Beautiful words that express unusual feelings
Beautiful words

8 Beautiful Words That Express Unusual Feelings

Beautiful words that express unusual feelings are explained in the list below. 1. Farouche  Pronounced ‘faroosh’, it’s an adjective of French origin. It means ‘sullen or shy in the company of others’. Though it’s something […]

Inspirational words

Free Inspirational Guide By Victoria J.Brown

Our guest blogger Victoria J. Brown has recently released her FREE INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE. Victoria believes that loving, positive thoughts will help to live a healthy, happy and joyous life. Doctors and scientists are now seeing […]


BLISSED-OUT Definition and Meaning

blissed-out adjective \ˈblist-ˈau̇t\ experiencing bliss, to be overwhelmed by bliss, ecstatic, completely and extremely happy and relaxed, blissful, blissfulness Definitions from various dictionaries The Free Dictionary   blissed-out Urban Dictionary   blissed-out Merriam-Webster   blissed-out Cambridge Dictionary   blissed-out […]

D is for Devine

This Week’s Positive Word is DEVINE

This week’s positive word is DEVINE By Victoria J.Brown Ask yourself … Are you living a Devine life? Do you know how to live a Devine life? What does living a Devine life actually […]

B is for Bubbly
Daily positive word

This Week’s Positive Word is BUBBLY

B IS FOR … BUBBLY By Victoria J.Brown Link to How bubbly would you say you are? If someone was describing you to another person, would they say …  OR … would they say […]