Positive Words For Teachers To Their Students
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Positive Words For Teachers To Their Students

Teachers have a great influence on their students. Their attitude, approach, reproach, and how they even address their students can go along the way into determining if they even get better results and become successful. […]

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Be Led By Your Dreams

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Have courage to dream. Dream big. Dream getting on the start because if you will not reach the stars you […]


CATHARSIS Definition and Meaning

“catharsis” – meaning and definition /kəˈθɑːsɪs/ the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. purgation.  

Message to my future self

Your Big Smile is Better Than Any Makeup

Message to my future self: Your big smile is the best makeup. You cannot compensate your smile with any makeup. Your smile on your face is the best makeup trick you could master. There were […]

7 Things to Undergo Simplification for Experiencing Life Fulfillment
Good words

List of Winning Words

Find below a list of winning words. The list is updated constantly with new winning words that feel empowering. Way to go! Super job! Good for you! Bright! Great work! WOW Fantastic! I’m proud of […]

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Gratitude and happiness

7 Positive Words That Can Change Your Reality

The power of belief is one of the biggest gifts that humanity has been endowed with, opening an immense realm of possibilities at the moment when we become aware of it. Believing sincerely that something […]

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Positive Vocabulary Words List

This Positive Vocabulary Words List is the List of Positive Words created by Positive Words Research since 2013 and until May 2015. Since May 2015 the list of positive words from Positive Words Research has […]