Top 10 Calming Words In English Language That Bring Peace

Calming Words

We have moments when we feel we need a moment of calm. Many times we meet these moments at work or in a place where we can’t take a longer break. Calming words can help you calm down. A few words placed in your thoughts or in the words you say can help you a … Read more

What is SERENDIPITY: definition and meaning | Dictionary


What is Serendipity? Serendipity ~ the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way ~ The above image has been created by Serenity, the person behind Positively Peaceful Inspirations. Serenity also wrote an amazing poem about serendipity named Serendipity: What you Seek is Seeking You. Positive Words Research – SERENDIPITY definition – … Read more

How The Word LUCK Is Connected With HAPPINESS

Luck and Happiness

Positive Words Research made a research* on the word luck and discovered, among synonyms and related words, that the following are connected with it: fortunate, good fortune, prosperity, success, to gain something desirable by chance, enjoying success, the force that operates for good in life, accidental good fortune, hapless and also happiness. Therefore is interesting that … Read more