor, skitter, skitterende, skoon, skoonheid, skouspelagtige, skyn, snaaks, sodat, soenbaar, soet, sonnige, soort, speelse, spesiale, sprankelende, staat, stem, ster, sterk, Sterkte, stil, stralende, strategies, sublieme, suiwer, sukses, suksesvol

positiewe woorde wat met t begin

taai, tevrede, tevredenheid, toegewyde, toevallig, toewyding, towerkuns, transformasie, transformerende, triomfantelike, troos, trots, trotse

positiewe woorde wat met u begin

uitbundige, uiteindelike, uitgebrei, uitgestrekte, uitstaande, uitstekende, unieke

positiewe woorde wat met v begin

vars, vasbeslote, veelsydige, veerkragtige, veerkragtigheid, veilig, verandering, verband, verbasend, verbeelding, verbeeldingryke, verbly, verbysterend, verdienstelike, verdraagsaam, vereer, verfris, verfrissende, verfyn, vergewe, vergifnis, verjong, verlig, verligte, Verligte, verligting, verseker, versigtig, versigtigheid, verstommend, vertrou, vervul, vervulling, verwelkom, vet, viering, vindingryke, vindingrykheid, vinnige, vitaliteit, vloei, vloeiende, voed, voedsame, voel goed, vol vertroue, volgehoue, volop, voorbehou, voordelige, voorspoed, voorspoedige, vordering, vrede, vreedsame, vreeslose, vreugde, vreugdevolle, vriendelik, vriendelike, vriendelikheid, vriendskap, vriendskaplike, vrolik, vrolike, vry, vrygewigheid, vryheid, vurig

positiewe woorde wat met w begin

waardeer, waarderende, waarderende vreugde, waardering, waardevolle, waardig, waardigheid, waarheid, ware, weelderige, weergalm, welkom, welsprekendheid, wenslik, wetende, willens en wetens, wonderbaarlike, wonderlike, wonders, wonderwerk, wys

positiewe woorde wat met y begin

ywer, ywerig

positiewe woorde wat met z begin