7 Tips: How to Stop Worrying

The biggest obstacle to a happy life is worrying. It can destroy your life personally and professionally.

Excessive worriers can face a host of physical problems like headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, and irritability. The cause of various illnesses and diseases can also be attributed to worry.

If you are a constant worrier, here are some ways to abandon worry so that one can lead a happy life.

1. Identify the problem that is worrying you

On a sheet of paper, write down what is bothering you. For example, if you are worried about losing your job, write it down on a sheet of paper.

2. Is it real, or imaginary?

Mark Twain said, “My biggest problems never happened.” Sometimes, our worries are imaginary. We imagine almost everything that can go wrong and worry about it constantly.

Ask yourself, is it imaginary or real? If it is imaginary, let it go.

If it’s real, then make a list of all the possible solutions to the problem. Then, choose the most likely solution to solve your problem.

3. Don’t dwell on your mistakes

Every person makes mistakes. There is probably no person in the world who hasn’t made a mistake. Warren Buffett says he “learns from its mistakes, but doesn’t dwell on them”.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about the past.

When I was younger, I often dwelled on the past and wondered what I could’ve done differently. I now realize that it is a waste of time and energy dwelling on the past.

The life to be lived is in the future, not in the past.

The only thing you can change is your present and your future. The past cannot be changed. So there is no point dwelling on it. Instead, it’s better to spend that time and energy living in the present.

4. Don’t make things more difficult than they need to be

Many of us are conditioned to think that there are higher rewards for doing tasks that are more difficult. In school and college, it might be true. But in real life, the level of difficulty doesn’t always count.

We don’t necessarily get paid more because the job is difficult. It’s easy to get into a habit of making simple things more difficult.

If you are stuck in a career that isn’t paying you well, the answer may not be in working harder. Instead, you may want to consider a change in career. A career that is better paying and is in high demand.

Some professions pay more than others.

5. Plan your life but take one day at a time

Many of us may have 10, 20, or even 100 goals. But choose just five of those goals and ignore the rest. Once you achieve these five goals, only then you should think of achieving the others. Too many goals can distract you.

Once you set goals, make a plan to achieve them. It gives you focus and clarity.

But if thinking too far ahead makes you worry, then focus on getting through the day by setting smaller goals for each day and breaking up bigger tasks into smaller manageable parts.

6. One bad moment doesn’t have to ruin your entire day

Imagine you are having a great day, and suddenly, someone on the street verbally abuses you for no reason. You can choose to hit back and ruin your entire day, or you can let it go, and move on.

Ask yourself, “Is this issue too big of a deal for me to ruin my entire day?” The answer to most of those questions is ‘NO.’

7. Seek the services of a professional to stop worrying

Sometimes, we may not be able to solve problems ourselves. In those situations, it might be prudent to hire the services of a wellness professional.


Sometimes, reducing worry to manageable levels may require only a few minor tweaks in the way one thinks. It is not as hard as many people think. It is possible to stop worrying and lead a happy life, irrespective of one’s situation.

Author’s Bio

Vinil Ramdev is a self-development enthusiast. He has written several motivational pieces and likes to explore various aspects of leading a happy life. To stay updated about his upcoming articles, follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Vinil lives in the United States.

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Top 5 Free Resources to Boost Your Productivity

Regardless of your given profession, efficiency always pays exponentially. Been able to get more work accomplished in less time is one of the major ways of getting ahead professionally. This is always the case, whether you are eyeing a lucrative promotion or perhaps trying to grow your own business venture. With a wide variety of productivity tools made available online, you can now be in an excellent position of exploiting them to significantly boost the amount of work you can get done. Best of all, many of these online resources can be accessed completely free of charge. Also, if you happen to work at a PC throughout your workday, you most definitely struggle with pesky distractions that ruin your focus. So, instead of letting the internet to impede on your productivity, why not allow it to work for you? Here then are some top 5 free resources to boost your productivity, save you time and streamline your workday.

1. Unroll.Me

Like most busy professionals, you will certainly not wish your inbox to be cluttered with spam mail. This is where Unroll.Me comes into the picture. This free online productivity resource, once you sign up for it, will obtain a list of all your email subscriptions. After reviewing them, you then get to unsubscribe automatically all those which don’t add value to your professional duties. This software, at the same time, will roll all those emails subscriptions you wish to retain into just a single message. This way, you can be able to skim through them all at a single glance each and every day. Instead of being forced to go through dozens of emails consecutively.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud-based online workspace that you can make use of across all your devices. It also permits you to fully customize its many features in order to suit your unique requirements and preferences. In essence, you can utilize this free online productivity tool to keep abreast of all your to-do lists, conveniently access crucial work documents and even research logs all in a single place.

3. Coach.Me

At some point in your career, you will feel the need of having some individual who can push you, despite yourself, to develop useful habits and get rid of bad ones as well. This is exactly what the free online productivity tool, Coach.Me, was specifically created for. If you are probably trying to develop a better workflow strategy, this resource is right down your alley. Additionally, it can assist you in other non-work related activities, which can indirectly boost your overall productivity. This includes helping you to sleep better or even starting an appropriate workout regimen. This application offers free instructions along with suggestions and message boards for hundreds of different work-related topics. In the event you wish for it, for an upgrade fee of a paltry $15, you can gain access to a real personal coach. One who will always check up on you each and every day to make sure you are able to stick to the strategies that will expand your career horizons.

4. RescueTime

This free online productivity tool can let you efficiently keep track of the exact time you spend working, viewing specific websites or using certain apps. You will then get to appraise your time-saving progress on a daily basis. While after every week, you will obtain a comprehensive report, which breaks down all this information in user-friendly and easy to decipher charts. You will also get a productivity score after every week to enable you to push yourself to the limits and improve your time-keeping skills.

5. Online typing tutors

Touch typing is a skill that has been introduced to improve typing speed as well as accuracy. When you become a touch typing master, you will come to discover that you can immensely improve your productivity in all typing associated tasks you undertake. This, in its turn, will go a long way will let you take up much more work than you previously did in your usual work days. More to the point, learning how to touch type will allow you to accomplish all this in a significantly shorter time frame than you would not have thought possible. To this end, there are now numerous online typing tutors, which are solely devoted to teaching the art of touch typing. These websites provide many resources that can assist you to become a skilled touch typist. Even better, a good number of the best of these sites offer their invaluable services at no cost at all, and you can easily sign up at any time.


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